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Comment Most times SSL is not the problem (Score 2) 223

IMHO SSL is often not the problem. Most websites/webapps are hacked through badly configured and unpatched servers or through programming errors in the site itself. If you're concerned about security, make sure that your website/webapplication/cms is secure. OWASP is a good source for hints and tips. They even have a top-10 for this stuff. So, if SHA-512 is you're only problem, you're doing just fine.

Comment Also put an eye on others (Score 0) 469

Would be nice if they'd also had some docs of other administrations like the russian, chinese, EU or some organisations like the mob or the mexican drug cartels. Seems to me that they're picking on the boy in the classroom that is telling a lot already.

Comment Re:To immediately Godwin the poll... (Score 1) 1270

... only to see that these peepz are replaced by the same person with a different name.

Currently I'm not in that killing spree mood even though there are a lot of persons that the world could do without to make it a better place. Why should I assume that killing a bunch of people a couple of years ago would brighten up my day or make my life better is some way.

If I would go kill some for the greater good, I'm not that better than whatever terrorist is running around currently trying to harm others for the greater good.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.