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Comment: Re:Notice how LEOs assume they are criminals (Score 2) 472

by BitterOak (#48451995) Attached to: Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk

Some law-enforcement experts say the NYCLU is going beyond civics lessons and doling out criminal-defense advice.

So wait, we're assuming that they're all criminals to begin with?

The even more peculiar conclusion that can be drawn from this is that these "law-enforcement experts" think there's something wrong with offering criminal defense advice in the first place.

Comment: I'd be happy if 4:3 came back! (Score 3, Insightful) 326

by BitterOak (#48441289) Attached to: Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio
Forget square monitors, I'd be happy if 4:3 made a comeback. Yes, I know they still exist, but they're a lot harder to find than they used to be. Go to any Best Buy or Staples and all you see are 16:9. Those are great for watching movies, but I prefer to watch movies on my TV and do work on my computer. And for pretty much all work except video and movie editing, 4:3 is better. I'm currently working on an old Samsung 4:3 which is starting to give me trouble (making strange noises and going dark at random times requiring me to cycle the power on the monitor.) I hope I won't have too much trouble replacing it when it dies.

Comment: Re:Custody review? What! Huge red flag here. (Score 2) 66

In what jurisdiction is it common, or even allowed, that a child's teacher (and his or her opinions about how the child performs when he's living with mom vs. dad) becomes a party to a parental custody hearing? It sounds to me like this information is being used waaaaay "off-label."

In just about any jurisdiction, custody battles often get vicious, with both parties using whatever information they can to discredit the other. Many witnesses may be called, some of whom may have very limited knowledge of the parties concerned. It is not surprising that teachers, which have a great deal of knowledge of student behavior and emotional state will have relevant things to say in such hearings.

Comment: Re:Oh no (Score 1, Insightful) 297

by BitterOak (#48352413) Attached to: Study: Body Weight Heavily Influenced By Heritable Gut Microbes

Of course it's not meaningless. Those calories are energy. If I ingest 1800 calories, and burn 1400, but poop out 400, I will maintain my weight, despite not burning as many calories as I ingested. If I have gut bacteria that break down certain long chain sugars so that that I can now ingest them, I will instead only poop out 200, and start gaining weight, despite eating the same thing, and doing the same amount of exercise.

Well, the answer in that case is simple: eat less. The amount you eat should be determined by how much exercise you get AND by how efficiently your digestive system processes calories. If your digestive system extracts more calories from food than someone else, you need to eat less. It's that simple.

Comment: Re:Nothing? (Score 1) 429

by BitterOak (#48336081) Attached to: Mathematical Proof That the Universe Could Come From Nothing

OK, sorry, should have said ""X doesn't happen after Y" is an invariant" (there don't exist reference frames such that X happens before Y in one frame and X happens after Y in another frame).

That's only true for timelike separated events. (I.e. events such that a light pulse sent from the earlier event would reach the position of the later event before it occurs.) It is most definitely NOT true for spacelike separated events. This doesn't violate causality though because spacelike separated events cannot possibly influence each other since information can't travel faster than light.

Comment: Re:Tax collection for hire (Score 1) 200

by BitterOak (#48331577) Attached to: Amazon's Luxembourg Tax Deals

Of course, there are people, like the parent, that are too stupid to understand how taxation work in the first place. So things like tax heavens are completely over their heads.

True, I was so stupid, I used to think they were called "tax havens", not "tax heavens". But I guess you enjoy paying taxes so much, you consider it a heavenly experience.

Comment: Re:Tax collection for hire (Score 4, Insightful) 200

by BitterOak (#48331407) Attached to: Amazon's Luxembourg Tax Deals

This would appear to be a bug in the international tax system.

Quite the contrary. It's not a bug it's a feature. The kind of deal Amazon was able to strike with Luxembourg is an important defense against overly greedy countries (like the U.S.) which try to tax more than they should be entitled to. Note that the story says this is only about non-U.S. earning. Why should the U.S. be entitled to taxes on non-U.S. earnings?

If Luxembourg is willing to offer lower tax rates than other countries, why shouldn't Amazon accept? It's no different than choosing to shop at a store that offers the lowest prices.

Comment: Re:Perspective. (Score 4, Interesting) 84

by BitterOak (#48323125) Attached to: Satellites Spot Hidden Villages In Amazon
There was a really good TV show (fiction) called Amazon that ran around 2000 or so, but lasted only one season unfortunately. It dealt with some of these issues. It's available on DVD, but unfortunately it ends with a cliffhanger that was never resolved. Really awesome show though. Kind of like Lost, which came years later, only much better in my opinion.

Comment: Re:Constitutions CAN be useful, if honored. (Score 1) 475

by BitterOak (#48198281) Attached to: Manga Images Depicting Children Lead to Conviction in UK
Not true. In order to conform to Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, the new act only prohibits images that are obscene. In other words, it isn't enough that the (cartoon) images depict children having sex, the images must depict children having sex and ALSO must be obscene. Obscene speech was never protected by the U.S. Constitution. Cartoon images are no exception.

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