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by BitZtream (#48440361) Attached to: Mozilla's 2013 Report: Revenue Up 1% To $314M; 90% From Google

Gee, the people who ran Netscape in the ground leave when thrown out of Sun ... and milk the name and open source buzzwords ...


Mozilla is just another Netscape. Not impressive, just riding a wave, and falling behind. The only thing that gave them any hope was IE dominating and being that that is long over and everything Mozilla does is done 10 times better by someone else ... well, the writing has been on the while for years.

Then they go and switch from the winning search engine to the biggest loser that hasn't yet completely went out of business ... yea, brilliant leaders, this will end well.

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Yes, theres a trend of failing companies who make stupid decisions to make stupid decisions.

While there are plenty of great reasons to leave Google's services, both of your examples left Google for an inferior competitor because the competitor, who is also failing and/or pretty scummy paid them to do so.

They didn't leave Google because the competition was better.

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by BitZtream (#48411957) Attached to: Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists

It's such a F'ing gamergate attitude. Female journalist finds something you do sexist? Reveal details of her personal life - that'll teach the f*ing c*** to shut up, right?

Maybe, it kind of depends on if she is or isn't a f*ing C***. It is entirely possible that she is. I have no idea, I know nothing about her beyond this slashdot page ... which means I know nothing about her.

We can establish that she, assuming she deleted her app because Uber hired a French escort service, EXTREMELY biased and unbalanced. She didn't delete the app because they were forcing people to be sex slaves. She deleted the app because she doesn't agree that a certain group of people are performing a service, of their own consent. Why does she not delete the Uber app because they hired a people to do background checks? Why does she not delete the Uber app because they use web developers? She doesn't think its okay to work for an escort service, she is imposing her personal opinion on other consenting adults.

That costs her A LOT of credibility. It brings into question her motives and personal bias. We're not talking about exploiting women and more than she exploits the people (women and men) who make her website work.

If the dirt that they dig up is that this lady was formally an escort and was fired because she just wasn't worth a shit as far as the company she provided, then I'd say he's right, she's a f'n c*nt. If the dirt they dig up and publish is that she was raped, then I'd say its time to boycott Uber and put the bastard in jail for doing so, and she just needs to be ignored in this matter because she's had personal trama and as such her opinion may be a bit unbalanced.

Does she deserve to have her social security number, telephone number, address, and bank account info published? No, though if someone noticed her bank account swelling drastically and checks from Lyft being the reason, I might modify that a bit about the bank account, but the rest of her information, NO, never.

Again, I know nothing about her, but her rage delete immediately makes me think she has an agenda that I don't agree with. She's intentionally trying to not only harm Uber but also intentionally harm the people working at the escort service because she thinks they are victims.

On that same note, it sounds like both Sarah Lacy AND Michael are sexist pricks, and both deserve what they get from each other.

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by BitZtream (#48398623) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X

You don't need the source to sign the driver after modifying it.

You just need to sign it with a cert that is on the system keychain, or a developer cert from apple should work just fine as well.

Which is also the reason why there are no trim drivers available from hardware manufacturers like Samsung, etc. No access to Apple's driver documentation - no signed trim drivers.

Uhm, the kernel driver interface is well documented, there are open source drivers for all sorts of things distributed by Apple, including firewire disks on the Apple open source page, all the way up to 10.10. The freaking ZFS driver is open source FFS.

Samsung could spend 3 days and have a driver if they wanted to.

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by BitZtream (#48398573) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X

The article paints this as a huge security issue, but why? Anyone putting in a custom SSD is also probably technically astute enough not to download a KEXT that ostensibly puts a cat following your cursor or what have you.

Yes, because this isn't part of a layered security approach or anything. It disables checks for all drivers, meaning a clever trojan can sneak in an unsigned driver.

Also - couldn't you actually just sign the drivers that are needed for trim? What prevents that?

