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Comment: Re:What is This "money" of Which You Speak? (Score 1) 444

by Binky_the_Zakalwe (#36536062) Attached to: Canada Rolls Out Plastic Money
The $1 and $2 are heavy and bulky? Are you sure you're thinking of Australian coins? The $1 and $2 are some of the smallest coins we have (with only the 5cent coin being smaller, and even then not by much). You may be thinking of the 50cent coin, now that's big, heavy and annoying.

Comment: Re:Damage has been done, hello oil and coal... (Score 1) 177

by Binky_the_Zakalwe (#35486806) Attached to: Net Sees Earthquake Damage, Routes Around It
That's a lot of examples of what wind energy can potentially do. Do you have any links, citations or specific examples you can provide to back up those claims? Or are you referirng to what we can do with energy generally and infering that we can generate energy from wind?

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