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Comment Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 1) 135


I run through nearly every part of a system in my head before I even think about touching a keyboard. I think about it at the highest levels, then hone in on areas I know will be difficult or enforce some particular constraint on the system. When I think I have a good understanding of what I'm about to build, the technology I need to use, and constraints - then I sit at a PC and start to...study all that shit in detail. I make sure I know the algorithms and techniques I'm looking to use are appropriate.

After that, it's just a matter of sitting down and pushing the design out of my brain and into the PC. I usually code alone these days so 9/10 times I will pound it straight into code with perhaps a set of notes typed up for reminders of what I just worked out.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 301

The factory pressed CDs seem to last better than the home burnt ones in my experience. I've had decent quality home media become unreadable after only a few years (gold CDs lasted better than the blue ones / green ones). By contrast, my audio CD collection, some of which is almost 30 years old now - all read perfectly when I ripped them. Some were covered with spots of bacteria, fungus or whatever - it's hard to stop that in the sub-tropics, but after a quick cleanse with a good optical rag they all ripped. True, I did have to use an error correcting ripper and chose one that could confirm the CRCs using an online database...but fact is, every sector read in the end. Not bad for 30 years old media.

Comment Re:Say Good By to the Rainforests .... (Score 1) 851

And since it's available quite easily from seeds, grains and nuts it's not particularly hard to get in a decent diet. A bowl of decent muesli for breakfast and the occasional snack on seeds or nuts would cover you for this nutrient.

I suspect I'll be in the minority here, but I buy a kilo of nuts every fortnight or so, different types each time, and eat a small number of them most days. It's an easy and delicious way to get access to a whole bunch of nature's best stuff. I like seeds too, when I can get them without having to pay some stupid health food shop tax (i.e. triple the real cost vs stores that just sell it as regular food).

Adding plenty of spices to your foods is another great way to get nutrients, since those things are insanely highly packed in nutrients.

So yeh, Americans are likely boned...

Comment Re:Say Good By to the Rainforests .... (Score 1) 851

I wonder how many people saying this sort of thing are cooking with electric stove tops and / or cheap steel pans instead of gas and cast iron? The only time I've ever seen olive oil smoke is when I've turned the gas up full blast and left it like that while cooking...which I almost never do.

I usually use either olive oil, lard or butter for my cooking and butter is the only one I need to be even remotely careful about temperature wise. I'm looking to brown it, without allowing it to burn. Butter is great for cooking eggs and other delicate food because of it's great taste, and the way the eggs won't stick to the pan when cooked in butter. Saves on buttering the toast too!

Comment Re:Other reasons (Score 1) 306

I know a guy with a doctorate in philosophy and guess what - there's no problem getting jobs with that degree. He's in Japan right now teaching high school students how to speak English...the only requirement is you have a degree of some form. So yeh, those philosophy degrees aren't so useless now...if you just want to teach English to high school kids. They're not worth a squirt of piss for anything else though, except maybe mopping up squirts of piss.

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