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Comment: Re:66 cent compared to what? (Score 1) 481

by Blue Warlord (#31856642) Attached to: Microsoft Mice Made in Chinese Youth Sweatshops?
Easy, use the BigMac index: According to wikipedia, one Big Mac in February 2009 costs $1.83, in the People's Republic of China. Hence, does 66 cents would give you roughly 1/3 of a burger per hour .... In other words, not a lot.

Comment: Re:Excuse? (Score 4, Informative) 351

by Blue Warlord (#25567197) Attached to: Can the US Stop the Illegal Export of Its Technology?
Ahum that had much more todo with the historical context in which these numbers come from. You know the seventies with the hippies. It is a well established fact that drugs usage in the Netherlands is considerable lower than the European average or the USA for that matter. See for some hard numbers.

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