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by Blymie (#46839299) Attached to: FTC Approves Tesla's Direct Sales Model

But they are developing their electric own cars. All car manufacturers are.

The lobbying is a tool they are using, the laws, to hold back Telsa until they have a suitably competitive product to sell.

Once that happens, it won't matter is a Telsa can sell direct ... the big boys can crush them with advertising and normal market pressure.

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by Blymie (#46740499) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

It is only in the modern world, that pampered people think that being pregnant is somehow going to marginalize their ability to work.

If there is no birth control, as a result of a lack of any tech required to provide it, you'll be a farmer.

Why? Because... crop yields will be pitiful, pesticides will be non-existant, there won't be tractors, and ... let's face it, the modern woman will be in far better shape than she traditionally is. And of course, the same goes for the male of the species.

There's a vast difference between 10 hour, 6 day a week, solid days of physical activity -- every single day, and a workout that people might have occassionally in our modern society. No one, and I repeat no one, works like our ancestors did.

Just imagine every single job, from washing clothes, to building houses, all without any form of mechanized aid.

So, as a farmer, neither you or anyone else will be taking it easy. You'll be in the best shape you can be, under whatever circumstances you're living in.

You'll be working until the day you give birth. And, you'll be back on your feet a few days after the pregnancy, and working again. And frankly?

There's zero reason to not be on your feet the next day.

Pregnancy is *normal*, a woman's body is designed to be pregnant 9 months of the year. It doesn't put any strain on the body. It's not difficult. It's *NORMAL*.

So, get used to it. You'll be popping out kids... and working at the same time. And guess what? Your husband will be working his ass off as well. You *both* will be. You'll both be working your asses off, and you'll see your feeble efforts as insufficient, while watching 1/2 your children, or more, die.

People don't realise how dangerous the world was. How dangerous it still is. I recall reading a news story, in the 20s, of someone having their arm broken in a construction accident.



It got infected, sulfa didn't help him, and that was that. Something that, tragically, a few years later wouldn't even been considered a problem.

Modern knowledge won't help without antibiotics, vaccines, you name it. It sure as hell won't help without cirtrus fruit, or vitamins (that are required when you can't grow all the foods you eat now). Your kids are going to die.

They'll die from a *scratch*. They'll die from premature child birth, from something that an ultrasound could see and that could be fixed, because of malnutrition and disease and wolves and falling down. They'll die from the simpliest of flus, and from colds. They'll die from food poisoning.

So, quite frankly? You'll do it. Period.

Just like any other type of work, you'll do it. Just like men will. Like everyone will. Whatever is required, for the community to survive and thrive, you'll do it, he'll do it, we'll all do it.

Or, be marginalised and seen for what you are.

A selfish, childish, leech on society.

After all, your first thought was "I don't want to...". Not, "We'd better all pull together!", or "I need to help!"...

Do you think men will want to return to the days, where they had to do their part to provide for 8 kids. And grandma and grandpa?

Nope.. but, they'll do it too.

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by Blymie (#46739219) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

In one respect, I don't think you need to concern yourself with birth control.

If we maintain a level of scientific sophisitication, that allows us to continue to produce birth control products (condoms aren't that hard, for example)... then all is well. If not -- then, I think we'll be requiring LOTS of children, because we won't have vaccines, proper health care, and conditions will essentially be somewhat harsher.

We'll *need* 8 kids born per family, as many of them won't make it to adult hood.

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The sad part is, I did hold back. Mostly, due to post length and the fact that I don't want to spend the next week writing it up.

Suffice it to say, that I have an archive of 100s of Rackspace emails, and 60 or 70 phone calls, all stored because we were positive we'd have to sue their ass.

Yes, they were that bad, and showed that much incompetence.

Comment: rackspace?! (Score 4, Insightful) 67

by Blymie (#44159939) Attached to: CERN Testing Cloud For Crunching the Universe's Secrets


Wait, what?!

Rackspace is the most *horribly* run hosting service of all time. I could go on for hours and hours and HOURS describing how inept and incapable they are.

From months to source SSDs, to providing horrible support, and utter incompetence on the part of their staff... I mean, they're HORRIBLE! Just plain horrible. If any of their automation breaks down? Well, good luck getting help FAST. I mean, if a VM move fails, well.. maybe you'll get help in 24 *hours*.

Maybe. If it's the weekend, well.. or at night... well, after all, people only use the internet during the day!

And if anything is even slightly outside of the box? Good luck with that!

No, no, no. Not to mention, expensive. I was saddled with these boneheads when a PHB decided they were a great idea! Meanwhile, they take MORE time out of your day, than just maintaining hardware servers in a data center, because if anything goes wrong?

Well, emails, calls, conferences, blah blah blah. In 1/10th of the time it would take for rackspace to fix ANYTHING, I could just tell a traditional data center to reboot my box, or install a new one.

Hell, I've had VMs@Rackspace that were HUNG, that would NOT respond to the web console reboot command. TIme to get that fixed? HOURS. Christ, just GET IT FIXED.

And cost? COST! PHB made me use these boneheads. We leased two Dell R720s. For the cost of 3 MONTHS worth of the lease, I could have bought a better equipped R720! Or, hey, maybe TWO Supermicro servers!

Rackspace is a time sucking hole in the ground. It's "expert" admins will suck your time away. Hell, I had to put off dozens of projects, whilst I dealt with their constant and continual fuckups, the phone calls, the emails, the explaining to them how to fix simple thing!

