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Comment Muhc ado about nothing (Score 4, Insightful) 572 572

If you are a celebrity and want Wikipedia to have a good photo of you, provide one with the appropriate license and stop bitching. Problem solved! If you can't provide a picture under a free license, don't complain when someone else puts up a crappy picture. There is no problem here.

Comment Re:Wanna sell them like hot bread ? (Score 1) 145 145

Why stop there? Why not build a full-fledged home-control system. Control the lights, turn the TV on/off, lock/unlock the front door, etc, etc, etc. All from a neat web interface. (just make sure it's good and secure so someone won't start blinking your lights through the internet).

Comment Re:Stupid article (Score 1) 205 205

I got fed up with this region crap long ago. You would have thought now that there's no technical reason to do this, they would want to serve their customers in the best way they could. Of course not. That's why there's NO FUCKING WAY I'm getting a PAL anything anymore. Oh and since I'm venting, I might as well say; dear Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. FUCK YOU RIGHT IN THE EYE SOCKET WITH A BIG FAT RUBBER DICK!

Comment Re:Suprises (Score 1) 279 279

To be honest, a fully functional 100 megahertz/ 16 megabyte machine today would be awesome. You don't really need a powerful machine for school-related work. Unless you're running intensive weather simulations or something. A 2009 laptop will work just as good in 2018, provided it doesn't break down.

However, it is true that you don't really need laptops for learning. Laptops are highly overrated for education in my opinion.

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