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Comment Re:Why autonomous cars? (Score 1) 171

Because drivers are terrible and stupid. Also, this article seems to be unhelpful in the pro AV agenda.

When I pass an accident, I usually think "how inconsiderate" because there is statistically zero chance of an accident being anything other than bad driving. Weather related means the driver was going too fast for the surface or visibility conditions. The rare deer out of nowhere can be handled with better attention and reflexes.

AV won't stop all crashes, with random events like the tire falling off, but it will reduce the number, and the remaining events should be less catastrophic.

I'm not so sure I would want one until I'm old, then maybe. But lots of people need them because they are stupid.

Comment Re:Script Supervisor (Score 1) 95

Oh yeah, and my wife noticed that Oliver Queen's beard stubble sometimes changes length

I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen. I've only seen a bit of that show, but a lie detector would show that I'm not lying. Aside from questionable accuracy, the lie detector would suggest that your wife is probably either more or less attuned to the visual radiation emitted by your display. Eyeballs are not created equal, nor are visual processing sections of the brain, after all. Try changing the display temperature, and if that doesn't work, you might consider waxing your balls. If you are female and have no balls, seek a divorce attorney.

I have 5 mod points because some idiot apparently agrees with my blatantly brash style, so I'll give you an unrelated nod for the info.

Comment Re:Closed-source operating systems (Score 1) 318

Do not trust an operating system you don't have sources for".

And audited every line of code yourself. Because this happened: 23-Year-Old X11 Server Security Vulnerability Discovered

Corollary: Do not trust an operating system you have sources for.

Apparently, just do not trust.

Comment Re:Nothing New Here... (Score 1) 318

I'd mod you up, but your link apparently requires JavaScript. So no ups for you. Also, no ups for most of everyone, ever.

Google and Facebook have been effective in getting everything from everyone, ever, but I don't see any trend like you suggest other than this immediate, or in other words not trend-like, Windows 10.

Sauce or GTFO. I vote for "recent and incompetent" rather than "habitual".

Comment Re:Script Supervisor (Score 1) 95

Normally I might feel the need to berate you for not answering the question of how, because any number of searches would have returned "continuity" and related terms.

So, while I still had the thought, I feel enlightened (though I knew 2/3 of what you wrote, there's always more to know)

I always wondered how, but assumed that everyone has their own system, most will say notebooks or index cards, and some reference to OneNote and similar. Never thought asking here would return actual how.

Comment Re:Never mind run Chrome extensions... (Score 1) 152

Ad blocking does not mean the necessary implementation details are in place. Proof needs to be a careful reading of Chrome documentation, compared with Noscript functionality. It seems to me that you are simply wrong.

Less simply, if Mozilla plans to extend the API to allow noscript, I believe that the current API does not allow for it to work.

Comment Re:Guess what? (Score 4, Insightful) 301

I'm pretty sure most dashslot readers have not even been accused of "molesting five children, including his own sisters", become addicted to pornography, AND been unfaithful to their spouse and parent of their children.

I've managed to avoid all of that, and I imagine that most here have managed to avoid most of that.

"The last few years, while publicly stating I was fighting against immorality in our country, I was hiding my own personal failings.

That's basically the reason that we can't have an honest conversation about these things. Social norms are apparently perpetuated by the people least interested in preserving them, under some sort of pretense that they feel they need to show, due to those norms.

The very people who most want or need to change society feel compelled to vocally oppose that change. It was easy when we could point to race or gender as being obviously different, but you can't get a gay Republican to say "I'm gay, and you guys like me, so let's just drop it." Okay, maybe 3.

Can you get someone to stand up and say "I think it's normal to molest children, so let's just decriminalize it"? No, and it's really unlikely to happen for a lot of reasons unrelated to culture. But acceptance of infidelity and homosexuality is culture specific.

Let's ridicule everyone who professes one life and lives another, because they should have done more to stand up for their true beliefs. Not just for themselves, but for everyone like them.

That's so much more like the Golden Rule, and the Jesus part of the Bible, as opposed to the Angry God part of the Bible, which Jesus specifically waved aside in several specific areas, your example being one.

"Do unto others" does not mean "persecute those who actually follow the lifestyle you want to have".

Comment Re:Really, is it that difficult.... (Score 1) 301

Really, is it that difficult for people to be fucking honest with their life partner, and just tell them that they want to sleep with somebody else?

Yes. It is. Apprently you haven't heard of "culture", which is a set of things that people do, and don't do, to each other.

Many people violate this, but it is really hard to do so, or you have to not care.

I really don't think you understand much about marriage, especially 10 years in, and you really don't understand how difficult counter-culture is. You probably want to reply "really easy". Then just try shitting in a busy street, seducing your boss's daughter/wife (especially if you're female), or admit that you're gay when you're really just an average Family Values politician.

Yes, these things are hard. I do have sympathy, but I hope this opens up a conversation that leads to social acceptance so that we can say "I'm not tired of fucking you, I just want to fuck someone else this weekend."

Having said my piece, some people do have open relationships and open marriages. I assume it's easy to exclude someone like that if you're not into that sort of thing when it first comes up. And if you're into it, it's easier to marry someone you're not that sexually into. But it's not part of the culture in almost every place, so until it is, it remains difficult to say that this thing that you agreed not to do is something you want to do.

Comment Re:Wide vector for malicious uses (Score 1) 301

You need medication. Or counseling. Or better yet, both.

how did someone find Josh Duggar in there so quickly?

"The wedding episode of âoe19 Kids and Countingâ racked up 4.4 million total viewers and posted a 3.5 household rating" - and every news rag on TV, magazines, and vlog wannabes are constantly on the lookout for tips on celebrities.

Ever watch TMZ? It's on OTA TV, so sometimes I turn on the TV when it's on. They spend a lot of time looking for info. And when the next data dump hits, they will be searching through every file for names currently on their big hitters list, and then looking for anything they can turn in to news.

Are you really not aware of how many people make it their business to know anything about anyone famous?

Comment Re:New drug development. (Score 1) 311

I'd prefer to spend the money on hiding these idiotic video clips and quizzes. I've passed them up for how many days now?

Fine, I commented. Now quit wasting my bandwidth.

Slow Down Cowboy!

Slashdot requires you to wait between each successful posting of a comment to allow everyone a fair chance at posting a comment.

Did Cowboy Neal slow down? Hell no, especially not on quizzes. Why should I? In fact, what if I'm a girl and that was sexist? Didn't Dice learn anything from Gamergate? Or the nineteenth century? No wonder you can't monetize this site you genderist arsebuckets.

Marriage is the sole cause of divorce.