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Comment: Re:Country that forbids use to internet (Score 1) 232

They are known to have a 'hackers university', state sponsored thats considered one of the best places to work. Not only are you taken care of and live in a life of luxury, so is your family, and its a pretty good life by all accounts, especially for a NK citizen.

'Hacking' isn't difficult when you're paid to sit around and do it all day long. Any serious network admin knows just how painfully easy it is to get into pretty much any network outside of a place like Google which has the knowledge and understands the dangers of bad IT.

Someplace like Sony? Please, Nessus probably explodes when doing a basic scan of their systems, let alone any actual effort into cracking them wide open.

Comment: Re:So the question is... (Score 1) 94

by BitZtream (#48644009) Attached to: Birds Fled Area Before Tornadoes Appeared

Extreme low pressure starts moving in, they feel it, move away from low pressure. They feel the low pressure pass, and go back. Its not difficult or magic or even an unknown process. They detect the storm coming in the exact same way the weatherman does. These pressure gradients cover large areas, 500 miles isn't that far for such a thing.

Comment: Great observational skills (Score 5, Insightful) 94

by BitZtream (#48641637) Attached to: Birds Fled Area Before Tornadoes Appeared

Wow, someone just now noticed that animals can easily detect incoming low pressure fronts and hide from the weather.

Guess what, humans are essentially the only ones who can't tell when bad weather is coming. Ask anyone who spends some time in nature rather than hiding in some office or school room.

Fish, cows, horses, dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, pretty much anything you can think of takes cover well before a storm, except us.

The warblers weren't running form 'tornados' they were running from low pressure gradients moving in rapidly.

Comment: Re:How long things take.. (Score 0) 222

by BitZtream (#48632755) Attached to: Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles

that I have (from old days) is horrible on Firefox under Ubuntu 11.04 that I still run on my laptop.

And no one cares. All 8 people like you are never going to be a target market that anyone cares about outside of yourself, sorry, thats just reality.

Its not because of the software you're choosing to use. I.E. its not Linux or Firefox's fault. Its that you're telling the world that you're never going to pay for anything unless you absolutely most, that in and of itself makes you the worst target a company can go after so you will never be something they care about.

Cause and effect. Learn it. Live it.

Comment: Re:cowardice (Score 1) 551

by BitZtream (#48632729) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

I hope this because I know damn well GamerGate did not make these threats.

Really? I'm not sure you know what 'GamerGate' actually is.

Hint: Its not a person. its not a group of people. Its not an organization. Its a name applied to a general topic/series of events and the fallout.

The entire case against GamerGate

Case against GamerGate? WTF are you talking about? There is no 'case against GamerGate' Its not something that can have a case against it since the term encompasses ALL parties in relation to this particular series of events.

You're trying really hard to use the term to mean something specific that it is not.

Oh, and stop quoting Wikipedia word for word, you're a douche for trying to pawn that crap off as your own.

Comment: Re:What about other manufacturers? (Score 2) 193

by BitZtream (#48632637) Attached to: Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

You argument is that its okay for the other companies to be shitbags and treat people like disposable items and essentially kill them softly ... but the real crime is that Apple said they wouldn't allow it and they are?

That is one fucked up view point you have there.

Comment: OS X - Case sensitive and sensationalism (Score 0, Redundant) 147

by BitZtream (#48630391) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

No developer worth mentioning runs OS X with a case insensitive file system, and there are only 2 sets of Applications that don't work on case sensitive file systems on OS X:
Steam - because ... well I have no fucking idea why steam doesn't support case sensitive volumes on OS X when it does so on Linux
Adobe * - Because according to Adobe the Apple development toolchain doesn't work right and so they can't support case sensitivity ... regardless of the fact that everyone else for OS X except Adobe and Valve are capable of doing so OUT OF THE BOX WITH NO MODIFICATIONS TO THEIR SOFTWARE ... oh and Adobe has never presented an example of how the tools are broken illustrating their problem, they just keep saying 'broken tools! broken tools!'

Comment: Re:I blame Microsoft (Score 1) 147

by BitZtream (#48630371) Attached to: Critical Git Security Vulnerability Announced

Technically, NTFS isn't case insensitive.

The APIs used take care of making it behave that way from an application perspective. NTFS is case preserving by default, and case sensitive in the data structures. Pretty much every API written to access NTFS drives would explode if confronted by a NTFS file system that had been used in a case sensitive manner, but thats another story.

Comment: Re:Company I work for got hit... (Score 3, Interesting) 83

by BitZtream (#48624755) Attached to: Over 9,000 PCs In Australia Infected By TorrentLocker Ransomware

Because anyone who has been in IT for any length of time knows McAfee is complete shit? Proxies trying to stop the spread of things distributed by sites that bust their ass to avoid being caught by a blocking proxy?

I.E. If you DEPEND on anything from a 'security' company like McAfee, Kaspersky, F-secure, whoever ... you've already failed. Those are backups that hopefully help to catch the things that the user didn't.

Your first and only REAL line of defense is the user and proper administration like only letting people access files they NEED to access.

Comment: More accurate (Score 5, Informative) 55

by BitZtream (#48619859) Attached to: The Joys and Hype of Hadoop

Hadoop isn't a database.

It's a data processing system for massive quantities of data processed and distilled in large batches. If you're trying to treat it as a database, you're doing it wrong. The article is simple using Hadoop for the wrong purpose.

You use Hadoop to reduce large amounts of data into smaller more manageable collections of useful data, which can then be queried real time.

Comment: Re:No privacy regardless (Score 1) 76

by BitZtream (#48614229) Attached to: Uber Limits 'God View' To Improve Rider Privacy

Therefore, anyone who sends a private correspondance through a postal system, should have no expectation of privacy. ?

No, you shouldn't. If you do, you're pretty stupid.

The ONLY reason your mail is 'private' in any given postal system is because people don't care about your messages. The cost of looking for something tasty in your message is too high to be worth it.

In an electronic system, with no encryption, the cost is nearly 0, meaning its cost effective to do it to everyone and every bit of data transmitted.

You do not mail 'secrets' around, anyone with a clue knows that. You have your own courier for that if its actually that important.

Most government systems try to maintain a limited level of privacy so that other random citizens don't get easy access to your mail, but its not generally very much effort. In the US its effectively 0 and the only thing slowing people down is the idea that you can get in a lot of trouble for peaking in someone else's mailbox and futzing with their mail. For the majority of the population, stealing their mail is trivial, just open the box.

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