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Comment: Re:Competition (Score 4, Insightful) 257

by BitZtream (#48264835) Attached to: Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached

That'd probably raise some anti-trust issues, though.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. CurrentC stores in the CurrentC consortium (thats what it is, regardless of what they call it) are actively blocking NFC cards, one of which allowed it to occur for a period of time and then when a competitor hit the market before them, they actively worked to disable the ability to use the service.

Any sort of anti-trust issue that arises from Google and Apple banning their apps is the same as CurrentC users banning the use of NFC. They lost this battle when they took active steps to stop a working system. They might have had an argument about 'not upgrading to equipment with NFC' for various reasons, but thats not what they did. CVS has NFC capable equipment and WAS accepting it, then turned it off.

They (CurrentC) loses

Comment: Re: Haleluja ... (Score 1) 645

by BitZtream (#48261049) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right

You need to stop acting like you understand something when you clearly don't.

The pope is not infallible.

You simply will not have it held against you on judgement day if he is wrong and you follow that bit of being wrong.

And of course ... A corrupt pope a while ago is the one who made that decree, So throwing your responsibilities to behave properly out the window just because 'the pope says its ok' is pretty stupid and I doubt it would fly come judgement day. You don't let your children get by with that sort of logic, neither would 'the father'

With that said, there is nothing in science that conflicts with catholism (which is the only one I know well enough to comment on). And for the record just because Hawking has an opinion it doesn't magically become fact OR science.

Comment: Low power CPU meet bloated pOS (Score 0, Troll) 86

by BitZtream (#48247089) Attached to: Firefox OS Coming To Raspberry Pi

Firefox OS seriously needs to just die. The CPU on the raspberry pi is painfully under powered, the speed in the thing is the GPU, for which the CPU is actually just meant to help control things on the side as the chip functions as a GPU for something else.

I really wish people would get over the raspberry pi, its crappy hardware in every way for just about every reason. It had a price advantage for about 4 days between when it was announced as an ARM version and when half the factories in china produced equivalents for the same/lower price points ... and most of them don't have the same crappy hardware bugs that the devs try to blow off as not being a big deal ...

Now ... now someone is trying to stick a painfully bloated OS that thinks javascript is the way everything should be written ... on a painfully underpowered CPU meant to function as a secondary controller for a powerful GPU ... which still doesn't have proper open source drivers for and doesn't work for shit with anything but a tiny handful of OSes ...

GREAT IDEA GUYS. Android has been 'coming' for over 2 years now and pretty much nothing changed when BroadCom open sourced ... A SMALL PART of the video driver code ... I hope no one holds their breath on this one ...

Comment: Re:"Plugin-Free" (Score 1) 66

I DON'T want my browser to support fucking Skype calls on the web, encourage shitty web-design trends that sacrifice usability in favor of a hip image, support shitty DRM over HTML, etc.

There are plenty of options from you to choose from if you want a featureless browser.

What you really mean is that you don't want anyone else to have features either. If all you wanted was to just not use DRM'd content you could simply ... not use DRM'd content. What you want is for no one else to have DRM'd content because you think if no one else does you'll get your way and all content will be DRM free.

Hint: It won't happen. Content producers will simply not produce before they let you freely copy their work.

They know they can't stop illegal copying completely, all they have to do is keep it down to a small subset of the population ... people who ever never going to pay anyway, then they don't lose money and life goes on. I suspect you're one of those people who probably will never pay for content regardless of how your supplied. If thats true, what you want is irrelevant. If I'm wrong, I apologize for making the assumption, but as soon as you get all ranty about DRM it starts to sound like you're just unwilling to pay for anything. Not everyone who is anti-drm is like that, just most.

I don't like restrictive DRM either, but as someone who creates combinations of bits for a living (Software Dev) I am painfully aware of the difficulty is surviving people who pay like they are supposed to and dealing with all the hassles that come from freeloaders who steal your work. Let me give you a hint, if people stole my software and I never knew they had, I'd care far less. You lose your ability to give a shit after so many phone calls for tech support from users using a pirate bay serial number.

Comment: Pusher beam, not reversible tractor beam (Score 3, Informative) 71

by BitZtream (#48194087) Attached to: Australian Physicists Build Reversible Tractor Beam

Lets learn to speak the language, shall we?

Tractor's pull. A tractor beam would pull. This pushes. It can't pull. This means its not a reversible tractor beam, which would mean it can pull and be reversed to push ... it can only push.

Its a pusher beam, and it only works in a fluid, on objects with tiny amounts of mass that can stand to be roasted into oblivion in order to move them less than distance of a reasonable sized dictionary.

