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Comment: Re:Ancient Chinese wisdom (Score 1) 113

Or ... More likely, the story is complete bullshit.

China would really sanction such a petty operation against github ... WHY?

GitHub is suddenly target because of what?

It makes no sense for the Chinese to use their own primary connectivity to the rest of the world to run a half assed DDoS against a company that almost no one outside the OSS world even knows exists.

And if they wanted to do it, they'd take github down and be done with it. China has WAY more bandwidth than github, even taking AWS into account.

The whole story is wildly unbelievable to anyone who stops and thinks about it rather running life a half cocked nut job like appearently slashdot has devolved to. If you believe this story, you really need to come back to reality

Comment: Re:How are HTML5, CSS and JS not proprietary? (Score 2, Informative) 95

by BitZtream (#49308989) Attached to: South Korea Begins To Deprecate ActiveX

I've written many ActiveX controls, some for use in a browser, some not.

At no point was I required to sign or agree to a license to do so.

You can make ActiveX controls with any compiler that supports WIndows and will create DLLs with C++ calling conventions that match the MS style ... So pretty much all Of them.

ActiveX is no different than XPCOM ... Which is at the very core of Firefox, it's just a convention for generic, self describing plugins and is fully publicly documented.

The only insightful thing about your post is that slashdot has fallen to the point that this sort of ignorance is so commonplace that you got modded to +5

Comment: Re:Samsung (Score 0) 148

by BitZtream (#49290959) Attached to: Apple May Start Accepting Android Phones As Trade-Ins

Die hard Android fanboy exclaims how nothing will get him to switch ... Again ... Because we haven't heard the exact same thing from hundreds of others like you ...

Apple doesn't want you, at all. You prefer things that less than 1% of the population even know about, and a hundredth of a percent of those people care about those features. People like yourself are statistical noise, nothing is lost by losing your business.

Comment: Steve Jobs WAS handicapped, moron. (Score 3, Interesting) 760

For example Steve Jobs was known to park in handicapped spots

For your reference, a liver transplant gets you qualified for parking in a handicapped spot for some time after it occurs and all sorts of time while you're waiting, as does most of the other treatments he was going through.

Steve Job's crime was not displaying his tags, not that he wasn't a handicapped placard carrier.

And if you want to be retarded about it, he could have just bought a handicapped placard, but then his personal life and medical issues would have been on public display, which he didn't want.

So we're back to ... his crime was not having tags, THATS IT.

Comment: Re:Please stop. Just stop (Score 0) 1081

by BitZtream (#49258641) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

Only because of bleeding heart liberals who make things so difficult and allow repeated appeals and re-trial long after there is any doubt of guilt.

And only if you compare the cost of prison versus the legal costs involved in the death penalty. The instant you start including legal costs for life imprison it goes right back around to being stupid to let them live.

Comment: Re:HOWTO (Score 0, Flamebait) 1081

by BitZtream (#49258607) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

The reason, not excuse, to execute someone is simple, they've executed someone else themselves. This isn't a difficult concept really. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean you are right or more advanced. You may be, you may not be, but you are not in the position to make that determination.

If America wants to execute people, THEY WILL. Not having the drug sold to them will not change that, as clearly demonstrated by finding alternate methods.

Finally, Propofol is not used for executions, Euthasol is. Pentobarbital Sodium. And its not difficult to manufacture, its patented. America could easily make it if they want to ... of course they'd be in violation of several international trade treaties that they expect Denmark to follow, so its really not something that anyone is going to do. Euthasol is patented by a Danish company, for reference, and they refuse to allow it to be sold to a state government for the purpose of executions.

Perhaps if you knew a little bit more about the issue you wouldn't be making silly opinionated statements as if they were fact.

I'm sorry you're too simple minded to understand that some people are not worth letting live, but thats the reality of it. Not everyone is worthy of life, deal with it. You don't want to execute them, fine, don't. We have other people for that. Consider yourself VERY LUCKY to not have to have had to experience something so horrible that you believe the only response is to take someone elses life, and hope that you never end up knowing what it feels like.

Of course, as demonstrated by Utah, executing people isn't difficult, they'll just shoot them or hang them, thats ALL THAT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED.

Instead of people being terminated quickly, painlessly and with no suffering, now they are fully aware of the end of their life as it happens. This is clearly a much better solution.

Personally, I'm happy for the lack of availability of Euthasol for use in human executions. Anyone who deserves execution does not deserve a quick, painless termination, they deserve to suffer as much as possible. The only way to make it better is to make them suffer like their victims, and their victims are NOT JUST THE PEOPLE THEY KILLED, but also all the people left behind. When someone murders another innocent being, plans it out, does the execution and shows no remorse at all (all of these things are the requirement for the death penalty in most places) ... and it happens to be your loved ones ... then get back to me on your high and mighty horse, until then ... stop pretending you're so enlightened. You aren't, you're just naive and selfish and ignorant of reality.

Comment: Re:I don't see it as a "miss" at all (Score 1) 205

by BitZtream (#49257693) Attached to: Steve Jobs's Big Miss: TV

You live in Saskatchewan. You and the other 6 people there don't count.

Seriously though, are you sure its not just that you live in a very rural destination.

In the states, broadcast TV is MEANT for areas outside of the metro centers since thats the only place that cable providers really provide services. Once you get out of high density areas, cable ceases to exist and you have to get data via broadcast.

We also have a mandate that all cable providers have to support CableCARD, which means you can use whatever device you want, they can't lock you into their crap hardware.

The digital transition made OTA services better since the same towers covered larger areas instead of less.

Comment: Re:A miss?! (Score 1) 205

by BitZtream (#49257189) Attached to: Steve Jobs's Big Miss: TV

I've had a PC running Windows Media Center recording TV on the broad cast schedule for about 10 years now. It currently has 6 tuners (records 6 things at once) for cable broadcasts, and an older tuner to pick up FM on occasion. I can watch live TV/radio, schedule recordings or watch recordings from anywhere in the house that has a TV via Windows Media Center extenders, one Ceton Echo extender and a few Xbox 360s. I can watch iTunes videos or play music, Amazon streaming, or transcode (on the fly) pretty much anything else without any effort by myself or anyone else in the family. With RemotePotato, I can also do anything that I can do in the house from anywhere with a fast enough Internet connection. I can watch TV on my phone, my iPad, or any laptop (we all use OS X, but Windows is easier) in the house.

To put it bluntly, my PC that is slaved to broadcast/scheduled TV kicks the living shit out of every DVR on the planet you've ever seen or known about, especially the shitty ones that the cable companies provide. Whats more important, it means I'm not slaved to the schedule or the commercials.

There are many PCs that come with built in tuners still to this day, as well as a few laptops, though you won't find a laptop that takes a CableCARD as best I can tell, where as full sized PCs or devices like the HDHomeRun Prime do.

I'm fairly certain the only miss here is your analysis.

The only miss here is your knowledge on the subject. Either that or your a cable company shill still trying to kill the CableCARD requirement.

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