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Comment Re:Analyst/Programmers ... (Score 2) 226

you used to carry your stack of punch cards to a Demi-priest, who passed them to the Priest who was the only one that was allowed to touch the computer. Funny, how even today that role still exists.. it's called a DBA.. these jerks won't let mortal developers near a database, even though the dev writes the script to be run against production, and DBA monkey just hits Run for you.

Comment The Disney Way (Score 1) 226

Read the book The Disney Way.. it doesn't matter if you are the CEO or there to paint the fence. If you see garbage, you pick it up. It's about everyone pitching in to make a company awesome. (said in a Disney Princess voice)... but seriously... Of course everything is a balance, I think the operative word is "occasional" ops.. it doesn't take much time out of dev schedule to manage a web server or VM so your product just keeps working, especially when it is a new product and the production ops are still being figured out.

Comment Magic upgrade sequence solved! (Score 5, Funny) 575

You can upgrade by installing Windows Me, then Vista Ultimate, then enable start menu, disable start menu, 8.0 SP1, Windows ME again but holding ALT-F5 until BSOD appears, then quickly insert the 3.5 floppy with 8.1 patch on it (if you didn't keep a floppy drive.. oh you're so screwed!).

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