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Comment: Re:get the phone apps syncing with desktop Firefox (Score 1) 90

I agree but theoretically there'd be a reputable service, perhaps with a small fee like $1/month, that you would use for that and only that, with web site, mobile web site and Firefox OS application. (The Firefox OS "app" can be just a shortcut to the website at worst).

Small data, no media etc. (a playlist can be stored as it's kilobyte-sized though of limited use), not even mail.

I like that on yahoo mail there's a small section where you can simply enter raw text notes and I can put some shit there.. But indeed I can't trust them much and don't give them structured data like calendar and contacts (plus it's slow)

The best way for now is probably self-hosting : in fact that's where I think something like Firefox OS can be especially useful because you can have a self hosted back-end and the front-end just uses the web.
But you have to be a technically minded person and even if you are there are fees, possibility of letting the domain lapse, certificate shit, possible security breach anyway, even data loss and unavailability if done at home. But maybe you know all that, I'm just listing that shit.

It goes back to your point of hosting the data on Mozilla Sync (with self-hosted Sync as an option too), I end up agreeing it would be a nice place but that may be out of the scope of Sync. It even becomes kind of a "monster account" like a google or microsoft account where you log in to your browser or OS or game console etc. though obvisouly not as bad.

Comment: Re:F/OSS reality (Score 2) 143

by Blaskowicz (#49781037) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

Windows has always been easier to use with multiple drives or partitions or CD/DVD drives.
You just go to D:\, E:\, F:\ etc. instead of doing a mkdir as root and editing the fstab, or living with poor defaults like /media/username/f907c92b-cc37-4207-aab7-90a526d154f2 (I shit you not), semi-auto mounted.

You can also go to Disk Management to assign drive letters, "deassign" them for partitions you don't want to see mounted and as far as the user is concerned : there's one file system root per file system.

Why isn't that simpler? linux is better is you want to do some shit like mounting a specific subdirectory (/usr/blah etc.) from a network share and Windows is rather more inflexible, but doesn't require expert knowledge to access data.
I also have that GUI component that pops to warn the system disk is almost full (that can be useful!). It offers to help me, and that launches a piece of software that does a recursive search to show me where space is wasted but as this is the / drive it searches all file systems, which is slow and useless.

Comment: Security updates on Firefox OS 2.2 (Score 2) 90

Quoted from the Mozilla guy's email :

"We will ship v2.2 and all pending work to deliver entry-level smartphones with our key partners. Additional appropriate feature work will be rolled into Ignite. v2.2 will be maintained as a long-lived branch with security and stability updates only."

Probably means that cheap Firefox OS 2.2 phones will have a stagnant OS, but if security updates come in with regularity and for years that's precisely what we need. Are other people feeling that way? I don't care that much about how many megapixels and shiznits there are in that thing, I want it to be supported.
It lacks features though, I hope when they talk of "extensibilty" that will include ways to filter the web. PR about freedom and privacy does not work so well if it's e.g. loading facebook buttons everywhere and they can't be blocked.

Comment: Re:Lets be honest here (Score 2) 106

by Blaskowicz (#49768795) Attached to: No, Your SSD Won't Quickly Lose Data While Powered Down

That as an early adopter you sure must have used some of the least reliable SSDs, with wear leveling not even quite sorted out, firmware issues or just had random bad luck. Imagine if you ever bought an IBM Death Star, Seagate 7200.11 and that bad Maxtor series as HDDs. Some other HDDs still work fine after ten years. Compared to SSDs they just have a very different kind of sword hanging above their heads.

Comment: Re:What is it you want again? (Score 1) 312

by Blaskowicz (#49756181) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Dumb Phone?

What's so bad? Contact name, number. That's it. You can either back contacts up to the SIM card, or default to storing them on SIM card. (some phones may e.g. store two numbers per contact, but that will map to two entries when on SIM card)
If you want more, there's pen and paper contact list or perhaps little tools that may come with a webmail. You need a back up anyway (a USB SIM reader may be another way to back up)

What you miss : dumb phone is half the size of a low end smartphone. They also don't get outdated and/or full of malware (arguably the stock OS is outdated when you buy a low end Android and it's debatable whether the bunch of apps that comes with it are malware already.)

Comment: Get one with USB (Score 1) 312

by Blaskowicz (#49756013) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Dumb Phone?

Old phones can be good or great (even the Motorola F3 is kind of old already) but the chargers problem is a plague, and you might want one to leave at one and one to carry with you. Having the wrong size of "samsung plug" or worse sony-ericsson is frustrating.
It's still an option but if you choose to go with a new, recent dumb phone, there are ones with USB - real, micro-USB. So you're set with just one USB charger at home, and on the move you'll easily find a micro-USB plug at friends's and family's, and you can always bring one with you (if only a USB to micro USB cable) if you really need it. No special USB either, you only have to care about 500mA current.

You will typically get internal SD card slot and 3.5mm jack output on these phones, though you can ignore those features. FM radio is useful (perhaps not in the US if I believe the comments on some stories)
Nokia 215 is such one phone, but it's a not-quite-dumb one with a mini browser baked in (okay..) and a facebook app (and twitter) baked in the firmware.. Crap! if that's what you want go for it maybe. But there are other, dumber phones. e.g. Wiko Lubi 2 and Lubi 3 (present in only some markets, including UK)
Well, have a quick look at what's available, brands vary by region but USB is becoming standard. Samsung seems to be an outlier.

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