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Comment: Australian Aborigines (Score 3, Informative) 77

by BlackHawk-666 (#48107523) Attached to: Indonesian Cave Art May Be World's Oldest

It's funny how even scientists tend to forget about the Australian Aborigines. They actually would have migrated through Indonesia approximately 10,000 years before this painting was made. They have a well documented history of making paintings exactly like the ones shown in this cave.

Aboriginal hand paintings:

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by BlackHawk-666 (#48090073) Attached to: GNOME 3 Winning Back Users

I'm a programmer, so it's quite possible I could help out with any number of open source projects. I have in the past and I will in the future. Even the stuff I'm currently working on will no doubt become open source once I feel it's ready.

I mainly use Windows, but that's because all the applications I need to run are on Windows. I also run Unbuntu 14.04 on a virtual machine, Raspbian or two Raspberry Pi boxes, and some flavour of Ubuntu on 3 Beaglebone Black boxes. I've used Linux on and off for 20+ years.

I simply don't have enough hours in the day to donate code to every single project that I use but think sucks in one way or another. I'm currently using hundreds of applications across several operating systems, and most could do with some love...but there simply isn't enough love to go around.

I shouldn't have to give up the right to express an opinion about a product, simply because I could pitch in, but have other priorities.

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For those who can't see any racism...let's try a few links:

"Don't beat me massa..."

Lazy Town:
Is that bales of cotton those lazy...people...are sitting on?
2:30 - someone eating watermelon.
Fuck it, this shit is totally rascist!

It's such a shame to see the animation they provided for the amazing music that underlies the whole sequence.

There's plenty more and besides if you're willing to open your eyes.

Comment: Rose Glasses (Score 0) 320

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While I enjoyed those older cartoons as a child, now, as an adult I can totally see why they are no longer screening. They were rife with racism, violence, sexism and other crap that I wouldn't wan pumped directly into my child's brain. Children don't have filters, they ape what they see, and you don't really want your children walking around saying things like "Boy, I say boy...".

Even shows like The Flintstones are rife with undertones of wife abuse and domestic violence. I don't recall any specific racism in them, but that might be because every single character was suburban and white.

Road runner was entertaining, and I don't recall any overt racism or sexism, but it is just silly violence for the sake of violence and I think we can do better for our children. I don't oppose the use of violence in cartoons, but there should be more there for them to chew on.

Elmer Fudd is currently on TV playing the character of Kripke in The Big Bang Theory. It's cheap laughs at what is for a very few people is real problem. I prefer to avoid bullying humour or humour that works by undermining another person. It's weak and it hurts people's feelings. You may not know anyone with that speech impediment, but I can assure you there are people out there with it and while some might laugh, others might feel it's personally hurtful.

I'd rather my kids watched something funny, cool and nourishing - like My Little Pony or some of the anime out there. Something that shows choices have consequences and teaches them morals lessons (without being heavy handed). I won't mourn the passing of Saturday morning TV.

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Science starts from a position of saying you know nothing and works towards knowledge based on a small set of well thought out principles. Science understands that there are things you know, things you don't know and things you cannot know.

Religion starts from a position of claiming to know everything and works towards eradicating anything that contradicts that position.

Religion is a cult of destruction, science is a cult of creation.

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