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Comment: Re:plastic is for junk (Score 1) 258 258

by guruevi (#50009271) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: For What Are You Using 3-D Printing?

Fine if you're a commercial site and your client knows your job will take 2-3 weeks and cost a few thousand. If you're just looking for a quick fix, there is no 1-day PCB turnaround under $100. If all you need is 1 print and you're a hobbyist or need something one-off, that is unacceptable.

Even for most commercial one-off jobs this is unacceptable and a big reason we all get our parts from China and waste massive amounts of energy on building COTS systems instead of having everything precision-customized locally.

Comment: Re:plastic is for junk (Score 2) 258 258

by guruevi (#50009249) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: For What Are You Using 3-D Printing?

You're screwing up Fahrenheit and Celsius here. 105 Celsius is before the plastic becomes slightly malleable and that is a little over the boiling point of water. So if you regularly handle steam without serious burning, let me know. Actually melting the stuff as it happens in the printer happens at ~200-250C.

Sure, you wouldn't be using it for friction pieces or things that are exposed to extremities, but for most of the objects in our environment we interact with, it's perfectly fine.

Comment: Re:plastic is for junk (Score 3, Insightful) 258 258

by guruevi (#50008655) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: For What Are You Using 3-D Printing?

Most stuff people interact with don't get 105 degrees C though. If you needed to make an enclosure for something or fix a piece of existing ABS/PLA plastic that broke, that's what you use a 3D printer for. You can also make prototypes for objects that you then send to a commercial printer, laser cutting facility or CNC mill to get created in the appropriate material.

Comment: Re:Demographics (Score 2) 252 252

by guruevi (#50005963) Attached to: FB Reveals Woeful Diversity Numbers

It's not a bullshit racist excuse, I've heard it myself. I have children that are mixed, so I am well integrated into black culture. Sure not all black people do it, but there is a great amount of adults that does.

And posting something from SJW's that are white themselves and would be afraid to physically walk in the neighborhood I live in is not a great help. Talk to actual black people that are successful for an instance like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his struggle to become a black scientist.

Comment: Re: How is this news for nerds? (Score 1) 1060 1060

by guruevi (#49999747) Attached to: Supreme Court Ruling Supports Same-Sex Marriage

I think you should keep up with genetic research. I know a same-sex couple that will have a baby together, and have it arranged as such that neither can be denied their parental rights because biologically and legally both will be the parent.

Right here in the USA in a state that could thus far legally deny the rights of same-sex parents.

Comment: Re:Jesus Christ. JavaScript needs to go. (Score 2) 63 63

by guruevi (#49971391) Attached to: Hackers Exploit MacKeeper Flaw To Spread OS X Malware

Why? If you don't like JS, turn it off. JavaScript is an okay scripting language. This is talking about JS interacting with an already installed malware plugin. Off course once your computer has been compromised, you can do whatever you want. You could make it into a clapper (clap on/clap off), not that hard to do.

Comment: Re:Angular (Score 1) 175 175

by guruevi (#49967447) Attached to: MEAN Vs. LAMP: Finding the Right Fit For Your Next Project

There are way smaller libraries that can bind UI to state. I use them because Angular is an over-engineered incomprehensible edifice if that's all you want to do. If I'd want something the size of Angular, I'd also expect something that actually tracks/updates state in the backend.

Comment: Re:The Fuck? (Score 1) 175 175

by guruevi (#49967433) Attached to: MEAN Vs. LAMP: Finding the Right Fit For Your Next Project

You obviously never had issues with MSSQL/Oracle then. A badly performing RDBMS is usually due to a bad DBA or a bad history. Oracle/MSSQL are simply a bit more forgiving as long as you keep throwing hardware and licenses at the issue.

If you look at MariaDB or even MySQL >4, a lot of the issues GP is complaining about have been resolved a long time ago. BDB/InnoDB have been available for a long time. And there is still no native multi-master PostgreSQL.

Comment: Re:Clickbait (Score 1) 107 107

by guruevi (#49958923) Attached to: 1 In 3 Data Center Servers Is a Zombie

Sometimes the hosting company doesn't keep track of it either. I recently was involved in a datacenter decommission (20yo) and at the end of the day a shit ton of hardware was still happily humming along, nobody claimed it nor did anyone keep track of whose it was (most likely they once did but moved asset tracking platforms which missed certain things).

About a decade ago another company I worked for had a similar thing where we expanded the datacenter and started keeping accurate track of new assets. Again, bunches of devices were left over with no traces at all in asset or order tracking and entire racks of cable runs had to be cut out with chainsaws (after the power was removed). We had a notorious salesperson that would often allow 'good' clients in a pinch (often due to administrative and physical disaster at neighboring centers) to get colocation and even dedicated servers, rush built/installed after hours and installed with "we'll do the paperwork on Monday".

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