Yes, all you need to do is become an Apple developer and pay the $100 for a dev cert if you want to take the easy way, or spend an extra 5 minutes and generate your own cert for code signing and add it to the system keychain. Neither are particularly difficult for a developer type of person to do, probably a little beyond the scope of your average desktop user though

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by BitZtream (#48398437) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X


You have no idea how SSDs work do you? TRIM is an absolutely shitty hack.

The compression portion is just a free performance enhancement, send the drive entirely random, incompressible data and it will still perform great and that has no affect on trim like properties at all. Its stupid NOT to do compression. You can compress with an optimized controller a few orders of magnitude faster than you can write that same data to disk. Again, its stupid NOT to do compression.

Your SSD controller ALREADY has to intelligently move data around to different blocks when its writing, its called wear leveling. Not doing this will destroy parts of the drive far faster than need be and result in a broken drive sooner rather than later. This process means you WANT reserved space so the drive can move data in the background without affecting the filesystem itself or needing to cooperate with the OS.

While the drive is doing its standard wear leveling in that nice extra reserved space, it can accomplish the EXACT SAME FUNCTIONALITY as TRIM, without the extra overhead in the OS sending the TRIM command for each block, storing the list of TRIMable blocks, and then going back and trimming them when it actually has the spare time to do so.

The OWC SSDs are very well designed and thought out devices that perform significantly better than any other SSD I've dealt with in the same price range. Note: I ONLY use SSDs for live storage, HDDs for back ups, I have a bit of experience with SSDs to make these statements from.

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by BitZtream (#48397965) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X

Apple *should* have provided a better upgrade experience so that users wouldn't be surprised, or end up with unbootable systems

Users weren't surprised by unbeatable systems ... the upgrade overwrites the original hacked driver with a proper factory fresh one. It isn't until you reapply the hack, which modifies a signed driver without resigning it ... (dumb fuck move there) that you run into problems.

So in reality, its working EXACTLY as its supposed to.

If you're fucking with your drivers by making binary edits to them, you should know what you're doing and not be surprised when it blows up in your face.

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by BitZtream (#48397945) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X

Turn off the driver signing requirement in Yosemite, problem solved, your hack still works and you're in the same condition you were in Mavericks.

They didn't 'block trim' they blocked your hack to make the driver do something it wasn't intended to do.

The only thing needed for your random SSD to have trim support in OS X is for the manufacture to release a driver for their drives, with trim support ... and considering the Apple driver for AHCI isn't exactly hard to find the source for, its not even much more than compile and distribute.

We could debate why Apple doesn't support trim outside of their own drives, but its hard to argue that its their fault for not supplying a driver for your third party hardware.

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by BitZtream (#48397937) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X

And more to the point, this is nothing new and it has ALWAYS been this way.

Apple has ONLY EVER provided trim support for SSDs that have Apple in vender name of the drive as returned by whatever the IDE command is that returns that info..

The difference here is that the author apparently just discovered that drivers in OS X are now signed, as such you can't use the old HACKs to enable Trim on non-Apple SSDs. The hack simply edits the Apple AHCI driver to look for a different string in the vendor name, which will then enable trim for that other type of drive. At no point did Apple sanction 3rd party SSD usage or support trim on those drives.

This isn't even new to Yosemite, Mavericks had driver signing as well. The only difference is that Yosemite switched to require signed drivers by default ... you know, LIKE EVERY OTHER SANE OS ON THE PLANET.

The very simple solution is to just provide your own signed driver if you REALLY want your 3rd party SSD to support trim on OS X.

This really only affects people who want to go buy an Intel SSD from some cheap place and slap it into their OS X machine. If you're buying an SSD from the one place to buy OS X SSDs that are 'supported' by the vender ... you go to OWC ... who uses SSDs with Sandforce controllers ... that don't need trim in the first place due to their intelligent way of doing garbage collection and keeping a portion of the drive reserved for this purpose.

Yes, buying anything with Mac support is more expensive. Don't like it? WHY THE FUCK are you buying a Mac? Macs are not for cheapskates, and never have been.

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