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+ - Predicatably, Google is now being sued for its new privacy policy->

Submitted by Binkleyz
Binkleyz (175773) writes "According to "The Consumerist" a wave of class-action lawsuits have been launched against Google for its new unified privacy policy.

In Philadelphia, California and at least two other states, lawsuits seeks class status have been initiated over this new policy"

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+ - Roman Polanski: The Fearless Child Rapist->

Submitted by Binkleyz
Binkleyz (175773) writes "Roman Polanski, critically acclaimed Writer, Actor and Producer, has successfully fought extradition to the United States from Switzerland. The United States requested his extradition to allow him to be sentenced on his 1978 conviction for "Statutory Rape", in which he admitted to drugging and molesting a 13-year old. Switzerland has rejected the request, on several grounds, including not sending along some required paperwork."
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