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Ads that look like a download button. They have been getting better on that, locating it near the content and not having any other text around it except maybe a tiny (outside offer) or something similar nearby, if you are lucky.

It used to be that it was only pretty shady websites you'd see this on, but more and more I'm seeing this on supposedly reputable sites. Even Sorceforge. It's a massive loss of reputability in my mind.

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I hate marketing, I've gotten rid of cable and broadcast TV in favor of Netflix and other ad-free content. Much the same for music.

Yet despite having the option I've never turned off ads here on Slashdot; it's always in the same place, not massive or obtrusive, and generally somewhat relent to the content. I respect that they use the ads to support the site and I think this is one of the few commercial sites that respects me the same which is one reason I still come here after all these years. No massive page filling adds, moving ads, video ads, or any of the crap that is mentioned above. As long as it keeps that way, I won't turn off ads, and I'll even visit the sites sometimes when they are relevant to me.

If it ever changes from that, I'll probably just stop coming. Sure i could use adblock or the built in ad-blocking feature of the site, but if the owners don't respect me, why would I be interested in their services?

Comment: Oribtal does not have passangers in mind just yet (Score 1) 272

I don't believe that Orbital Sciences (now Orbital ATK as of last week) has any near-term plans for carrying people. Orbital's Antares rocket, which is what they use for the commercial cargo program for ISS, was only ever planned for cargo (And incidentally also uses Russian engines, the NK-33).

The Sierra Nevada Corporation is making their Dream Chaser spacecraft for manned flight, but it relies on the Atlas V as a launch vehicle.

So the only way we are going to get people into space without the Russians, before the SLS is done, is getting the Delta IV heavy human rated, or, SpaceX.

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I think you're overselling StarTrek a bit. It was a silly action/adventure show with regular goofy fight scenes. It was though, a show that was written by people with an interest in core questions of humanity. On the good episodes that humanity shone through in a way that was novel for television. On the bad.. well, not so much.

I do agree that the show lost something in it's newest franchise and has become something else that I find isn't for me. Lets not kid ourselves on the source material though.

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My grandmother has a petal operated singer sewing machine from the early 1930s that still works beautifully.

Sewing machines were a Victorian era household marvel, and really one of the first pieces of modern engineering technology that came into the home. Many were so well built it's not at all uncommon to find them still in great operating condition. You can easily find operating models from the 1800s in any antique store.

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Yes, because clearly the only reason we are concerned about the climate is how much we are complaining and not little things like agriculture and fresh water supply.

Those 'minutiae' that would have been lost in the static to other generations sometimes became trends that became drought and famine.

These kinds of things can and do still happen in many parts in the world, and the first-world may not be immune to major shifts

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He must be the only developer working on it because google voice has been about exactly the same for what, 5 years? I really liked Google voice, it's amazing for someone who travels internationally and a great way to interact with people using SMS. But it's had these problems for years, and hasn't changed more then slightly in all these years.

I mean, just as an example, when Google came out with IP calling from the web, they added it to gmail and not voice, even though it uses your voice phone number. They -still- haven't added those features into the Google voice portion of the app/webpage.

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"Folk" music seems to be largely forgotten by history.
There are a great number of folk and ancient music groups and organizations out there, and people interested in it overlap widely with people interested in classical. Also, many very famous composers (Dvorak, Brahms) regularly integrated folk music into their work to bring it to wider audiences, well before the days of recording and Alan Lomax.

As for who will be remembered? It's hard to say. Bach was largely forgotten for decades before multiple revivals throughout the centuries. A composer that has limited popular appeal can have a deep impact on other artists and performers that we don't see until after the hype fades. Elvis will probably be interesting to historians, but the many black artists he pulled much of his style from will likely be as much or more so.

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Lots of senators have given their support to the NSA, some on stronger terms then Feinstein. I'm in no way excusing her, I completely disagree with her on this, but this is clearly an effort to continue to polarize an issue that is sadly a failure by both major parties.

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