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Comment: Re:The War on Cheaper cuts of Meat begins... (Score 1) 432

A pressure cooker can be used to tenderize meat, as well as being able to cook things quickly. I can even slow roast things in the oven and they become tender, like the arm roast I cooked yesterday. It came out a perfect medium rare and was almost as tender as a nice prime rib but took 7 hours to cook.

Comment: Re:Okay... (Score 1) 432

While not a pressure cooker I use my pressure canner frequently enough. It is a great way to preserve food and I save a lot of money doing so. Jams, veggies, sauces, stews, chile all get made and canned for use over the next year. Right now I probably still have about 10 gallons of food I canned last year.

Comment: I always like the 5190 (Score 3, Interesting) 312

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49753903) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Dumb Phone?
Personally I always like my old Nokia 5190 built like a tank, it made phone calls, and with the Li-ion battery instead of the NiMH it would go almost 2 weeks on a charge. That said I gave up on non smart phones recently as the last time I needed to replace my phone the only non smartphones available at the store were the flip phone model that went to shit on me in 8 months that I was replacing and the display model for a candy bar phone that they were otherwise out of stock of. I don't play "angry flappy craft" or tweet about my latest bowl movement from the stall at work but I do like the ability of my current phone to accept a huge SD card filled with my music and that it can run Navit but other than that one program I could do everything I currently do with a simple dumb phone.

Comment: Re:utter crap language (Score 1) 381

by Bob the Super Hamste (#49753025) Attached to: How Java Changed Programming Forever

Java does port well. I spent years developing Java apps on 32-bit Windows machines to be deployed to 64-bit Sparc machines without any problems. But that's because I didn't get cute and attempt to exploit hardware or OS dependencies. It wasn't like it was that hard to do.

Sadly I have had the opposite experience but then the software that I work with expects to interact with other software and resources used by other software. Java is fine if it exist in it's own contained little world and seems to port fairly easily but once you step outside of that world it becomes a pain in the ass.

Comment: Re:No self driving trains? (Score 1) 393

I will admit it has been a while since I looked at Fords for anything other than a truck or truck like vehicles. I do like a V8 and do miss the try to throw you into the back seat power of my previous 540i and that car did handle very well for being what I consider huge vehicle, but my current 325i just handles so much better.

You do have me pegged correct as the cars I really like are ones that would be typically classed as the kings of the corners, Lotus Elise, BMW M3 (the rest of the 3 series line is very good too), a Sprite/Midget with a modern coil over suspension put into it. The best handling car I have ever owned was a 318ti that I put a better suspension in. That thing would just eat corners and I always like going around cloverleafs since I could take them with ease at highway speed.

Comment: Re:Not much (Score 1) 375

Not good enough. There was a recent story about self healing concrete that when cracked the bacteria contained within would fill the crack with limestone. So just encasing them in concrete may not be enough to ensure that they are no longer able to function. I suggest nuking from orbit to be sure.

Comment: Re:Political hit job (Score 0) 99

Well the best thing for the Democrats would be to dump Hillary and get someone anyone else. I keep hearing Elizabeth Warren's name being bandied about as someone who would be a good choice, and Bernie Sanders has already thrown his name in the hat. From what I know about either of these candidates they would at least provide a stark bold contrast to the Republicans. Similar things could be said about the Republicans and one of the worst choices for them would be nominating Jeb. Personally on the republican side someone like Rand Paul, or Scott Walker would probably offer the same stark bold contrast to the Democrats . In a Warren V. Paul or Sanders V. Walker race the people would actually be offered some real choices and then the only question is how much will the winner change once in office.

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