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Comment Re:Surprised It's So Low (Score 1) 89

And for those reasons I still torrent a bunch of stuff and store it on my drives, even though I pay for a Netflix subscription and some of the stuff I torrent is actually on Netflix in my country. I honestly don't mind paying a decent fee / month to be able to watch a wide range of shows, but this bullshit over regional availability and then removing shows you like has to stop.

It would also be nice if Netflix would stop being a dick to my bandwidth and give me H265 content at reasonable bitrates, since the equipment I am using to watch it on is all capable of playing back this format and the savings in bandwidth can be tremendous.

Netflix is doing good, so they get my money, even though I literally only watch 1-2 shows / episodes a month on the streaming service. I want to encourage this sort of disruption, and cash is the best encouragement of all.

Comment Re:No, for very good reasons. (Score 3, Interesting) 568

It's not the programmer's fault that people who have no right calling themselves a programmer are clamouring to take up the title. The role of the programmer / computer scientist is still the same as it ever was, only now there's people with 6 weeks experience cut and pasteing JS into an editor thinking they are the same as a person with a 3 year bachelor degree in computer science.

To me, the distinction these days is between programmers and coders. Programmers are qualified, skilled, highly trained professionals capable of writing new algorithms, improving old ones, understanding the underlying architecture and execution trade-offs...coders customise your WordPress blog.

Comment I Love them both (Score 1) 200

I love my original Kindle e-ink and the Android 7" tablet I bought later to supplement it.

First up - I'm a programmer, so I read a fair amount. That said, I'm un-employed so I prefer to read on the cheap. Years back I drank the Cool-Aid and bought an e-ink Kindle. I still love it, though I don't use it often, because these days I often need to read web pages.

When I "buy" a book, I can DL it onto my PC, the e-ink Kindle, my Android tablet (and since I love my mom, her ipad too for some books). That's a pretty good deal. Yeh, it's a hard limit of 5 devices, but that's also a pretty decent limit.

These days I purchase pretty much everything as an e-book, and almost always from Amazon. So yes, I guess it is hurting some people...those bookshops that used to charge me $50-60 USD for a single tech book, which was often out of date and (for many publishers) a pile of steaming and poorly researched shite.

The world changes...and in this case, for the better. I'd like some more competition for Amazon, but I in no way believe it should come from old, outdated bookstores. The future isn't written yet...onwards and upwards.

Comment Re:Ummm .... duh? (Score 1) 184

I definitely read through the comments for movies I'm interested in, but not quite sure about. It becomes a bit of a crap-shoot, but usually I just err on the side of watching them, and am only occasionally disappointed. Worst case, I watch 30 mins of something terrible - but honestly, that's rare enough to not care. Best case, I discover an indie classic or off-beat film I really love :D

Comment Re:Ummm .... duh? (Score 1) 184

IMDB is a good indication of what the masses think. It's not a good indication of quality overall, since the masses are more an indication of popularity over quality. In fact, the more popular a movie is, the more bland and un-interesting it usually is. Appear to a wider audience usually means appear on a much more limited and conventional base.

TLDR: Popularity is no gauge of quality.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 0) 406

While the laugh track itself is so awful I think it gave me cancer, the worst part is not the laughter itself but how the actors have to pause after pretty much every second line and wait for the laughter track to die down before they deliver the next lines. This makes the show painfully slow to watch and the interactions are terribly disjointed. There's simply no flow to the dialogue.

The other worst thing is pretty much every other aspect of the show.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 406

That "picture" along with the caption implying they have a live audience is pure misdirection. The first thing to notice, is despite it looking at first glance like 3 segments of seating for a show, making for a large audience - it is actually several shots of the same space with different people in it. The windows at the rear are a dead give-away in two of those shots. They actually use only the members from one of those shot for each showing I believe.

Now the audio part - what they actually do is record each episode and edit it down. This is then shown to an audience(s)and they record any laughter and reactions from the audience. They track, double track and overlay all the laughs to obtain the thick hearty sounding amount of laughs that they want the show to sound like it receives. Weak laughter can be tracked over from 5 or more showings to thicken the sound right out. Strong gags would only need a couple of over-dubs.

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