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Comment Re:Just as Plato predicted (Score 1) 785

To understand that, you will have to first realize that not all of the humanities are BS and that politics/philosophy is a discipline as structured as programming.

Perhaps, but if so, the focus in philosophy is merely on ensuring that your program compiles--not that it produces the expected output when run.

Comment Re:How to judge what's going on (Score 5, Insightful) 316

I agree with you wholeheartedly that Google's solution is better, Bruce,'s not the standard. The proper way to do this, and one I'd have been fine with, would be to support OpenID, plus this alternative that's much easier for the average user to understand. That's not what Google did, and I don't think we're out-of-line for faulting them for it.


44 Conjectures of Stephen Wolfram Disproved 158

Richard Pritches writes in to let us know that MIT errata expert Evangelos Georgiadis has disproved 44 conjectures set by Dr. Stephen Wolfram (founder of Mathematica) in A New Kind of Science. The paper was published in the latest issue of the Journal of Cellular Automata and can be read in PDF form at Prof Edwin Clark's collection of reviews of Wolfram's ANKS. "The formulas provided by Wolfram for these [44] rules are not minimal. Moreover for 8 of these cannot be minimal even by simple inspection since minimal formula sizes for 3-input Boolean functions over this basis never exceeds 5."

Submission + - New Squeak Smalltalk book published-> 1

mykdavies writes: Squeak is a multi-platform Open Source Smalltalk, and home of eToys, which is included in the OLPC XO laptop due to be released later this year. Due to the growing interest in the language, a group of Squeakers has just released a new introduction to Squeak. The book, Squeak By Example, is a step-by-step guide to the language and the environment. It's available as a free PDF, or as hard-copy from — see the book's website for details.
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