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Comment: Misunderstanding... (Score 2) 153 153

As I read previous comments, I, as a French, have a strange feeling of misunderstanding... What american people have to do with this ? Nothing. American government and intelligence agencies have all to do with it. We, europeans, know this perfectly. The american people is the first to be spied on. And so are the others.. Maybe, they could work this out together, couldn't they ?

Comment: It's the future of internet (Score 2) 58 58

We have been lucky enough, here in France, to get the future of internet before everyone else : minitel ! ( music from star wars playing in the background ). Everything in the "cloud" , nothing in the computer. I think that google, microsoft and facebook should preserve and worship the remains of the late minitel amen.

Comment: Is there anyone (Score 1) 656 656

who can consider this : Aaron Schwartz had to take risks, and act as he did, because he was intelligent and brave, AND, he wasn't strong enough to endure the consequences. Some people seem to forget that everything' s not about reason and calculation. He, obviously, deserves full respect. Even if he didn't measure the adversity.

Comment: Thanks USGS - Posting from France (Score 3, Informative) 145 145

Hi, I'm posting from the soviet republic of France, guided by the Great and Beloved Leader Nicolas Sarkozy, friend of your former socialist président George Bush. Here, we are fighting against fracking for a couple of years. Of course, we rely on brave american activists for our information, cause your still ahead of us in terms of pollution and destructing environment, but it's even better when scientists bring their share.

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