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Comment: Re:Less geeky solution (Score 1) 167 167

by Blapto (#29963444) Attached to: Cracking PGP In the Cloud
Are you sure about this entering your PIN backwards trick? The only real reference I can find is a 6 year old article: and they imply that it's possible but nobody has implemented it. Any other searching just throws up snopes like sites debunking it as a hoax.

Comment: Re:Now is the best time to invest! (Score 1) 740 740

by Blapto (#15789592) Attached to: Investing Tips for College Students?
"homosexualiy will eventually be declared a disease"

Up until 1992 the World Health Organisation assigned "homosexuality" the code 302.0 in the Internation Classification of Diseases. Many countries who maintain their own classification codes still have homosexuality listed.

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