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Comment Re:Good Advice (Score 1) 201

Jesus Christ. The paranoia in this place is astonishing. If it isn't rabid bands of women out to emasculate mail developers, it's evil bands of ACA bureaucrats trying to steal precious bodily fluids or evil climatologists trying to steal everyone's cars.

For fuck's sake, I've worked around women, in offices that were predominantly women, under women managers and now have a female business partner, and I have never once had an issue. I have behaved myself, they have behaved themselves, and we all just get along. i go to conferences with plenty of women and have no more trouble conversing with them than with men. It may be anecdotal, but I'm in mid-40s now and have been doing trade fairs and conferences now for half of my life, and I've never been accused of anything more than shitty handwriting.

Comment Re:I'm not entirely sure what YOU are talking abou (Score 1) 5

if you are. . .

I did not say anything about violence in my comment. I would love to know where you got that idea from.

Literacy counts.

The constant slashing of federal scientific research funding
The way that conservatives keep trying to get textbooks - particularly science textbooks - rewritten to ignore factual research results when they disagree with their own belief system
They way that conservatives are so quick to denigrate scientists (one of your favorite jabs seems to be "pencil-neck")
The way that conservatives do what they can to make higher education less accessible to people of modest income

We haven't had a manned mission go past low earth orbit since the 1970s has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that Socialist vote-buying schemes cost money, too. We're treated to endless lectures by the Bernie Sanders Club about how we've failed him because we don't want to be like Europe, but it's darn hard to have a National Health Service and fund research at the same time.
Textbooks? I can't believe you don't care to launch an assault on home schooling. The fact that conservatives don't want Bill Ayers aficionados using their children's heads for urinals doesn't even break stride at opposing the airbrushed textbooks.
Denigrate scientists? Like publicly humiliating a comet scientist over a shirt? Or destroying a Nobel Laureate for an awkward joke? Your people on the Left are the real threat to the Enlightenment and reason, not conservatives.
Less accessible? Education was never an explicit federal Constitutional task. Yet Progressives have completely distorted the economics of higher education. Your people own the fallout of the idiocy besetting us, not conservatives. Maybe you should go to school and learn some non-Commie economics so that you can understand that whole "reality" thingy.

Yet capitalism never feels the need to return the favor...

Capitalism IS the favor, schmuck.

Science is there to be used as an investigative tool

At last, something we can agree on! In particular, science is under siege when attacked by Commies trying to use it for economic takeover. So, I guess if I edit you a bit (that is, go for about a 50% troll here), I will agree firmly that there is a "Conservative war on the Commie war on science", and I fully support returning our universities to proper bastions of learning, liberating them from their current status as Commie indoctrination camps.

Comment Re: It's a classic case of... (Score 1) 219

Has nothing to do with it. O, bolden, and most of NASA have been focused on Mars, as well as helping private space get to LEO, as well as the moon. Just as COTS created a new launch company and elevated another, NASA continues work with helping companies make life support systems, others produce systems for space stations, along with transportation to the moon, and then systems for landing and launching from the moon. In order to put a base on the moon, as well as Mars, we need redundant low cost systems. NASA is making that happen today.

Comment Re: 6 launches isn't complex (Score 1) 219

Actually, a number of things wrong there. First, lets say that you use a bigelow 330 unit to travel to the moon. It could be launched on an FH for 150 M. Then you have supplies for 6 ppl to last say 6-12 months. That would fit in a unit that could be attached to the ba's front. That is 1 FH launch. Now, add a tug with fuel which 1 FH can do. Finally, you send up a crew of 6 in an f9 and dragon. Now, you are ready to go to the moon with 4 cheap launches. And that is exactly how it will be done.

Comment You are kidding. Right? (Score 1) 219

Ussr launched it quickly when they found out that America was getting ready to put vangard into space. In fact, sputnik was put together in just several months and that is why it had nothing scientific except for a transmitter. In fact, that was much of how the Soviet space program was done . fast and sloppy. That is why when America announced our lunar program, it was already on its way.

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