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Comment: Moxon Antenna (Score 1) 135

by Blackdognight (#42142265) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: DIY 4G Antenna Design For the Holidays?

Unless the frequency turns out to make this design prohibitavely small, try a Moxon:

I built one for OTA TV broadcasts (somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 MHz) using spare wire I had laying around and had good results. There's a calculator program at that URL that will give you the dimensions of the elements for any given frequency. All you have to do is bend the wire and find a way to keep them at the required distances.
If your antenna needs to be really small you could get some copper clad from RShack and etch/scrape out the elements.


+ - ThinkGeek in potential trademark violation->

Submitted by Blackdognight
Blackdognight writes: BoingBoing is reporting that the National Pork Board has filed a formal cease and desist order against ThinkGeek based on the phrasing of their recent April fools product "radiant Foarms Canned Unicorn Meat." Apparently ThinkGeek's use of the tag line "the new white meat." was a little too close to the Pork Board's "the other white meat" trademark. ThinkGeek's response is wonderful:
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Comment: Solar System Objects (Score 1) 377

by Blackdognight (#31090694) Attached to: What Objects To Focus On For School Astronomy?

In a four inch scope the planets are a good option. Jupiter and its satellites are always fun to look at and you should easily be able to see cloud bands on the planet's surface. If you're lucky you can likely even see the shadows of the moons cross the surface of the planet. Saturn is a must if at all possible. Unfortunately in the spring Orion may not be visible in the evenings so that rules out the Orion nebula (the only naked-eye nebula for the Northern hemisphere - not sure if there's anything down South). The Andromeda galaxy might be a good representative of a galactic object although there won't be much detail in a scope that size. I recommend checking out and doing a search for local amateur astronomy groups in your area. You will likely find a local group that is willing to donate their time to present to your students and make their instruments available for an evening or more. They likely have 'scopes that far outstrip the four inch scope you already have access too which will give access to a whole range of diffuse and distant objects like galaxies and nebula.

Comment: Re:not free if you can't jailbreak (Score 3, Insightful) 232

by Blackdognight (#27340229) Attached to: id Releases Open Source <em>Wolfenstein 3D</em> for the iPhone

Come on people. Pay the $5. This is the exactly kind of behavior we keep asking for! They're releasing the source and not treating us like we're all thieves. Let's reward them for giving us the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, if you could afford to buy yourself an iPhone or iPod touch, you can likely afford it. (Especially considering what ATT charges for data packages.)

Comment: Re:If you don't plead, DOJ only has a 30% rate (Score 1) 693

by Blackdognight (#26802943) Attached to: You Are Not a Lawyer
I'm no statistician, but I found this link interesting: It looks dated, and given the source our resident tinfoil haberdashers will likely discount it, but I find it interesting that a significant portion of the folks charged aren't necessarily prosecuted. I think that would likely skew the conviction rates that some are citing.

+ - Flash script that repeated pastes link to clpbrd->

Submitted by Blackdognight
Blackdognight writes: The BBC is reporting on the use of an Adobe Flash function to contiuously purge the clipboard and replace all text with a website that if followed will link to a nuciance ad for fake security software. The article claims that it is OS independent but Firefox specific and does not as of yet appear to be common in the wild.
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