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Getting the euro in the first place was a mistake for some in the Euro-periphery, but getting out of it now and re-adopting a floating currency (otherwise, what's the point in getting out) is about the worst possible course of action: you can't do overnight, and people will try to withdraw/send overseas all of their money as soon as possible. Assuming the banks have that much money (which is debatable), massive capital flight and black market are not exactly great solutions to any economy. Governments could try to prevent that with "corralito"-like measures but we all know how well that worked in Argentina.

Then there is debt inflation, legal nightmares and a few thousand more reasons not to quit the euro; those are just the most obvious.

+ - HTML5 App Builder with Modernizr, jQuery and Kinvey->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "This post explores a tool I've been hacking on that helps you get started quickly building HTML5 apps and includes Kinvey's latest Javascript library. The tool can be useful to anyone building HTML5 apps and doesn’t require the use of Kinvey.

You can find the GitHub repo here and see a screencast of installing the tool and creating an HTML5 project at the bottom of the post.

It started over the weekend when a customer contacted us regarding HTML5 support. I exchanged some messages with him about his application needs and provided him with a beta version of the Kinvey JavaScript library. Then on Monday, I was talking with Dave W. from our team and we came up with the idea for this tool."

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by BlueScreenO'Life (#39683771) Attached to: Magical Thinking Is Good For You
If anything agnosticism is opposed to solipsism. My empirical experience shows no evidence of gods, but I know my empirical experience is not enough, so I waste no time or effort in believing, disbelieving or telling other people what to believe or disbelieve.

YEC is another matter altogether. It is a falsable theory, and patently false unless we basically ignore all the knowledge we have about physics and chemistry - knowledge which we regard as valid because it can be tested and has been tested through repeatable experiments.

High School Juniors Create 'Flavor Strips' For Astronauts 23

Posted by samzenpus
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Cazekiel writes "The sense of taste for astronauts is dulled by microgravity, but four high schoolers participating in the Spirit of Innovation Challenge have come up with a solution: Flavor Strips. They put a little more kick into space-food; from simple salt-and-pepper to Asian spices, astronauts get to add more taste to their meals without the space traveler, as Myra Halpin, a chemistry and research instructor at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics says of one tale told to her, 'spinning himself around to get the hot sauce out of the bottle.'"

Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space.