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Comment Re:In App ad blocking (Score 2) 241

Congratulations both of you. You've got Apple all figured out.

There I was thinking that improving iOS would boost sales-of and loyalty-to the biggest margin phone line-up that ever existed, when all the while I completely missed the nickel-and-diming opportunity of ad-blockers diverting petty-cash away from competing advertisers!

Genius. I mean, why would Apple make mere billions on hardware when it could rake-in hundreds, thousands, maybe even MILLIONS with its iAd platform?

Comment Re:simpler? exclusive ad channel? (Score 5, Insightful) 161

Apple makes, relatively speaking, no money at all from advertising.

Indeed, if you take its entire software ecosystem as a whole, it makes up for a mere fraction of Apple's total profit when compared to its hardware sales.

So when we're all being very clever cynics and conspiracy theorists, perhaps we would do well to look at the motivation of a company in a holistic sense. For Apple, perhaps if they let users control ads, their overall experience of the platform improves, and they're more likely to remain loyal and keep buying hardware.

Comment Re:science doesn't have the answer... (Score 2) 133

Science isn't supposed to "have answers". The premise of a scientific theory is twofold:

1. It must "work" given certain conditions.
2. It must be able to be proved NOT to work outside of those conditions.

Science says nothing about rights and wrongs, just whether things work or not within certain measurable parameters.

Premise 2 is important. If you can't say what will make your theory break, then it's not clear you're really saying anything at all.

Comment Re:The solution is obvious (Score 5, Insightful) 579

how is apple able to upgrade their phones for like 5 years and Scamsung, LG and HTC cannot?

Apple is comparatively disciplined, releasing about one new phone a year, and hardware and software are under their full control.

Together, the others release dozens, and different companies share different responsibilities. Nice for consumer choice, but not so nice for support, since nobody wants to maintain a software stack nor wrestle with the politics involved in updating so many different devices.

Comment Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin? (Score 5, Insightful) 144

...let's see:

Strictly speaking, Ripple isn't the name of the digital currency

So it's not actually a real competitor to Bitcoin. How about a look at the Wikipedia page:

It is not recommended for a user to grant trust to other parties unless the user fully understands the ramifications.

It is not recommended for a user to allow rippling unless they fully understand the ramifications.

At best, it's not competing with BC in the first place, and at worst it sounds too complex for consumers to get their heads around.

So I guess the answer to the original question is a resounding "no", but Betterage could have told you that.

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