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Comment: Re:Not much of an attack (Score 1) 178

by BlindBear (#45314485) Attached to: Google Attacks Microsoft Again: Android 4.4 Ships With Quickoffice
Only Microsoft ( and their boosters ) could call this an attack, heavens to betsy! I feel that Google is just helping their big buddy Microsoft fulfill their claim to make the world a better place to live in, after all, every now and then your average behemoth corporation needs a little help. Let's just hope that Google gives them every thing they deserve, payment in full of course, especially after all the help that Microsoft gave Google with that silly little Android thingy and all those little legal things that kept on popping up....... It's only fair that Microsoft gets back what it has generously given to others.

Comment: Re:What's a 'shinny' ? (Score 1) 385

by BlindBear (#41203091) Attached to: Side-Effect of the Apple v. Samsung Trial: Increased Sales for Samsung
In the present environment I think it would be a goer amongst the geeks and the clued up members of the public, but check first for any violations of usage of the word "pie" or "Pie". The word "apple" should be clear and the word "Apple" could be construed by some lawyers to be free advertising for an American based technology company.

Comment: Scum and Trash (Score 1) 125

by BlindBear (#34359366) Attached to: Deep Packet Inspection Set To Return
Scum and Trash or is it Trash and Scum Inc. These companies are turd polishers, the internet does not need them. The people that run these companies will take every last vestige of your private life and sell it if they think they can make a buck, please try to put them out of business as soon as possible.... perhaps we could get them an honest job, flipping' burgers maybe.

Comment: Re:Can Linux snobs be more arrogant? (Score 1) 473

by BlindBear (#33389996) Attached to: Making Ubuntu Look Like Windows 7
I can see your point, but my personal experience as the 'geek' for two grannies, my two 20 something kids, my 49 yr female cousin and myself is that they take to Ubuntu (8.04,9.04,9.10 and 10.04) like ducks to water if you give them the same attention that you give a newbie windows user. After a week or so they are hooked and love it. People can learn and some are eager to do so, just give them a little help, we all had it when we were 'windowed'. My 62 yr old granny is my best learner so far.

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