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Comment: Faith healing needs to stop (Score 2) 217 217

I've seen many people fall for this trap, and some have lost their lives too. There are some who're even propagating that just thinking that you will be healed will absolve you of the disease, and you will be leading a happy life all again. But what irks me the most is that most of these people I know are Engineers and Doctors, people who've studied Science and know how it works.

Comment: Re:Report Abuse (Score 3, Interesting) 128 128

How is Google Docs employed for phishing? Can anyone enlighten me here? I've used Google Docs at certain times and don't see how it can be used to tricking users to believe that it is the original site they're entering the data into. Or am I missing something here? Unless the users are really that dumb to enter their info.

Comment: Re:OMG, nothing new has been made (Score 2) 309 309

crazy, the only movies are the old copyrighted ones

no new movie, has been made in the last 30 some years because of these copyright laws no new book has been written no new music made

we are forced to keep on buying the same old movies over and over

It's not about being able to create new stuff. It's about ensuring unhindered access of our culture and knowledge to our children. Just imagine the possibilities if you can search, catalog and read/view/listen through hundreds of works by artistes who're dead for years, and build upon them. The current copyright law only benefits the greedy corporates, so much creativity is lost just because of that.