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Comment: Re:Not a Piece of Shit (Score 1) 127

by cdrudge (#49536735) Attached to: POS Vendor Uses Same Short, Numeric Password Non-Stop Since 1990

He knows what POS means. But calling it a piece of shit isn't entirely the fault of the manufacturer. It's also the fault of the retailer or installer for not changing it to something that is unique to that location or company.

I own a padlock that allows me to set the combination by removing and rotating 4 dials to the letters or numbers that I want. It ships with a default combination of 0000. If I used it straight out of the package, does that make the lock a piece of shit just because it has a easy to guess default password? Or does it make me an idiot for using the lock without changing the password?

Comment: Re:Too expensive. (Score 1) 111

by JWSmythe (#49531033) Attached to: Google Launches Project Fi Mobile Phone Service

You can change his plan too. Boost offers 2GB/mo 4G LTE for $30/mo, which simply degrades to 3G when he hits 2GB.

I don't bother with the higher plans. I play Ingress a lot, use it constantly for mail, and I do a lot of web stuff when not home. Like searching for reviews and price comparisons when I'm out shopping. I also occasionally tether my laptop if I need to do something and don't have wifi available. At home and when I'm in an office, I get on wifi. It's not a bandwidth saving measure though, it's just faster to be on a fat pipe than anything wireless trying to penetrate buildings. When I check my usage, I'm usually only at 1.2 to 1.5 GB per month.

I ran into my first problem with Boost a month ago. They messed up provisioning Visual Voicemail when I switched phones, so it isn't sending transcribed messages to me.

It would seem that they're targeting a small market with this new plan.

Ah, they got their site up. It was throwing an error last night.

Comment: Re:WHAT? (Score 1) 313

If that's the story I'm thinking of, we're not resurrecting the mammoth, we're cloning it. Those are usually introducing the DNA into somewhat comparable modern animals. It's not like the mammoth would wake up and say "Hey, what happened? Last thing I remember was eating frozen grass in the tundra." That's assuming mammoths could talk. :)

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 397

5) If you are physically attacked, either do not resist, or resist in a way that overpowers the cop safely and quickly, no middle ground.

The former suggestion will not end well for the citizen being attacked, and the latter will definitely not end well for the citizen.

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on how to overpower a cop safely and quickly that isn't going to end up with you in handcuffs in jail, in a fetal position learning how much a nightstick can hurt, and/or dead?

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