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Comment Re:Need legislation to fix ID theft NOW (Score 1) 71

Maybe presenting proof of identification in person. I would suggest a government issued identification card like a divers license, or passport. Additionally that information should be verifiable against a database. So you hand over a your drivers license to a bank they look at the picture and verify that your picture matches that face that is looking at them then they enter the license number and state into the DB and up pops the picture on record as well as the other information on the license and they verify that it matches the picture on the license that they just verified matches your face. For their own records the lending institution should have to keep a picture of the identifying document you presented as well as the picture of you on the day you arrived so that if there is a question about the authenticity of the loan they can present this information.

Another idea would be for some sort of government managed PKI system for the general population where the individual never shares the private key with the government. I can sign and/or encrypt e-mails at work using a PKI system, and in Europe* their credit cards make use of a PKI system so why can't the same be done in the US at a national level.

*Yes I know there is something similar here in the us that is being rolled out but chip and pin is better than the stupid chip and sign.

Comment Re:Companies don't get it.... (Score 2) 468

Hell I make it a point to take my vacation and when I am on vacation I have made it very clear that I will be unreachable for most manages definition of reachable. I had one dickhead manager who wanted to know if I could get a hold of me when I was on vacation once. The fact that I would be out of cell range was lost on him. Finally when he insisted that he have a way to contact me in case of emergencies I told him where I planned on leaving my car and walking into the north woods of Minnesota. Then I told him to start there then hire a trained tracker and a team of dogs.

Comment Re:Free Time is the only currency worth a damn (Score 1) 468

HR rarely knows what your job actually is now days. Personally I hate their mandatory training, especially the company wide diversity training. For my job it could be summed up in one line:

Don't be a dick

but instead it ends up being something that takes a couple of hours to complete because for some reason I need to know all of the laws about discrimination and how to effectively hire and fire people in a race/gender/religion neutral way. Then there is the ethics training, which again is just as bad and for people in my position could be summed up as:

Don't steal shit


Comment Re:How is that possible? (Score 1) 115

The simple answer is people are stupid. Just like people who think that a higher megapixel count on a phone some how means that it will take better pictures, even though we are long past the diffraction limited point. Yes the screen is 4k but don't expect to render a AAA game at 4k on that hardware, 4k angry birds sure.

Comment Re:good news (Score 1) 48

Unfortunately you appear to be correct.

I don't get why manufactures don't just don't put effort into getting OpenWRT, or DDWRT on their routers since it seems like it would be less effort than maintaining their own shit pile of code. For those few consumers who care it would make their lives easier while the vast number of general user wouldn't know the difference.

Comment Re:Pascal? (Score 1) 428

I get it, it just becomes an issue when it is overused and since I didn't develop the original code (it is about as old as I am) trying to figure out what item is actually being referenced at times is a pain especially since the code I am stuck working on has multiple structures with overlapping fields field names that are used in the same function and the original coders like to use lots of global variables .

Comment Run my mouth (Score 2) 829

First I would keep my pie hole shut about coming into a massive pile of money. Then since I wouldn't have to worry about where my next meal is coming from I would start running my mouth at work and let people know what I really thing of some of their ideas. There are a couple of people who I think just like to hear their own voice and when you are in a meeting with them they give the impression that you are there to bask in their glory and genius even if they say some of the stupidest shit ever to be utter.

Apart from that get a new car (I'm thinking an M4), get a new truck like vehicle (can't take an M4 out hunting in remote areas), put up a cabin on my recreational property. Although I would like a nice custom made leather trench coat made from that nice thick cow hide that they make motorcycle safety jackets out of. Apart from that I would probably quietly give to various charities, ensure that my children will be well off, and that any of my relatives won't have to worry about school if they apply themselves.

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