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Comment: Re:Restore Common Carrier (Score 1) 264

by BitZtream (#46831759) Attached to: F.C.C., In Net Neutrality Turnaround, Plans To Allow Fast Lane

The problem is that people like you think that an online petition does anything.

You could not possibly put less effort into doing something about it unless you did nothing at all.

Online petitions are a meaningless joke, they are nothing more than a way to distract people and keep them from doing anything actually useful. You might as well sit in your living room and yell at the TV or newspaper.

Its mind numbing that you're buying into this show as if it does anything, its just a way to keep stupid people under control and from doing anything actually significant, congratulations you're not smart enough to realize when you're being 'handled'.

Get off your ass and vote and use your head to do so. Stop wasting your time trying to tell people to sign some meaningless online petition.

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by BitZtream (#46831481) Attached to: F.C.C., In Net Neutrality Turnaround, Plans To Allow Fast Lane

Their networks were built out using money they got from the Universal Service Fund ... the government tax put on communications so rural areas would get service as well at a reasonable cost ... except thats not what they did. They built out the profitable areas and left everyone else in the dark. So essentially I paid to build their network, not them. Any debt they have is debt they incurred by giving out golden parachutes and ridiculous bonuses.

You need to stop believing that hollywood accounting is legitimate.

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Obama is a legit President, not like Nixon, Ford, Regan, Bush I & II and Clinton...Obama isn't perfect but he's not illuminati.

And thats where you lost everyone over the age of 20, except possibly yourself. I find it hard to believe anyone could be so ignorant as to make such a comment.

Are you one of Obama's campaign managers or something? Michelle, is that you?

Comment: Re:Not really needed anymore. (Score 1) 356

My comment has absolutely nothing to do with affirmative action.

My comment is based on general behavior of 'the North'.

My comment is based on the lie that 'We've made enormous strides in racial equality' which is flat out false, people in the North in my experience are no better than any other area of the country, they just don't have the balls to be up front about it.

In Georgia I may be called some slur, in Michigan ... you wait for me to leave the room first, but you damn sure don't treat me any differently other than the words you use. I'd much rather deal with the first because then I know where I stand and who not to deal with.

Comment: None. (Score 1, Informative) 186

by BitZtream (#46826985) Attached to: How Much Data Plan Bandwidth Is Wasted By DRM?

Not sure what shitty 'DRM' you're dealing with, but all the DRM crap I have I download at home and put on my device and then it just plays whenever I want it.

If you're too stupid (yes, Bennett Haselton is fucking stupid) to not know the difference between streaming services and others, its your own fucking fault.

For fucks sake, have you never used iTunes or anything like it? Works FINE without a network connection once the initial authorization is done and that includes pulling copies off the network share where I saved them too the first time I downloaded.

Bennett, you're a fucking moron in every way.

Comment: Bounced back? No, trying to bounce back (Score 1) 48

by BitZtream (#46821861) Attached to: How Silk Road Bounced Back From Its Multimillion-Dollar Hack

First off, they haven't 'bounced back' ... someone is trying to, but at this point its not really shit to brag about. Second, in order for them to 'bounce back', their going to have to rob someone else.

The first morons who let these guys hold their money were idiots. Who the fuck lets their drug dealer hold their money? NO ONE WITH A CLUE.

Then, when the drug dealer runs off with your money ... what moron gives them more to hold on to? Not even strung out junkies are that stupid in general.

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by BitZtream (#46821721) Attached to: Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones

Also, one often cited reason for users switching from iPhone to Android is the lack of customisation options and/or lockdown of the devices and of the platform.

Only when you question geeks like slashdotters. Your comment is so misrepresentative of that 78% that its close enough to being a lie to call it a lie.

The majority of the Android market is from free phones that are GIVEN AWAY with plans, not from actual phones that can do anything useful. Stop pretending everyone owns a Galaxy or Nexus.

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by BitZtream (#46819871) Attached to: Next-Gen Thunderbolt: Twice as Fast, But a Different Connector

Base thunderbolt is faster than USB3. TB2 is twice that, same connector. The problem is lack of power.

TB3 is 4 times as fast as TB1 (so over 4 times as fast as USB3) and finally provides some power.

The connector change is to add power, which wasn't part of the original design because the original design was fiber based, TB over copper was created to bring the cost down, but they still didn't add a power (other than to power the cable transceiver) supply ... that was kind of ... stupid.

They are fixing an initial stupid mistake with the new connector.

The only thing cheaper than hardware is talk.