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Comment: You're fucking fired. (Score 3, Insightful) 93

by BitZtream (#49388655) Attached to: Scientists Discover Meaning of Life Through Massive Computing Project

You fucked this spoof of so ridiculously, I'm surprised you even got 42 right.

Stop. Seriously, Just fucking stop.


If you're going to post this shit, you at least have to have read the book before you start making shit up.

Comment: April Fool's - Slashdot doesn't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 25

by BitZtream (#49388637) Attached to: Parents Sue School After Pod Daughter Is Banned From Prom

Does anyone at slashdot or dice in general have any fucking clue what April Fools is about?

Its not about posting completely unbelievable ideas you stole from someone elses book/movie/tv show plot.

Its about doing something in such a way that you trick someone else into believing something completely unbelievable.

EVERYTHING posted to slashdot today is just fucking retarded. Not just unbelievable, most of it is just stupid, none of it is original, and not a single reader of this site is stupid enough to actually believe even the headlines to this stupid stories. They aren't clever. They aren't funny. They are just flat out lame.

If you approved one of todays stories, you should have your privs revoked immediately and more appropriate would be to fire your dumb ass, no sense of humor, annoying self in the name of making slashdot suck a little less. FFS, have any of you even fucking READ 2001 or seen the movie Firefly yourself? I mean not just heard about it from someone else, since you seemed to fuck up some pretty simple details greatly.

Comment: Re:Sign up? (Score 1) 326

by BitZtream (#49378513) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You

is pwnership of your computer

And be around and watching/sniffing when you login to to get your password. Unless you're doing something retarded like storing your password unencrypted in a text file. Most of us have OSes with Password managers that don't suck ass.

Of course, they could just take the information from your mailbox on pretty much any given day of the week for most people and sign themselves up.

Your security concerns are really silly, there are far easier ways to own you, and by the time they've rooted your PC with malware to do what you want, they have everything anyway so your comment is pretty retarded, considering its far more useful to get to your bank accounts and credit accounts which actually have money available to them versus your IRS account which takes money from you.

Comment: Re:Ancient Chinese wisdom (Score 1) 114

Or ... More likely, the story is complete bullshit.

China would really sanction such a petty operation against github ... WHY?

GitHub is suddenly target because of what?

It makes no sense for the Chinese to use their own primary connectivity to the rest of the world to run a half assed DDoS against a company that almost no one outside the OSS world even knows exists.

And if they wanted to do it, they'd take github down and be done with it. China has WAY more bandwidth than github, even taking AWS into account.

The whole story is wildly unbelievable to anyone who stops and thinks about it rather running life a half cocked nut job like appearently slashdot has devolved to. If you believe this story, you really need to come back to reality

Comment: Re:How are HTML5, CSS and JS not proprietary? (Score 2, Informative) 95

by BitZtream (#49308989) Attached to: South Korea Begins To Deprecate ActiveX

I've written many ActiveX controls, some for use in a browser, some not.

At no point was I required to sign or agree to a license to do so.

You can make ActiveX controls with any compiler that supports WIndows and will create DLLs with C++ calling conventions that match the MS style ... So pretty much all Of them.

ActiveX is no different than XPCOM ... Which is at the very core of Firefox, it's just a convention for generic, self describing plugins and is fully publicly documented.

The only insightful thing about your post is that slashdot has fallen to the point that this sort of ignorance is so commonplace that you got modded to +5

Comment: Re:Samsung (Score 0) 148

by BitZtream (#49290959) Attached to: Apple May Start Accepting Android Phones As Trade-Ins

Die hard Android fanboy exclaims how nothing will get him to switch ... Again ... Because we haven't heard the exact same thing from hundreds of others like you ...

Apple doesn't want you, at all. You prefer things that less than 1% of the population even know about, and a hundredth of a percent of those people care about those features. People like yourself are statistical noise, nothing is lost by losing your business.

Comment: Steve Jobs WAS handicapped, moron. (Score 3, Interesting) 760

For example Steve Jobs was known to park in handicapped spots

For your reference, a liver transplant gets you qualified for parking in a handicapped spot for some time after it occurs and all sorts of time while you're waiting, as does most of the other treatments he was going through.

Steve Job's crime was not displaying his tags, not that he wasn't a handicapped placard carrier.

And if you want to be retarded about it, he could have just bought a handicapped placard, but then his personal life and medical issues would have been on public display, which he didn't want.

So we're back to ... his crime was not having tags, THATS IT.

IF I HAD A MINE SHAFT, I don't think I would just abandon it. There's got to be a better way. -- Jack Handley, The New Mexican, 1988.