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Comment Professional or not? (Score 3, Insightful) 132

A truly professional "IT Pro" will learn to forget the things he has seen about his/her colleagues.
We've all had to do things like: check mail spools, check user directories, enable debug-level logging on various systems, etc. and seen embarrassing or personal things. The question is: are you a professional who learns to forget it and stick to the relevant data or are you a shithead who spreads rumours and makes us all look like privacy-invading assholes?

Comment Re:In short (Score 1) 87

" I would love to see a multi-node thermostat that is affordable (and secure, if it is not, fuck that), adaptive, that learns to program itself, that I can control (securely) over wi-fi..."

I'm genuinely curious: why?
"Adaptive" - adaptive to what? How many houses do you live in?
"Learns to program itself" Why? Aren't you going to be there? Don't you ultimately at some point have to tell it "that's too hot, that's too cold"?
Wifi and Multi-node: I presume you mean "I can control from multiple places" How many places do you need to adjust your home's thermostat? Why would you possibly need to adjust your thermostat if you're not there?

How often do you need to change it? Seriously - I haven't touched my home's thermostat in probably 4 years.

Comment In short (Score 2) 87

...the IoT is a generally stupid idea, for all the hundreds of reasons that have been repeated here ad infinitum: additional points of failure in systems that benefit very little or not at all from the 'features' added by the new connectivity.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 504

Actually, you miss my point entirely.

Personally, I think the best response for such language would be for Siri or Cortana to simply reply with "that sort of language really turns me off" and then power down (maybe wait for the 3rd example). It's a relatively gentle chiding, and enough of an inconvenience that people would avoid it. And it would kind of be funny.

I have no problem with these systems discouraging uncivil behavior or language. No problem there.

What I have a problem with is the sense of aggrievement now spreading to inanimate objects. It's a memetic cancer.
Personally I don't believe that a society can long function if one has to filter ones' comments (and let's be honest, THOUGHTS is the real intent) for every person's conceivable sensitivities. Offense is personal; you cannot insult me if I don't care what you say. Far more sustainable to grow a reasonably thick skin and live your life without looking for opportunities to claim victim status.
Expanding the "hurt feelings" franchise to machinery is frankly ridiculous.

Comment Fuck you, protesters (Score 0) 277


- fuck you and your ridiculous stone age religious sympathies. (BTW I'd say the same thing to Christians if they prevented building a telescope on a Chilean mountain because "Jesus' spirit lives here")
- fuck you and your revisionist history; if Hawaii was still its own country, you'd have your own 1%ers that would instead own that land, the normal people STILL wouldn't be allowed there, and the astronomers could build their telescope there simply by paying someone a hefty bribe with probably 10% the complications
- fuck you generally.

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