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Comment: Re:A scrap of truth (Score 1) 78

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49545889) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War
I remember as a kid it was great to to one. Go digging in vehicles to see what you could find for change and toys. You quickly figured out what were rich people cars as they tended to have most amount of change in them and if they were a family car they would have the best toys. BTW my family was government cheese poor at times when I was little.

Comment: Re:Local recycling is dependent on a local market (Score 1) 78

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49545831) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War
Good to know. Even if you can't can properly with them you can still do jellies with a bees wax seal, use them for storing honey, or put dry goods in them. I have never understood why if your company makes something that is shipped in glass jars why you would care if they are reused or not unless you receive back the old jars like Coke use to do with glass bottles to refill and resell.

Comment: Re:Does that mean... (Score 2) 331

Given what I have seen out of the supreme court with their sometimes tortured rulings (it is a tax and not a tax in the same ruling) who are supposedly the most qualified to make those decisions I wouldn't put much stock in constitutional lawyers or constitutional law experts. There are other cases that are more nuanced that are very political and one side or anther will say is wrong but I still can't logically figure out how something can first be ruled not a tax, then in the very same ruling be found to be a tax. This isn't like a regular judge issuing an order and then immediately staying that order as things go to appeal to a higher court as this was the US Supreme Court.

Comment: Re:A scrap of truth (Score 2) 78

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49539771) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War
Old vehicles are great for recycling as you point out. They get picked clean of anything useable and then what ever is left is crushed, ground up, separated, and melted into new raw materials. I make regular use of the local salvage yard along with a number of my friends. It is a cheap way to keep our vehicles out of the salvage yard. $16 for a door window, $12 bucks for a window motor, $5 for the switches, and what ever else is needed to fix all that annoying crap that goes wrong all there for the picking.

Comment: Re:Local recycling is dependent on a local market (Score 1) 78

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49539669) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War
This is why if I buy a glass container of stuff I prefer it be a container that I can reuse and just put a new standard size of mason jar lid on (regular or widemouth) but it seems too few glass containers will take a mason jar lid and ring now. For most people it wouldn't matter and the container would just get tossed in the recycling but those who can stuff would do what I learned from my grandmother and reuse the damn things.

Comment: Re:Big brave man picking on the weak (Score 1) 255

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49539477) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis
Well here is just one example from the time I spent in Portland, OR. There was one panhandler who always sat on the bus stop bench in front of McDonalds and had some device that got WiFi signal and would ask everyone if they could spare some change from some food, not looking up from her PDA or early smart phone. Given the size of this woman she could go a few weeks without eating and it would probably have done her some good, as she lacked elbows from the rolls of fat hanging down. One day in the same breath she asked me if I could "Spare some change for food? Can I buy a cigarette?", so it doesn't seem like someone who is starving to me. There are a large number of soup kitchens and food shelves in Portland so if she really was starving she could have gone to them instead. Then there was the day when a new panhandler set up shop at the other end of the block and she was yelling at a cop that he needed to do something about this other panhandler because as she put "He is cutting off my business". There are places that can help these people if they really need or want help, I donate to them, but my impression is that a lot of these people don't want to help themselves as panhandling is just easier.

Comment: Re:So let me get this straight (Score 1) 676

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49537683) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden
Can't he be all of them. To me Snowden always seemed like a rather foul person but but that doesn't mean he isn't someone who did a great service to his country. Sadly he is probably just more honest of a person than most in government who are probably all just a foul but don't have the backbone to do what is right.

Comment: Re:Seems to be OK all around then (Score 1) 605

But what is even scarier is that I saw on CNN yesterday that even ISIS is keeping up vaccinations in the territory that it controls.

Don't bring that up. Now you have just exposed that vaccines are an evil ISIS / IS / ISIL plot to kill innocents and infect the west to convert them to Islam. [/sarcasm]

Comment: Re:Seems to be OK all around then (Score 1) 605

I'm in the same boat with my children (6 and 4 years old), the older one is really good about trying new things, but the younger one not so much. I think what I hat most about the youngest ones eating habits is that he will declare food he has eaten hand over fist previously disgusting when served to him again and insist that he has never eaten it before. One you get him to actually take a bite he remember he likes it and will then eat it hand over fist again but it gets old fast.

For us fast food happens at very regular intervals, on the first Tuesday of the month and that is it. The Lego stores offer a free little mini model to build every month on the first Tuesday and we go and do that then I let them pick what we have for dinner. I don't understand children's love of cheap food stuffs like what is at McDonalds, White Castle, Taco Johns, or Panda Express, but it is a treat for them and the one day a month that they really look forward to is worth consuming some crappy food on my part.

Comment: Re:Hybrid != EV (Score 1) 617

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49535365) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs
Then there is my wife who's car will likely be replaced by an electric. She has a short commute at 5 miles and rarely drives more than 40 miles in a day. Her current car burns oil (caused by her) and she never checks it. A low maintenance vehicle like a a Leaf is exactly what she needs.

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