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Comment Re:What kind of telemetry (Score 1) 259

Ggp was in context of W10 being the most expensive free upgrade ever, and it presumes possession of the Windows 7 license. So your comment is bogus on its face.

For both you and your sibling, normally W10 would have cost money as an upgrade, and it doesn't. If you had to do the math, what would it be? Not the cost of the original W7 license alone, and not the list price.

I contend that you paid for the work done to make 7 and you don't pay for the work for 10. Using them simultaneously is NOT the same thing, so invalidating your right to use 7, when you have used it for years, does not somehow mean you paid zero dollars to not use it.

I could go on, but the two of you seem great at choosing one thing to illogically disagree with and miss the point, so I'll give you no more rope to hang yourself with.

Comment Re:What kind of telemetry (Score 0) 259

Halve that amount, since you buy one OS, get one free. Also, since most users got an OEM licence at a discount, you can take another third off. You're left with dinner for two, tops, in the countries where Microsoft makes a profit. Not where profit is counted, of course.

Feel free to revise your rant accordingly, or at your discretion be an ignorant ass.

Comment Re:Relax folks, not every Win10 packet is spying d (Score 1) 259

The DoD says DoD puters have to have EE and set telemetry to its lowest setting (EE only), so I am comfortable with it. and search under operating systems.

Personally, I'm going to avoid win 10 until I can't, then run ReactOS. And anything that doesn't work in ReactOS will get a bug report and a simple example program. A simple main.c showing the problem gets good results, I have found.

Comment Re:Too bad it doesn't work. (Score 1) 315

I'm waiting for the class action suit based on replacement costs for hardware without Win 10 drivers. Almost any hardware bought before the w10 developer preview wilL be out of warranty. Lots supported, sure, but most not.

One update you didn't ask for and your hardware is bricked. It's going to be glorious.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

It is good news, regardless of whether it is better. A business took over a free site and fucked it up, now a business gets to learn anew how nit to fuck it up. They have financial incentives to ignore the fuckery of dashslot.

Or, give up and go to soylent news. I insult fucktards here, k only read there. If you think I'm some sort of overzealous tyrannical dicksmooch, you won't me posting there. Until fucktards register there, so don't be a fucktard while posting.

Also, fuck you autocorrect.

Comment who here can fix that? (Score 2, Insightful) 256

"On Windows 7, it worked immediately."

Oh, you fixed it. I don't have time to be outraged about this. Get a citizens united corporate backing and fight, otherwise fuck off Bennett hassleton.

I didn't ask why I should care, I know that. I just don't have time to do more than ask if anonymous helpless cares more than just preach to the choir.

Comment Re:Logitech racing wheel driver? (Score 5, Funny) 147

Because the round trip between kernel and user space is slow. And when you drive with the Logitech brand Racing Wheel, you want to go FAST!

Say your turn stars a microsecond too late. Well bam, you didn't make that sweet corner, you just drifted into two orphans and a nun. And since your brake kicked in late, you didn't just hit them, you broadsided them right into the facade of a 19th century faux gothic whiskey still, and but for want of a mason jar you could have made orphan preserves from the remains.

All because you put your slow ass driver in userspace, with a fast ass driver in the seat. Think of the children, you monster!

Comment Re:You've made your shut it down. (Score 1) 127

I did the impossible. I searched Google and came up with martial arts, Go, and this article. And similar articles from back when this was news. The connection you claim is obvious is clearly missing.

I'm more interested in this having been news for years, and devices aren't even using minimal security via obscurity. A normal ISP might knock you off for port scanning, but hitting random addresses on a single port might not trigger the same response, making it trivial to replicate this search engine.

Comment Re:How about fixing it properly? (Score 1) 91

NLite has offered this for a long time, W7+ works according to the site (google if you like). Prep the original install plus service packs plus other updates, and you get a one shot install.

Linux is no monolith, though, and I don't expect any distro to anticipate which updates need to be slipstreamed.

And then we have the solution to a non monolith os, the package mananger. The os doesn't have built in updates, there are multiple managers to handle it.

And that's why you get everything described here. If linux had one updater with a distro specific repo, maybe it would be more seamless.

But that's not what the linux community wants, or it would already be done.

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