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Comment: Taxi not Ride Sharing (Score 1) 176 176

UberPOP differs because it allows non-professional drivers to register their car and transport other passengers.

At what point do you not realize this is a taxi service and stop calling it ride sharing.

This is not ride sharing. If you think it is, you're an idiot. This is a taxi service and they need to play by the same rules as everyone else.

Whats next, murder is illegal because the murder claims that he's really just a liberator of trapped souls? Sound ridiculous? Yea, so is calling anything about Uber 'sharing'

Comment: Re:Mob Programming, huh? (Score 2) 124 124

For instance, if I said "We should use a proxy object here to create a streamlined interface and minimize coupling between these various systems"... how much information did that convey? If you're a programmer, that probably said a quite a bit in a very few words, because you understand a deeper meaning behind all those words.

Been programming for a long time. That sentence is useless. Its meaningless speech you direct at your manager who doesn't know what you're doing.

That may have meaning to people very involved with the project, but only if you're all on the exact same page, which is pretty much the case never.

Keep in mind, that even though slashdot just rediscovered the practice, this 'style' has been done before and it universally sucks.

This is nothing but a rediscovered fad for people who can't actually code but think they know all about it.

Comment: Re:Memory Safe Languages As Countermeasure (Score 4, Insightful) 165 165


Your solution to the problem is to try to kill the problem of bad developers by hiding it with the language.

Could you name one example of where that has actually worked, EVER?

When you write your 3 lines of Swift (lets limit it to languages real people outside of one company actually use), there are possibly a million lines of C could doing the actual work.

You do real work in C. You ride on someone else C code in pretty much every other modern language. Switching them from C to any other language won't solve the problem, the problem is using people who don't think things through. Thats not a language problem is a person problem.

Comment: Re:"DHCP" is _not_ an acronym (Score 1) 287 287

And for examples:

U.R.L. is an initialism.
Saying EARL would make it an acronym (and it makes you sound like a douche when you say it :)

C.O.B for close of business
COB (like corn cob) is an acronym.

And also, for reference, turning initialisms with no vowels in them into acronyms makes you a douche as well.

Its W.S.D.L. NOT wiz-dull. Its V.o.I.P. not voip. Its S.Q.L. Not Sequel. Yes, many people turn these perfectly valid initialisms into acronyms and in the process make the rest of the world dumber and themselves sound retarded. Exception: MSSQL Server is Sequel Server, all others are pronounced letter by letter, not as a word.

Comment: Re:Static (Score 1) 287 287

Most don't, some do actually.

Either way, MAC (Media Access Control) addresses are not exclusive to ethernet. Pretty much every layer 2 protocol or higher level protocol that emulates layer 2 uses a mac address.

The industry has pretty much standardized on a 48 bit MAC as a valid locally unique ID.

Any 802 standard for networking uses a MAC address regardless of the physical media its running on top of.

Cell communications are essentially point to point comms with the tower even though its a shared infrastructure. As such, they don't use MAC addresses in their protocol, in which case you just borrow the MAC from your wifi card or auto generate one at boot based on IMEI as you mentioned.

If tracking is an issue, and you're afraid your mac allows you to be tracked, you know so little about what your really being tracked by that having a conversation about it is almost certainly wasted on you and no amount of education is going to fix your problem (not you so much as the GP post) They don't need you to use the same MAC on your cell phone, your IP is always going to point directly to a specific phone thats easily traceable for the cell phone provider, instantly. Or just using your finger print of browsing activity you can be correlated with trivial effort.

Comment: Re:Yeah, make fun of them, but... (Score 5, Insightful) 528 528

C'mon, folks. What's wrong with you? You may think electromagnetic sensitivity is real or just hysteria -- but going out of your ways to "prove" "them" "wrong" seems just too much.

Its more than proving them wrong, they don't need to do that. The point is to piss them off and get them to leave.

