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by Bing Tsher E (#47555339) Attached to: OKCupid Experiments on Users Too

The problem with that is, the folks who remain now at Firefox bought into the same sub-ethical slime ethos. They were basically part of the same chorus on that earlier issue as these fine folks at OKCupid. Those who would enjoy the irony are gone or at least thoroughly stifled within the present organization.

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by Bing Tsher E (#47555289) Attached to: OKCupid Experiments on Users Too

That's weird, because here where I live 'Loyalty Cards' are just the only means by which you would ever want to frequent the store. Kroeger (groceries) Walgreen and CVS (both drugstores) all have loyalty card programs. Especially with Kroeger, the prices if you don't use the card are such that you'd just never go into the store with those prices. It doesn't really 'pull' you to Kroeger over any other store chain.

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The Arduino is cool because you can 'steal' from it's software stack so easily. That is, you can buy one of the low end boards that has a socketed Atmel processor and treat it like a development board/part burner. Then, the stuff you 'develop' on it you can fork off from the overpriced Arduino hardware by just unplugging the processor chip out of the board and onto your own perfboard circuit.

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You misspelled the word 'cult' in your post.

It's true that the PalmOS devices weren't owned by a lot of people in their adolescence, and the developers for PalmOS were much more similar to those into Mobile development (in it for the money, not the enjoyment of hacking code), so PalmOS don't have the same sort of cachet.

PalmOS in earlier versions would be much easier to find resources for; the Dragonball processor was fairly popular in it's day, and you can reach out to all the 68K platforms to a degree. Still, a Dragonball developer I knew back then referred to it as "Draggin' Balls."

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Well, in a hundred years or so people will still want to listen to Bach and Mozart's music. And preferring Bach or Mozart's music. Can't necessarily say the same for Nirvana or The Sex Pistols (RIP Sid), even if there are people who would whip into a frenzy for the fact being stated as so.

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In my experience the power consumption of the Palm III varied significantly. I think there was a switchmode power converter of some sort in it, and it could be good or very, very bad, depending on individual device. Probably related to the capacitor in it. That's how I vaguely remember it, anyway.

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My local DMV gets me in and out of the office in a few minutes. I've never encountered any time when their computers weren't functioning properly. I could, of course, use the BMV website instead of going into the local office, but I'm old fashioned that way. What state do you live in, so I can make sure never to move there?

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