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Comment: Re:My next car will be an e-Golf. (Score 0) 508 508

e-golf does not HVAC their batteries properly. To keep their costs down, they went with LARGE cells, which means that you will have un-even heating. As such, ever time that you try to fast charge it, you will be killing the lifetime. However, in your case, you are in luck. There are FEWER than 20 fast chargers in ALL OF AMERICA that the e-golf can use. As such, you will have to wait 4-6 hours for a charge.

What is there to like about the e-golf? Absolutely NOTHING.

Comment: Re:Expensive to buy, expensive to fix, also ugly (Score 1) 508 508

e-golf is ugly, slow, bad design on the battery (which means that they will not last), etc. etc. etc. VW could not design an electric car even though their life depends on it. Hopefully, Bently will do the job right since the rest of VW just plain sux.

Comment: That pretty much sums it up (Score 2, Interesting) 508 508

The fact is, that number 1 EV car, Tesla Model S, is selling all that they can produce, and they are currently selling to less than 1/5 of the world. (using google cache since site is already /.)
Why are their cars in such demand even though they do not waste money on advertisement:
1) It is a luxury car with extreme performance.
2) the constant update and electric dashboard captivates everybody that drives it.
3) the ownership issue is finally being realized and ppl are learning that the costs of the tesla is much lower on the backend.
4) the fastest superchargers are being built all over Europe, America, and parts of Asia. These allow for free charging with 150 MPC done within 20 minues and 220 MPC done within 60 minutes.
5) all of the innovation is in this car, as opposed to having little innovation.
6) most of all, ppl like the 250 MPC. The idea of only getting less than 100 MPC and not having a super fast charger around DOES bother a lot of ppl. And it should.

Chevy volt, nissan leaf, i3, etc are all pure POS in which the car sales have been going down, not up as expected. In general the leaf and i3 are too weird looking and offer equal or less performance to ICE cars BY DESIGN. Interestingly, all of the electric cars could EASILY blow away ICE cars. Why do they not? Because it would gut the sales of ICE so, none of the car companies want that. However, all can see where Tesla is headed. Basically, they will be a major car maker (as in top 5) within 10 years.

Comment: Re:it's nonsense (Score 2) 81 81

If the FBI 'joins the dots' by connecting Pirate Bay uploader 'sharkmp4' and porn producer Ingenuity13 to Prenda (which seems pretty likely), then Prenda's whole business model looks very different.

They claim to be acting on behalf of Ingenuity13 to defend Ingenuity13 against copyright infringement started by sharkmp4... which would be legal, if they were not taking a blunderbuss approach to sending out accusations to people who are innocent but would rather pay up than go to court.

If however, Prenda, Ingenuity13 and sharkmp4 are one entity, they actually set just up a honeypot on their own behalf, and all the downloads were actually legal (because the copyright holder chose to share the files), all the accusations were false (and actionable), every penny of revenue they made was fraud, and they have been lying to more courts than most other corrupt or racketeering organisations even get to see the inside of. This is so illegal on so many levels that they'll pretty much end up not being sentenced by a court to life imprisonment, but simply dying of old age standing in the dock while the list of charges is still being read out.

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