Nut jobs who think wifi is bothering them are NUT JOBS. These kind of people are a problem in a civilized society because we can't just kill them when they annoy everyone with their lunacy. So the next best thing you can do is annoy them back until they go away.

Comment: Re:The problem is that landfills are too cheap (Score 1) 371 371

Heh, you've been conned.

The problem is simply cost for me versus profit for them. Recycling facilities are a rip off. They charge me to take my recycling, they make me clean it and sort it, if I don't do that, they won't take it. Then ... then they turn around and sell it. Thats a GREAT business. People pay them for everyhthing they do. Other than buying some land and equipment, all other aspects of their business PAY them.

Its like going to a restaurent where not only do you pay for you meal, but the farmer pays for the privilege of providing the raw food to them! Any farmer contributing to that business would be considered a complete and total moron, yet you've been convinced that not doing so makes you lazy or don't care. Perhaps its just that we're not all as stupid and mindless trend followers as you?

Recycling isn't 'in the red'. Its just not ridiculously popular anymore now that people have stopped following the 'trendy' part of it. The only way it ends up 'in the red' is when you use hollywood accounting.

You aren't going to get people to recycle when it costs more to do so than it does to put something in the dump.

You're going to have a hard time convincing any person with a clue to pay for recycling when they try to convince you that it costs more to recycle than it does to dig it out of the ground. If thats the case then I'm going to throw it all in the dump, then in a few years, I'll just mine the dump and make a killing off it since its all concentrated in one location.

You will never in your life get me to pay for recycling. Thats just stupid. I will not pay someone to take my stuff and sell it and make more money from it. Thats REALLY FUCKING STUPID.

If this was about the environment, we wouldn't be discussing money at all. If you pay for recycling, your getting ripped off and not bright enough to realize it. Do something about the bribes your politicians are taking and maybe you'd stop having to line other peoples pockets just to keep some soda cans out of the ground.

You don't recycling items that have no value, only things that do have value, yet you think its worth paying them to take it. Absolutely astonishingly stupid.

Comment: Re:Horray for Taylor Swift. (Score 1) 368 368

Apple can wait, they have more money than God, it's the long con for them.

They'll get new Indy artists, some of those artists will eventually hit it big with Apple, and while they won't get paid during the 3 month trial period, they WILL get paid a significantly better cut than anyone dealing with one of the traditional labels where Hollywood accounting insures artists don't make dick.

And in a few years the greedy record labels will have screwed over enough people while others are making copious amounts of cash on iTunes music ... At which point tswift is going to come back apologizing for being a moody little brat and ask them for some love.

She doesn't know enough about the accounting to realize how much better iTunes Music COULD be for her if she wasn't locked into her current shitty contracts.

Anyone with an established fan base is on the verge of being yesterday's fad, only a statistically insignificant number make it big more than one album. The tswifts of the world aren't that large a part of the industry on the whole, even if they do make a fortune on paper compared to you and I

Comment: Re:Effect of nukes on NEOs (Score 1) 272 272

And you, like most people missed the point.

If you have one rock hit, all its energy is concentrated. The atmosphere isn't going to slow it down as much as it will collectively slow down 'millions'

With millions, some of them ARE going to miss the planet, and some will be vaporized by the blasts in space, there you've already lowered the total energy involved with hitting earth. Not much possibly, but some.

Would you rather a hail ball the size of a golf ball hit your house, and one each hitting every house in your city ... Or would you prefer that a Volvo of ice fell on it, because that's what your suggesting.

As with basic impact physics if you want to lower the damage spread out the impact surface area and time. If the NEO is large enough that in a million bits, it still causes global catastrophe then it's still going to be a global catastrophe as one rock, and it's going to be worse.

The blast will break it into a million peices that are ALLnow on a new course. If you do it at any distance of any magnitude from earth, the new course will be a completely different path that is not in ours.

Contrary to all the stupid shit you've heard from "scientists" about how bad it would be, that's only true if IT WAS ALREADY TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING.

Under no condition does it actually get worse on a global scale.

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