Comment: Re:That's absurd, aim your hate cannon elsewhere. (Score 3, Informative) 312

by BitZtream (#48184065) Attached to: If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

What Apple applications embed iAds?

Hint: none

When you pay for an Apple product they don't spy on you.

Nothing referenced in the github site shows otherwise as best as I can tell. Everything they've listed has logical reasons. For example, the email domain is sent to apple to see if Apple has the mail server info registered with them, in which case the server (at Apple) responds with all the setup info so you don't have to fill in host names, ports and server types, ect. It's a useful feature and part of the "it just works" magic.

Yes, they do offer a service to developers, but they don't use it themselves in any app I'm aware of.

Comment: Re:Only usefull for wine? (Score 1) 55

by BitZtream (#48178667) Attached to: Direct3D 9.0 Support On Track For Linux's Gallium3D Drivers

If you're just starting and know nothing about 3d programming, glVertex is FINE.

By the time you get to the point where you know how to deal with, can make use of, and/or need to move away from the fixed function pipeline, you'll know glVertex is the more limited way to do it.

Yes, people who don't know any better may choose DirectX. Maybe. But only if they use Windows exclusively, and incase you haven't noticed, that is now a minority.

Comment: OSX Slate S (Score 2) 252

by BitZtream (#48178123) Attached to: Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone

Okay, so I don't know what they'd name it, but I would kill for a Surface Pro style device running OSX with a thunderbolt port on it.

Two separate modes of operation, iOS like modes for when I'm in tablet mode, OSX like mode when I'm attached to a real keyboard, pointing device and display.

I'd kill twice if they packed it into something the size of the iPhone6 or 6s.

I would easily pay $4k or more, probably even 5k if they could some how cram 8-16G of ram, 512GB of flash, a haswell chip for docked mode, an ARM for mobile mode into something the size of a iPhone 6s if it had a thunderbolt port and could fully mutate between the two modes, hell, it wouldn't need to share apps, just storage space so that native apps for each mode could access the same data.

I've been wanting this for several years and we're rapidly approaching the point of being able to do a full on developers level of CPU power/ram in a phone sized device. I'm seriously considering a surface pro for this reason but its just not quite there yet, its damned close. If Apple took the same hardware and released it with OSX, I'd buy it and accept the early adopter penalty of having to replace it in 2 years when they get it done right.

I don't want a macbook air, I want a surface pro running OSX in desktop mode, iOS in mobile mode and nothing more than a thunderbolt port for docking.

Apple, please take my freaking money and give me this.

Comment: Re:Perfectly-timed? (Score 2) 252

by BitZtream (#48178089) Attached to: Apple's Next Hit Could Be a Microsoft Surface Pro Clone

The statement was that the Note 4 hasn't eclipsed the iPhone nor is it out selling it. That statement is true.

Samsung also sells microwaves and TVs, so that means they are outselling the iPhone as well, right? No, it doesn't, thats not what the discussion about. We're not talking about throw away free phones which is what samsung excels at.

The details about the Note 4 don't mean shit when the implementation on a whole is crap. Samsung is going to have to get away from Android and the fact that everything about it screams poor experience because its purpose is to basically steal information about the user to serve the user ads.

Theres a reason Samsung is considering dumping Android. Maybe then will they be able to produce a competing product.

You're one of those guys that thinks raw specs are all that matters for comparisons ... which is why we all drive race cars to and from work and the store.

Comment: Browser Apps are NOT desktop apps (Score 3, Interesting) 195

by BitZtream (#48177985) Attached to: JavaScript and the Netflix User Interface

Lets stop pretending they are anything close.

Google docs/sheets/whatever is a really crappy imitation of a full fledge office suite ... from 15-20 years ago. It doesn't even compare to Office 95 other than it has online sharing and collaboration, which is great, except thats a tiny subset of what its actually used for.

Just because you can make a half assed, no where near feature complete but looks pretty and does the first 3 things that come to mind look-a-like of an desktop app doesn't mean its a desktop replacement.

There are no desktop applications 'written entirely in javascript' unless you redefine what a desktop application is to fit a narrow subset of what everyone else does.

Learn to use the right tool for the job and stop thinking just because you can make something look-a-like and emulate a few basic functions that it is the same thing. A screwdriver can be used as a hammer, but it makes a shitty hammer. Google docs CAN be used in place of a full fledge office suite, but it makes a shitty office suite when you replace one entirely. Most geeks who use 'office suites' don't actually use office suites, they occasionally type a few pages into a word processor, sure but they don't do the same things as your full time paper pusher.

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