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Comment: Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 0) 479 479

Look at astrophysics. There's enough of it that's just untestable speculation passed off as fact. The Big Bang Theory is a superb example of this. It's treated as absolute and indisputable fact, yet it was never (and likely never will be) directly observed.

FYI, the Big Bang Theory isn't astrophysics.

Please learn a teensy tiny bit about the fields of knowledge you wish to dismiss.

Comment: Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 1) 479 479

You don't need to directly observe something in order to prove that it exists. That notion is a load of hooey propagated by someone with no scientific knowledge or experience.

I would have said, by someone who desperately needs to dismiss a shitload of evidence that conflicts with their beliefs.

Comment: Re:Surely this is not that hard... (Score 1) 182 182

And that means the strike is very unlikely to happen by any rational power because they know a lethal retaliation is certain.

[Emphasis added.]

In addition to the possibility of someone irrational getting control, you have to consider launches based on accidents or limited/inaccurate information.

We really need a system that fails-safe rather than fails-MAD. Not that I have any suggestions...

BTW, supposedly a Soviet submarine commander and his political officer agreed to launch a nuclear torpedo against the US Navy during the Cuban missile crisis, and were only stopped because the fleet commander happened to be on the sub and overruled them.[*]

[*] Per a documentary on PBS last week. Unfortunately, it was not clear whether we have any evidence other than the sub's radio operator's word for it. But it was a very nasty limited-information scenario.

Comment: Re:Cue creationists (Score 5, Insightful) 51 51

Cue young earth creationists claiming this dinosaur was intelligently designed 5000 years ago.


Some of them already claim that soft tissue discoveries proved that dinosaurs were recent. IIRC it was listed in the "creationist rigs search results" article a week or two ago.

Of course, there's a pending religious schism between those who claim all the dinos died in the flood, those who claim that they were saved by Noah and died later, and those who say they never existed at all (the fossils being planted by God to make sure no eviloutionists believe the bible).

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