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Comment Re:UI innovation? (Score 1) 337

I understand what you're getting at with the tray, it was misused by "me too!" programs and all sorts of things like Real Player (damn, I'll run you when I want it!).
But it was very useful to interact with e.g. virtual CD-ROM drive software. That's better than having "background" programs sitting in the task bar proper.

To this day most linux desktop environments copied the feature and I've got wireless networks, sound volume, music player there, OS updater. I can play/pause music etc., change music volume by hovering on the icon and wheeling the scroll wheel. I know how to run fluxbox and hit the terminal to run alsamixer but I'll keep running the gtk2 Windows 95 clone thanks.

Comment Re: 15? (Score 1) 337

I did run 98SE on a fast CPU and 7200rpm HDD. By that point I was a hold out, but I did boot to the desktop in 10 seconds. In the last year/monthes, I still could run everything I wanted but programs would not care about the 64K GDI resource limit anymore, leading to graphical UI corruption. You could have Steam, DirectX 9, .NET, Cygwin installed. and every DOS game at full speed and features, which was most of the point.

Comment Burgers (Score 1) 808

All kinds of triple-deck etc. cheese burgers I've never tried or even imagined, giant sandwiches, 2^12 combinations of pizza toppings, 4000 bottles of red wine (not even really fancy ones, just roughly $10 and up)

I would eat and drink myself to death, but trying to keep it as long and varied as possible.

Comment Re:launchd not as bad as systemd (Score 1) 160

Haven't used a UEFI system?
The other day, there was a forum thread by a guy who had assembled a new PC and thought that it didn't work. The thing went so quick as to not show anything on the display then monitor would get put on stand by. You pretty much have to mash keys before turning the thing on to get in the setup screen.

Comment Emoji are amibiguous too (Score 1) 264

Some emoji (which everyone in my country calls smileys) may be too much emotional, and if they're Unicode instead of proprietary they will show up differently in the two ends of a conversation if the software is not the same.
Not that I use IM anymore though : MSN was proprietary and insecure, but you could at least use it with different clients. It's been replaced by the giant asocial media company and by Skype. Cell phone service for non "data" has crashed in price compared to a decade ago too.

Comment Re:su (Score 1) 743

On an ubuntu system I'm using, su and sudo su don't keep the user PATH or aliases, and the environment seems to be trimmed down. So I wonder how much things are different afterall. And anyway, I don't feel like to care, so on a personal desktop I'll do sudo su. Then who cares? The point is to do whatever you want.

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