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Comment Re:Physics and economics don't care (Score 2) 151 151

I looked into long life incandescent bulbs for my car since I hate replacing them (who has hands that dainty), then I just said fuck it and bought some LED ones as they last much longer than even the long life incandescent ones and are brighter than the regular incandescent ones.

Comment Re:like the lightbulbs that last virtually forever (Score 1) 151 151

I blame children. A couple of years ago mine discovered that if you flip the switch up and down fast you get a strobe effect. It sort of works with CFLs but it does end their life pretty quick. Previous to that I think I had replaced 1 CFL bulb in the bathroom in the previous 7 years. Also the quickest way for them to quit doing that is to make them pay for a new bulb and tell them they can do it some more but they get to keep buying bulbs.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 318 318

I did once but that was like 12 years ago. I was troubleshooting an error with SQL Server and one Google link looked like it might be promising. What was shown in the little blob of text was the error code, and some description of it. So I clicked on it and found my self at a porn site. It just so happened the my boss walked by and asked what I was doing. I explained what happened and then hit the back button, showed her the link on Google that looked perfectly reasonable and then clicked it so show that this was inadvertent. That however has been the one and only time it has happened to me.

Comment Re:Truck Stops, Gas Stations, etc (Score 1) 846 846

Sounds about right. Having worked at a gas station while in highschool and college in the 90s the profit on a single gallon of gas was typically in the $0.00 to $0.03 range. It was all about the inside sales: pop, chips, overpriced milk, smokes, silly expensive 3.2 beer.

Comment Re:Street lamps don't help much (Score 1) 285 285

As far as efficiency goes there doesn't look to be much difference at the moment between sodium vapor lights and LED lights. That said LED lights will probably become the clearly superior option in the future. As far as the solar panel I would suggest having it be large and have a reflective bottom (not shiny but brilliant white) so that the light that bounces back up to it will get reflected back down. This should help decrease the amount of light pollution and also make it so less light needs to be produced.

Submission + - Amazon Announces New Car Show Featuring the Old Top Gear Presenters->

mknewman writes: Amazon has announced that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be reuniting to create “an all-new car show” that will be exclusively on Amazon Prime.

The new show will be produced by the old-time Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman and is scheduled to go into production “shortly.” It will apparently appear on screens in 2016. For what it’s worth, Jeremy Clarkson has said that the move makes him “feel like I’ve climbed out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship.”

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Submission + - How Iceland is trying to make "actual journalism" legal->

An anonymous reader writes: Following the devastating financial collapse of 2008, the people of Iceland have become determined to reform media in a way that keeps the public knowledgeable in the hopes of avoiding another catastrophic incident. And they want to bring the rest of the world along with them.

In Reykjavik, Hopes&Fears talks to Guðjón Idir, Director of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, about how the organization aims to make Iceland the safest country in the world for journalists and journalism.

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Comment Re:Shooting Guns into the Air in a Populated Area (Score 1) 1163 1163

That they are. I think a lot of them while written with good intention were written by people who don't fully understand the topic they are legislating on.

The hunting regulations for what is acceptable ammunition is a rather odd one for example here in Minnesota. It use to be that there was a minimum caliber and and case length requirement that at least attempted to ensure that you were hunting with humane cartridge for big game with a few special exceptions for some abnormally powerful rounds at the bottom end though one of the things excluded was .223 (and 5.56x45) since it didn't meet the minimum caliber requirement (.25) and a lot of people apparently wanted to hunt with it. So a few years back instead of adding an exception for that ammo they redid the requirement so that it now reads that acceptable ammo must be at least .22 caliber and be of center fire ignition. So now it is legal to use all sorts of awful stuff for hunting that would be really ineffective. So now it would be perfectly legal to go elk or bear hunting here and use .380 ACP fired from a plastic gun or something chambered in .25 ACP.

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