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Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 0) 372

The question from here on out is how much damage we want to do in addition to what's already been done. There isn't an upper limit to the damage due to global warming.

There is an upper limit to how much damage we do to our economy before our whole culture changes drastically. In ways that we might not like.

So it's a lot more complicated issue than one asshole can solve with 'Executive Orders' that reward his cronies. Yes, Obama has cronies in business, in the economy, and in the Environmental movement.

It might seem gratifying to see him 'stick it to' the stick figure effigies that the Environmental Movement has constructed. That might seem like justice to some.

It's scary as shit seeing anybody wield that much power.

Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 0) 372

The real problem with what the AGW alarmists propose is that:

1. If the problem is severe, there isn't anything we can really do at this point.

2. The solutions they propose will hamstring humanity and make us less able to ameliorate the problems that are coming.

But the solution seems to be to listen to them, and do what they say. They are the experts. That's always been the approach that 'experts' take. There were many 'solutions' to various problems proposed during the 20th century. Believe me, they all claimed to be scientific. In the end, they all turned into totalitarian states.

Comment Or Just Don't Update (Score 1) 1

My only Windows 8.1 computer is an Asus Transformer tablet. I updated it to 10 twice, the first time choosing the 'revert' choice that Microsoft gives you for 30 days.

The second time, I had decided "I should give it a second chance" so I did the Update again. After updating, though, I set the tablet aside. A half hour later I noticed it was still glowing (folded down into the keyboard). Power management was not working at all. So I tried to figure out what I needed to do to get Windows 10 to update for power management. Was there a driver update missing?

I couldn't find any driver updates, and tried to force it to switch off, because nothing I could do would power it off. Once I started fighting with it, it blankscreened and would do NOTHING anymore. I had to do an [F9] System Restore, wiping the tablet clean, to put Windows 8.1 back on it.

I'm pretty leery of putting Windows 10 on my Windows 7 desktop machine. I can't find any information that says that Virtual Box works. It will run, but the 'loopback' (wrong term for it?) networking interface doesn't install according to forums I've read, so I would loose my virtual Windows XP that I use to run some Win32 applications that quit working with 32 bit Windows 7. There is a virtual PC system built into Windows 10 Pro, which is what the desktop would upgrade to, and Microsoft implies that it runs any other OS, even Linuxes (NetBSD?), but I've liked Virtual Box and have my VMs all set up and running the way I want. And who knows what else would quit working. I have some Win32 applications that still work in 64 bit Windows 7 that I suspect might not anymore.

Comment Re:This is logical next step (Score 1) 239

But the affluent population of India is about the size of Japan, some 120 million people. They have been making do with truck-battery-inverter contraptions, small gasoline generator sets etc. They would probably form the wave of early adopters who pay for the early fixed costs of solar panel factories.

Anybody who understands the culture of India knows that the upper castes would see to it that somehow the spread of solar panels in India would be done in a way that insures the affluence would not spread far.

Comment Re:Niggers (Score 1, Informative) 224

Ironically, racist pieces of shit who go around calling black people 'niggers' are the ones who are the real niggers in the world, because they're largely who are perpetuating so-called race-related problems.

I'm glad you agree that Rap Artists are a big part of the problem.

Comment Re: And also, you know; cars, jets, freight liners (Score 1) 291

and Crack pots in the #2 US maybe #3 will still prattle on about freedom and mankind's ,US ?, dominion while continue hastening US irrelevance

So you're saying the triumph of totalitarian industrial states over freedom-loving states will please you?

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