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Comment Re:Technology to 'Get Hit With' (Score 2) 162 162

The supposition that personalized structures will motivate kids who are only in school because they are forced to be there ignores the lack of motivation in today's society of a very large proportion of students.

I know one 15 year old white kit who has never been seen carrying a book home. His single mom tells him he is going to be a famous baseball player, so "Why study?"

Comment Evidence of CA lottery rigging? (Score 1) 217 217

I buy a donut and a $1-2 lottery ticket a couple times a week in CA at the same bakery.

Over several years it is obvious that the "Mega" number on each pick in that particular store is not random!

Approx 80% of all Mega numbers are in the range of 1-13. Someone has rigged the California Lottery, judging by what I see. Let the CA operator refute it.

Comment Early Detection Trumps Everything. (Score 3, Insightful) 204 204

Earliest detection can lead to stopping a problem or getting rid of it with minor treatment or life style changes, so health systems are promoting "wellness" programs involving early detection/monitoring.

If we manage early detection on a large % of the population, we won't need as much "treatment" and "cures."

That would decrease the cost & need for healthcare overall and lead to a healthier population. A lot of companies are working on aspects of this.

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