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Comment: Re:Indeed, THERE IS NO SILVER BULLET (Score 1) 395

by Black-Man (#34115174) Attached to: A Decade of Agile Programming — Has It Delivered?

I've worked w/ 2 or 3 apps written w/ database abstraction in mind. They use BLOB's in all the table columns and the middleware handles the referential integrity.

1. Performs like CRAP
2. Good luck debugging when you have an issue, especially when your primary key, aka acct number is hidden in a BLOB column causing issues at the db level.

Oh... and these folks were self-proclaimed geniuses.

Comment: Walmart not as well-run as believed... (Score 1) 272

by Black-Man (#30217166) Attached to: Wal-Mart, Amazon Battle For Online Retail's Future

I wouldn't step foot in a Walmart where I live. Crowded... cluttered aisles... dirty. But a place I visit in WV where the Walmart has no competition... its clean, very organized and very Target-like. It seems when they get serious about their business, they do fine. I would be worried if I was Amazon.

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