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Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 0) 388

While the laugh track itself is so awful I think it gave me cancer, the worst part is not the laughter itself but how the actors have to pause after pretty much every second line and wait for the laughter track to die down before they deliver the next lines. This makes the show painfully slow to watch and the interactions are terribly disjointed. There's simply no flow to the dialogue.

The other worst thing is pretty much every other aspect of the show.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 388

That "picture" along with the caption implying they have a live audience is pure misdirection. The first thing to notice, is despite it looking at first glance like 3 segments of seating for a show, making for a large audience - it is actually several shots of the same space with different people in it. The windows at the rear are a dead give-away in two of those shots. They actually use only the members from one of those shot for each showing I believe.

Now the audio part - what they actually do is record each episode and edit it down. This is then shown to an audience(s)and they record any laughter and reactions from the audience. They track, double track and overlay all the laughs to obtain the thick hearty sounding amount of laughs that they want the show to sound like it receives. Weak laughter can be tracked over from 5 or more showings to thicken the sound right out. Strong gags would only need a couple of over-dubs.

Comment Re:Paved with good intentions... (Score 1) 247

...or, you could just read those communications with Al'qaeda that you say are still on that computer. In fact, you most likely had, or you wouldn't be doing a home invasion on the American dream. And let's face it, if the bomb isn't in the place it was constructed, then it's 99% likely it's already been exploded at it's target location because real life isn't written by script writers trying to pad out a 42 minute long TV episode.

There's an old philosophy that those who wrestle with demons, become demons. The moment you cross the line and start torturing people you've become every bit as reprehensible as the people you hate.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 317

Forgot to mention...

they are dirt cheap for store brand 1kg packets (avoid the branded stuff, it's oats man).

I like making them into porridge in the colder months, which is pretty bland stuff, but...if you kick it up a notch with your spice weasel, they can be pretty damn good. If I want to spoil myself I throw dried fruit like figs, dates, prunes or apricots into them before heating it up. Nuts and the like are also great - hell, make mueseli into porridge at a pinch. Then BAM, I hit them with garam marsala, drizzle some honey on and if I've been good and can take the calories, a bit of cream.

Just adding a little extra stuff can take a fairly bland and healthy breakfast and make it a tasty and still pretty healthy one ( you control just how healthy).

Comment Re:That's cool. (Score 2) 126

This would only make sense if there was anything of value inside the stone structure that is worth protecting - but there isn't. There's no remnants of housing or a castle or anything inside the semi-circle. You don't just take your army up the hill and park it inside a stone circle to protect it from invaders - you have to *also* protect your farms, cattle, granaries, etc.

There's more chance it's a ritual site or calendar than some sort of defensive structure.

Comment One Day? (Score 1) 28

"deliver one-day, in-person workshops to local elementary school teachers to teach computer science in a format that's fun and accessible"

So that's all it takes to learn computer science well enough to teach it to others - 1 day? Shit, I wasted my time on that 3 year degree. I can't believe anything of real value could be taught in just one day.

Comment Lua (Score 1) 429

It's the defacto standard for games - meeting the requirement of being pretty much everywhere, but at the same time not well known. Most games with a scripting language have selected Lua because it's tiny, fast, simple and effective.

"Anyone attempting to generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course, living in a state of sin." -- John Von Neumann