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Comment: A VC-What? (Score 1) 554

by Blackjack Joe (#31812744) Attached to: Comcast Disables VCR Scheduling In New Guide

Seriously, I haven't used a VCR other than to play old tapes in years. I have Comcast's HD DVR and I have a Tivo Series 2 that controls a non-dvr Comcast box. Between those, and online streaming from sites like Hulu, Netflix, and some of the networks own sites, I have no need to record using a VCR anymore. If I want to archive something, I burn a DVD.

Comment: Good Idea. Wish California Had This. (Score 1) 258

by Blackjack Joe (#31533502) Attached to: Mississippi Makes Caller ID Spoofing Illegal

Today I got an obvious spam call that was spoofed. Caller-id stated "Name Unavailable" and the phone number was "000-000-7774". Of course, there's no 000 area code. I didn't answer and whoever it was didn't leave a message. I'm on the do-not-call list, so I can't report this caller as violating that either due to the spoofing. I also have the feature from my phone company that doesn't allow calls that have caller-id blocked to ring my phone, but it doesn't consider an invalid phone number as being a blocked number.

I've been considering contacting my phone-service provider about enhancing that feature to at least stop these obviously false phone numbers.

Comment: Re:I don't believe it (Score 2, Insightful) 507

by Blackjack Joe (#31162592) Attached to: Apple Bans Jailbreakers From the App Store

You're missing the point. If jail broken iPhones CANNOT access the app store, then 100% of them will have pirated apps, not 38%, and before you claim that it'll be 100% of a much smaller number (thus being a net win), there's no chance of that.

It's not people that jailbreak their iPhones that are being blocked from the app store, it's the people that make the software to jailbreak iPhones that are being blocked.

Comment: Re:Well, Opera Mini isn't strictly a browser... (Score 3, Insightful) 292

by nedlohs (#31086238) Attached to: Opera For iPhone To Test Apple's Resolve

You are running a software built by said commercial 3rd-party company. They don't need that server in the middle to see all of those things.

So there's no increase in capability if they are malicious. There is an increase in risk if they are incompetent - and do something like cache requests/responses containing that data.

Comment: Re:They may have won in the courts.... (Score 2, Interesting) 307

by Starmac (#31086232) Attached to: Microsoft Wins Windows XP WGA Lawsuit

now you have steve watching every single thing you do on his computer, you will pay 130$ for service packs, and good luck getting parts or repair on that mac (which has a very high chance of failure within the first year)

Try using Apple HW instead of just bashing it. There are a lot of MB/MBP out there running MS crap because they are so reliable, and actually run software without machinations. Rating a new version of an OS as a service pack is ludicrous. Maybe you ought to actually use a permissions based OS before you run your keys the next time

Comment: Re:Lack of Faith in Humanity (Score 1) 1142

by clone53421 (#31086132) Attached to: If Everyone Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About...

My friend is way into horoscopes, and I point out to her a lot that horoscopes are actually, quite bogus. That they have some 80% accuracy rates because they don't get specific, and then people are forgetting some 80% of it anyways. So you're presented with a person, who is mostly recreating memories when thinking back about it, reinterpreting the facts to be more important, more significant and more potent than it was before.

Ah. Yeah, I understand you now. Sort of like the old wives’ tricks for telling whether you’re going to have a boy or a girl... people will swear by them, but in fact they’re bound to be correct 50% of the time, and people don’t remember the times they were wrong.

Comment: Re:Smartest workflow move ....ever! (Score 1) 401

by clone53421 (#31086088) Attached to: GIMP 2.8 Will Sport a Redesigned UI

Terrible ideas. Just terrible.


In any event, hiding the dialogs when GIMP loses focus makes a hell of a lot more sense than dialogs that won’t minimize or hide at all. When I want to see the desktop, I want to see it without any stupid unhideable dialogs in the way.

They have made a single window mode available, that's what we're talking about.

I don’t want a single window mode. I want the things I mentioned. Unless I maximize the window, and then perhaps yes a single-window mode would be better than letting the floating palettes overlap the image window.

Comment: Re:IE has Automatic Updates (Score 2, Interesting) 512

by that this is not und (#31086006) Attached to: Is Internet Explorer 6/7 Support Required Now?

And we're all eager to enable whatever DRM Microsoft deems to push onto our computers. In the form of 'updates.' Oh joy.

Yes, we're really eager for that, and it's good that the self styled experts at Slashdot agree that it's in our best interest to bend over and smile whenever Redmond chooses to install whatever they wish.

Comment: Re:Quis ipsos custodiet custodes? (Score 1) 697

by commodore64_love (#31085958) Attached to: Appeals Court Rules On Internet Obscenity Standards

>>>The very reason we HAVE a SCOTUS is to protect the individuals from majority abuse.

But the SCOTUS is part of the U.S. Government. It often acts like a rubberstamp for the Congress and the Executive branches, and when it doesn't rubberstamp, then the president sometimes threatens the court (see FDR and the Court-packing Scandal).

The U.S. Government should not be self-policing itself. That's why it's necessary to have an independent party, i.e. the States, be granted the ability to nullify unconstitutional laws. They created the Constitution - they ought to have at least some power to enforce it and nullify unconstitutional laws - just like any other binding contract.

Comment: Re:yes (Score 1) 1049

by Blackjack Joe (#30725922) Attached to: Does a Lame E-Mail Address Really Matter?

I was a Compuserve user way before the internet became generally accessible, which was before Compuserve and AOL became internet gateways. I'm fairly sure my Compuserve ID was 71310,2027. It did take me a few minutes of thinking to retrieve it from the deep, dark recesses of my mind. I hung out in the Mac groups and used to play the multiuser game "You Guessed It!" which was a trivia game with teams playing against each other.

Comment: Terrorists Win Again (Score 1) 888

by Blackjack Joe (#30564230) Attached to: TSA Wants You To Keep Your Seat, and Your Hands In Sight

Every time the TSA makes flying more inconvenient and/or more uncomfortable, the terrorists have won without having to actually kill or injure anyone. I drive a lot of times to places that I once used to fly to. Driving times of up to nine hours now that were hour and forty-five minute flights.

The TSA is reactive and not proactive, they throw in security measures against methods that are low odds to be tried again. The next attempt is almost certain to be something new that TSA has not even thought of.

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