Heck, don't even get me started with Rackconnect, good god. Worse, buggy as hell as it is (or at least was), they had all sorts of problems with their automated iptables scripts. I snag it, debug it, and realise that some conehead there can't write simple bash...

Fix it...

Report the fix...

And am still suck with months, I repeat MONTHS of their script being used on my boxes, with no way to replace it (it was scp'd in on boot), and therefore broken firewall rules all over the place. MONTHS, when I provided them with a fix! A ONE LINE FIX AT THAT!

No, no, no, no, NO they are horrible, stay away, run the other way, my god stay the hell away from Rackspace, the most useless company on the planet!

If any of you, I repeat ANY of you want more detailed info, please let me know.... I hope they burn in flames as they go down into a tarpit in hell!

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Don't hate me. ;) Typically, you do a full backup every $x period of time.

Trusting that your *only* full backup is good, isn't a great policy either. I tend to do full backups every quarter, but it depends upon the data set, and of course, the size of the data set. If the data set is trivial... then who cares? Do it weekly.

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A 24 hour old sync isn't a backup. It's a slightly delayed mirror.

"Rotational backups" isn't just a single thing. It's a whole ball of wax. Part of that ball of wax, are test restores. Another part of that are backups that only sync changes, something exceptionally easy with rotational backups, but not as was with a filesystem snapshot.

In 10 seconds, I can run 'find' on a set of rotational backups I have, that go back FIVE YEARS and find every instance of a single file that has changed on a daily basis. How does someone do that with ZFS snapshots? This is something that is key when debugging corrupt , or looking for a point to start a restore from (someone hacks in).

Not to mention that ZFS could be producing corrupt snapshots -- what an annoyance to have to constant restore those, then do tests on the entire snapshot to verify the data.

What I see here is a reluctance to do the right thing, and a desire to think that the way people do traditional backups is silly.

Comment: Re:No backups?! (Score 3, Informative) 192

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Git has no rotational backup ability in it. You can't do rotational backups of the machine, on the machine for starters!

ZFS is not a rotational backup as well!

Failure, 101, backups. Go back to school.

Both of the above solutions do not prevent slow corruption, and they do not prevent issues where the machine is suspect. (Yes, ZFS can have bugs). They also do not help if the machine has been hacked into. They don't help if there is a fire, flood, or theft of the local box.

Modern backup methodology has been developed over decades of people suffering JUST THROUGH THIS VERY THING. If you plan to just throw all that away, and pretend everyone doing backups is an idiot -- MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Because -- this very issue would not have been even a tiny concern, if proper, off machine, rotational backups were being done. And, if you aren't going to follow proper backup methodology, then you'd better sit down in a quite place for a few hours, and think of every possible disaster scenario, AND issues with the code you're going to be using for those backups.

Hell, this whole KDE problem started, because the people using it did not even know how git works, 100%! Now, you're suggesting that using another tool, ON THE SAME BOX, is the answer? What will someone miss on ZFS?

No, please, think about this more carefully.

Comment: No backups?! (Score 5, Insightful) 192

by Blymie (#43262597) Attached to: Too Perfect a Mirror

Good grief!

After all of that, not a single proposed solution is a proper, rotational backup.

This is what rotational backups are FOR. They let you go back months in time, and even do post-corruption, or post-cracking examination of the machine that went down!

Backups do *not* need to be done to tape, but a mirror or a raid card is NOT a backup. This is actually simple, simple stuff, and it seems like the admins at KDE are a bit wet behind the ears, in terms of backups.

They probably think that because backups used to mean tape, that's old tech, and no one does that.

Not so! Many organizations I admin, and many others I know of, simply do off-site rotational backups using rsync + rotation scripts. This is the key part, copies of the data as it changes over time. You *never* overwrite your backups, EVER.

And with proper rotational backups, only the changed data is backed up, so the daily backup size is not as large as you might think. I doubt the entire KDE git tree changes by even 0.1% every day.

Rotational backups -- works like a charm, would completely prevent any concern or issue with a problem like this, and IT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO BE DOING, ALWAYS!

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by Blymie (#43217547) Attached to: Google Implements DNSSEC Validation For Public DNS

I suggest it be made very clear what data is collected and precisely how it is used.

Then let people decide if they want to use the service.

Right now, the only choice is to GUESS how the data is being used, and to GUESS precisely what is being collected. That needs to change.

Outside of the above... Google behaves well? Pfft. They behave as poorly as any large corporation, from what I've seen. Further, as mentioned above, the sort of "if you don't like them, stop talking about it, just don't use them" thought process is broken.

Next you'll suggest that when I go to a garage, and they do something I don't like -- I should just be quiet about it/? Just switch, and not tell anyone about my experience? Yeah, that sort of reason is good for everyone, heck, it even breaks the free market!

People -- stop getting upset if someone says something about a company. It isn't a person, after all. Google's feelings won't be hurt. Why are you protecting them? Hell.. people aren't even saying "They don't collect data"... no, they just say "Don't use them then".

That's akin to standing up for your brother, after he stabbed someone. Except... Google isn't your brother, they aren't your friend. They don't care if you live or die. They just want to make as much profit off of you as possible.

What is the real goal here? To stand up for someone that does everything they can do, to reap every penny off of everything you do?

When you are working hard, get up and retch every so often.