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Comment: Re: Not pointless... (Score 1) 432

Parked cars are usually unattended. Most people outside of the 1% can't afford to pay somebody to stand beside their car and explain to passing cops how the backpack in their back seat does not contain C4. ... and 98%of cars on the road have a tank full of gasoline (or diesel fuel).

So what you have is a car, parked legally with a cooking utensil inside. INSIDE the car. Now paint me stupid if I'm wrong, but if I was gonna plant a pressure cooker bomb somewhere, I'd be most likely to put it OUTSIDE of a car because the walls and windows of the car would be likely to absorb most of the sideways explosive force ... meaning that the only people likely to be killed by an exploding pressure cooker inside of the car would be somebody crazy enough to be walking on top of the car.

Consider that the Boston bombing pressure cookers were placed in backpack in the middle of a crowd. if those pressure cookers had been in a car you would have been looking at little more than a handful of glass shard injuries.

Correct! A car parked in that location, unattended, with a pressure cooker inside and a smell of gasoline warrants further action. No problem whatsoever with this. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

Comment: Re:Votes mean nothing (Score 2) 121

Leaders picked by birth are basically 50/50 wether they are power hungry despots or benevolent dictators...


That depends on the society. Your description fits European hereditary systems (oldest surviving son of the current ruler).

In West Coast native society, heredity chose which families the next chief came from, but matrons of the community chose which child from the candidate families would be the next chief. Needless to say, a more thoughtful and caring child was more likely to be chosen under that system.

Comment: Re: Deniers (Score 1) 525

We're in preliminary stages... It's like a fever. Running a 105F fever for 15 minutes is simply annoying. Running it for a day or two can be fatal.

Right now, what we're seeing is the exhaustion of the earth's thermal buffer systems. Most Glaciers in North America are scheduled to disappear in the next couple of decades --- as is the permanent ice in the Northern Ice cap. Once that happens, we will start seeing stage 2 effects.

One counter-intuitive result is that Europe is likely to freeze over .. When the North Pole finishes melting, the Gulf Stream (which keeps Europe warm in winter) will stop being deflected to Europe by the freshwater melt. As a result, Greenland will get warmer, and Europe will actually get noticeably colder (i.e. Mediterranean climate will no longer be "Mediterranean")

Comment: Re: Deniers (Score 1) 525

Potentially both. The first stage of global warming is more extreme weather generally (both hotter and cooler, depending on time and place, but (overall) warmer). This can also mean stronger storms (heat easily converts to kinetic energy).

What experts are really worried about, however, is the possibility of rnaway global warming. If global warming does enough damage to the earth's climatic buffering system, we could end up going to a different metastable system (partway to Venus' 400C climate). That could be very bad for life as we know it on Earth.

It matters even more what kind of scale we're talking about. Is this the kind of warmth that means a slightly warmer summer occasionally or the kind that boils the oceans and turns the Earth into baked desert wasteland?

Timescale is generally in decades / centuries, rather than millennia.

Comment: Re: Is it as secure as OpenBSD's kernel? (Score 1) 172

by Black Copter Control (#49467813) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Kernel Released
The question was about kernels (read the subject line). Bash is heavily used in the Linux world, but it's not part of the kernel. You do not need to use the Linux kernel to use bash, and you do not need to use bash to use the Linux kernel.

Bash is older than Linux and has been available for just about every version of **IX for a couple of decades, and even Windows (via cygwin).

Comment: Re:Good. +1 for Google. (Score 1) 176

self signed certs simply ensure that your communication is secure between yourself and .. well whomever has the cert (be it your intended recipient or a malicious third party). They have no intrinsic proof that you're talking to who you're trying to talk to. You need to be able to do the work to ensure the identity of the other end. Onlyabout 5% of the general population has the knowledge to do that, and about 1% of that group is willing to do the work on a regular basis.

3rd party certification of certs is a 'best we can do' thing for the 99.95% who aren't in that last group... and it depends on the fourth parties like google being willing to defend the integrity of the process, and give you warnings when it's broken.

If you want to blindly trust self signed certs, or you're willing to do the work of verifying them, you're free to do the two clicks to ignore them. For the rest of us, they serve a real purpose.

Comment: Crowd Source Cabin Security (Score 1) 385

by Black Copter Control (#49364327) Attached to: Modern Cockpits: Harder To Invade But Easier To Lock Up
Have a sequence where you input a secret code, and there is an auto-announcement on the intercom:

"Attention: Cockpit Intrusion alert! Cockpit intrusion alert! . . ."

Then let the passenger deal with it. They will.

After 2 minutes of the announcement, pop the door.

9-11 happened because, previously, Passengers were trained to leave air security to "The professional authorities". Stewardess assaults were on the rise and the most that passengers could be expected to do, in the case of a crew assault, was start a pool on how many visible bruises she would have at the end of the assault.

Post 9-11 someone who assaults a stewardess has a small (but non-zero) probability of being thrown out of the plane mid-flight. Passengers know that we are the last line of defence for our aircraft. Arnie isn't gonna climb into the wheel-well from the wings of a fighter, and those F-18s on "security escort" have terms of engagement that include Shoot-down Authorizations.

Since 9-11, passenger actions have probably saved more lives (and aircraft) than just about any security theatre that the FAA has done to inconvenience passengers...

Comment: Re:HOWTO (Score 1) 1081

by Black Copter Control (#49260277) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

The reason, not excuse, to execute someone is simple, they've executed someone else themselves. This isn't a difficult concept really. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean you are right or more advanced. You may be, you may not be, but you are not in the position to make that determination.

If America wants to execute people, THEY WILL. Not having the drug sold to them will not change that, as clearly demonstrated by finding alternate methods.

You're right -- people are eager to see justice done for an unjust killing. Unfortunately, that justice is far to often wreaked upon the innocent. Here in Canada, we gave up the death penalty after a 14 year old boy was almost executed for the rape and murder of his classmate. -- He was acquitted 48 years later.

But here's my offer: I'm willing to help you develop a method of execution that appears humane and can't be blocked by sissies in other countries... but if anybody is executed by that method who is later proved innocent, I get to 'test' it on you to prove that the innocent person died in the most humane way possible.

You willing to take me up on the offer? I would consider it Darwinism in action.

Comment: Re:Network file transfer (Score 1) 466

by Black Copter Control (#49145309) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem
You can get a pcmcia ehternet card used for pretty cheap. TCP stacks are/were (if I remember correctly) available from both Microsoft and third parties.

If you don't get smb networking, then you can start up an FTP server on your recieving machine. (probably easier to do with a Linux box than WIndows)

Run FTP, and connect to your recieving machine..

bin (( make sure you do the transfer in binary mode, not text mode ))
then use mput to bulk transfer files.
mput *.*
If that blows up because of too many files, you may have to break it into pieces

mput a*.*
mput b*.*
. . . . You pretty much have to do that for each folder (most ancient FTP clients won't mput recursively)

Comment: A reason to go with Open Source (Score 2) 156

by Black Copter Control (#48863731) Attached to: Windows Server 2003 Reaches End of Life In July
It's a bit late for these businesses, but one of the pro's of Free and Open Source software is that you always have the right to get the source code and pay somebody else to support your operating system version when the official supplier pulls their support. That's something that Microoft makes very clear is illegal for Windows users to do.

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