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by Bob the Super Hamste (#47414257) Attached to: Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies
They sit there and hem and haw over it, then start asking all sorts of questions like do you have any capital gains, 1099 income, gambling profits/losses. The auditor then wandered off to "check" some things comes back asks more stupid questions and wanders off again. Then apparently after gathering everything he needed sat down and questioned every line on my 1040 EZ form. I probably spent close to 7 hours at the Minneapolis IRS office 5 of which were sitting in a waiting room and 2 for the actual audit. I agree that you view of what should of happened is what I was thinking was going to happen since it was a 1040EZ with a single W2 and it took me like 5 minutes to fill out originally. I figured I would be in and out in about the time it took to actually do my return initially.

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by Bob the Super Hamste (#47414207) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...
The only upright lamps we have are either in the master bedroom or are behind other furniture so they can't be tipped over. Kids do seem to like the strobe effect of flicking a light on and off as quickly as they can though. Then add in the arguments they get in over who gets to turn on the light and the back and forth of them turning it on and off while arguing over who gets to turn the light on and it is a wonder that those CFLs make it 2 years. I gather that LED bulbs do much better with this duty cycle so once the existing bulbs fail they will be replaced with those.

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The government scares me less because they don't want to maximize the money they get from me.

I take it you have never been audited by the IRS. Worst thing I have ever had to endure, and that was as a college student filing a 1040 EZ and only having one job and a checking account. It was similar to one of those somewhat creepy police interrogation scenes in movies meets the stereotypical DMV waiting room.

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Already being done for car insurance if you allow a monitoring device to plug into your car's computer port.

When I got my project car insured a couple of months ago they asked if I wanted to do this even though I am getting limited use collector insurance on it. I wanted to see how far along I could go before they figured out that such a device won't work on a 68 MG Midget. Sadly the agent didn't catch on and at the very end I told her that it wouldn't work because the only electronics in the car are the lights and wipers and it doesn't have a computer let alone a diagnostic port.

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You're not thinking big enough, why pull out a bomb when the whole over-sized fucking carry on bag is a bomb filled with explosives and nails, its not like your final destination requires a clean set of cloths. Also this would work best when done in the middle of a security line, on the busiest travel day which would also be a good time to have a "winter" coat on for some extra punch.

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Understandable, most people have moved on from film so I think the screeners just have no idea what they are looking at with a basically all mechanical camera. The bulb cable also seems to cause them a lot of confusion as well. I have been tempted to take my Pocket Kodak No. 1 series II to see their reaction.

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