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Comment: Re:where do they come from again? (Score 2) 201

by BitZtream (#47771577) Attached to: How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest

... because hadoop is a database ... except that its not, in any way ...

And everything makes more sense to be in a nosql key-value store than something with structure and integrity.

With a 3 digit id I would have expected a better response than that from your age alone ... mind blowing.

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by BitZtream (#47771183) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

... have you watched the full video ... because it confirms exactly what the police said, and has people on the video talking about how he ran at the cop with a knife even though its not visible in the video itself.

Not sure at all how you got that it was all lies. Pretty much EVERYONE else recognizes that it was suicide by cop.

You've watched an edited version that removes the beginning where the camera walks by the guy holding the knife. The camera man originally passed within a few feet of the victim from the same direction that cop vehicle came in from. You're also not seeing the ending where the witnesses are discussing the fact that he ran at the cop with a knife that THEY saw which you can't see on a shitty phone video.

You're basically watching the Julian Assange edit of the video thats designed to mislead you into thinking collateral murder.

There was no protest or riot because the full version of the video took away every excuse to protest. The guy had mental issues, had just robbed a store and was standing on the curb daring anyone to fuck with him and to try and get the two sodas he took from the store.

Comment: Re:It could help answer some questions (Score 1) 515

by BitZtream (#47771083) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

Considering that the only testimony that he had his hands up is from people that have already been caught telling multiple about what happened we can safely assume that he wasn't surrendering and he wasn't holding his hands up just like the autopsy showed he wasn't running away like they all said.

Comment: Re:I like... (Score 1) 515

by BitZtream (#47771061) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

Well, they'll solve the rioting,

No, it won't. The shooting in Ferguson was used as an excuse to riot.

Look at the story, every 'witness' says he was shot in the back running away ... until the autopsy shows that NONE of the wounds were in his back. From the start every witness account was bullshit. The kid had JUST robbed a store, that there is video of. He's seen being aggressive in the video. This is fact. Everyone that knew what actually happened lied and started causing trouble.

Not since Watts has any riot in america been legitimate. Everyone has been an excuse for people to burn THIER OWN NEIGHBORHOOD DOWN ... W.T.F.

If you look at Ferguson, the actual people doing the 'rioting' have nothing to do with the incident, hell more than a few of them fucking flew in from the East or West coast. You know its bullshit the instant Al Sharpton gets involved. He's nothing but a loud mouth blowhard who does his very best to promote hatred and encourage racism.

Cameras won't stop this problem, they'll just remove this particular venus and instead it'll be more Treyvon Martin style incidents instead of cops.

I'm all for putting cameras on cops, but pretending this problem is a problem caused by the cops is ignorance at best. This is a cultural issue where the people 'rioting' live in and promote a culture of racism and use that as an excuse to be violent. The racism isn't just black vs white either, whites are a popular and easy target but any group thats different is used to facilitate this crap.

If you want to solve these 'riots' stop pretending the rioters are legitimate when they clearly aren't. Again, against the police in this case have been lying from the start acting like the kid was a saint, and every time a new fact emerges it becomes more and more clear that he was nothing more than a hood rat.

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by BitZtream (#47759345) Attached to: California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels

these things are going to be packed to the gills with dozens of sensors covering thousands of metrics and they will be logged every second.

Running software written by the lowest paid developer they could find.

Fuck being upright, cramped, and crammed in to the front of a car.

Space constraints are already an issue, laying down is going to consume far more space ... and ...

I want to lounge back in comfort, read the news, catch up on email, etc.

Do you do this on an empty train/bus? Do you always lay down at home or at the office? Do you lay back while sitting in your chain in front of (insert whatever it is you do in your leasuire time)? Whats that? No, you don't? Because it isn't really all that comfortable unless you're sleeping? Oh, my bad, maybe you should leave the engineering up to engineers who put more than half a thought into ergonomics.

Comment: Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 488

by BitZtream (#47759297) Attached to: California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels

Bwhahahaha. Only if they work perfectly and you're strong enough to do so, its not power assisted And its always on the rear wheels ... even in a front wheel drive car.

And for reference, that handle ... isn't called an 'emergancy brake' its called a 'parking brake' and theres a reason its called the later instead of the former.

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by BitZtream (#47757239) Attached to: Amazon To Buy Twitch For $970 Million

They don't buy the tech, they buy the user base and in some cases the contracts the company already has with others OR to prevent this service from being competition directly or in case another organization buys them. A lot of times its nothing more than stifling competition and innovation.

Ridiculous amounts of money for companies that clearly are entirely not worth it aren't because they are buying the company, they are buying company related assets, usually the most important of which is the existing user base which they then generally proceed to utterly destroy.

Google didn't buy YouTube for video tech, they already had their own, that very few people used ... They bought a bunch of users for the user base and content, which they now use to peddle their ads.

Why do they do this? Because they are such shitty companies that they are unable to innovate and satisfy any customers so they have to buy someone else's, which is also the reason they utterly destroy the user bases of the company they buy ... they don't know how to satisfy them ... hence the buying ... circle repeat.

Comment: Re:Global Warming? (Score 1) 272

by BitZtream (#47753465) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

Nice ... you think the methane from these vents contributes to global warming ... except that it doesn't.

I knew when I saw this made it to slashdot there would be a bunch of AGW nut jobs relating this to AGW without bothering to understand the slightest thing about it.

It dissolves into the ocean water and never reaches the surface, never becomes a problem for AGW.

It does increase the acidity of the ocean and the question is how well does it get dispersed before it breaks down, but that in and of itself has 0 affect on AGW and its unlikely that it has any indirect affects on it as well.

Comment: Re:Not in this instance (Score -1, Troll) 781

by BitZtream (#47750439) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

No it didn't. Android did. GNU/Linux is still pretty irrelevant outside of cheap servers (nothing wrong with cheap servers, I use them myself). There is no Linux Desktop market share to be worth discussing.

All of the distros you listed combined add up to 'doesn't matter on the desktop' and most of what makes Android useful on a phone isn't the kernel either, they could almost as easily run it on NetBSD.

There certainly is very little other than 'fanboy' that keeps people on Linux, there are alternatives that are competitive.

Comment: Re:My distro is better than your distro (Score 1) 781

by BitZtream (#47750397) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

If you really want to get technical, Linux in general is not really 'old guard' UNIX and never has been. Well, okay, Linux may be, but GNU/Linux not so much.

GNU is a bastardization of SysV at best, and breaks all sorts of things that would work on most SysVs that came before it.

To pretend Linux has an 'old guard' is a joke in and of itself. Anyone acting like they're 'old school' UNIX based on Linux is doing nothing more than what you say, 'my Linux is better than your Linux'

Stop pretending GNU/Linux is UNIX. It isn't. Its a UNIX-a-like-but-only-just.

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by BitZtream (#47746919) Attached to: Airbnb To Hand Over Data On 124 Hosts To New York Attorney General

It stopped being a private arrangement when it started being facilitated by a 3rd party.

Better than uber, in this situation these people can easily squat and the home owner would have to go through the full eviction process ... Which means in some locations that you can't have them removed for at least 90 days! And no, changing the locks while they are out isn't legal either.

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