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Comment: Re:Who bought them anyway? (Score 2) 127

by BisuDagger (#47194255) Attached to: Sony Overtakes Rival Nintendo In Console Sales
The PS4 has Transistor( a ridiculously addicting rpg) and Mercenary Kings (Contra & Metal Slug type game). That alone is worth having the PS4 and should tide you over until the next group of indy games roll out. Major titles will become more available in 2015, but the PSN/Indy scene is going to be killing it in 2014.

Comment: Seems dauntless (Score 2) 105

by BisuDagger (#46941951) Attached to: Controlling Fear By Modifying DNA
The Divergent series is all about gene manipulation including the fear gene. If only it was a more logical take on a society using gene manipulation. Anyone who read the Divergent series all the way through must be wishing they had this fear controlling gene modified so they wouldn't have had to suffer through the last two books.

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