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Comment: Re:Welcome to Fascism (Score 1) 1070

by BlackCobra43 (#30853504) Attached to: Supreme Court Rolls Back Corporate Campaign Spending Limits
Fascism's single greatest achievement is convincing the world it doesn't actually exist. Hell, that's basically the entire game plan once fascism is installed - deny the people the chance to ever publicly acknowledge their situation, quashing dissent and revolution before they can even begin.

Who CARES if it's not a textbook Mussolini-style fascist state yet?

Comment: Re:Tbh, these definitions need to be dropped. (Score 1) 362

by BlackCobra43 (#30486148) Attached to: Revisiting the "Holy Trinity" of MMORPG Classes
So, if I understand the crux of your argument, mmorpgs are ludicrous because they don't reflect accurately the life of a typical middle age soldier.

Let's run down that checklist

-Enslaved (serfdom) to your liege
-Likely to die/sustain long term damage from any wound sustained, no matter how minor
-Underequipped (only the liege`s knights get any armor at all
Gee, that sure sounds like the life I'd want to play in MY fantasy! Your arguments, while true, are completly irrelevant because nobody plays a fantasy game for realism. This is not a **** re-enactement of Ye Olde Dragone Slayinge.

Comment: Re:How to restore healthy debate (Score 1) 1747

by BlackCobra43 (#30391364) Attached to: The Science Credibility Bubble
Yes, if all it takes to mess up the entire global climate for over a year is a single sufficient volcano eruption, what are the odds that 6,000,000,000+ humans working together to belch toxic fumes into the air every single day could have any impact whatsoever. Ridiculous.

You are either a troll or hilariously obtuse.

Somebody's terminal is dropping bits. I found a pile of them over in the corner.