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Comment: Re:Personally, I'd bet on Detroit (no joke) (Score 1) 95

Detroit is HOT! So is North Dakota, and Austin Texas is trying to do some startups too. Boulder Colorado is another one.

There are very cheap rents, friendly local tax incentives, and with a low cost of living and a revitilized downtown it is a win for the employees and the employer. You can get a trendy bachelor apartment for half the price of a studio in SV and factories too are turning into office spaces that look funky too with bricks on the outside.

The rules of supply and demand will have to come down soon as only the top 4 or 5 .com's can afford to stay with money to burn. Not everyone is a facebook or Apple with hundreds of billions in cash lying around.

Comment: Re:Why would anyone start there? (Score 2) 95

This is precisely why I won't leave California. I will never sign a non-compete contract. Noncompetes are what made silicon valley exceptional. People moving from company to company is what makes companies great, and it distributes the top talent across all companies so they get what they need done at their most
critical stages of development.

Some states are coming around to this way of thinking. Massachuttes, Oregon, and Illinois are considering severely restricting the use of non-competes.

There are 3 areas of reform in United States labor law which need to happen to fully engage employees and to ensure an level playing field:

1. Ban Non-compete contracts at the federal level. Use non-disclosure contracts instead.
2. Ban pre-dispute arbitration clauses.
3. Reform employment-at-will. Move to "just cause" like the rest of the developed world.

While I sound like a jerk here let's turn the tables? You use that silly web 3.0 startup generator on here last week and want to start that insect management cloud software startup? You invest 1 million to some employees to do R&D, research, and develop ex[pertise with the algorithms.

One of them leaves to compete with you and takes half your employees with him. He doesn't have to pay back that expensive line of credit from the bank that you took to develop the product. He undercuts you and goes directly to your customers! How would you feel?

The Non-Disclosure sounds evil, but it is not intended to mess with employees at all. They can leave if they are unhappy and work elsewhere. The point is to protect your IP and investment.

Comment: Re:Why would anyone start there? (Score 1) 95

Well Silicon valley was so much cheaper than New Jersey in the 1960s so economics did the reverse.

All the good engineers lived in the northeast. 1960s titans in high tech are GE, Bell Labs, IBM, and some startups in Massachusetts. It was hard to find an engineer in Northern California before Mayfield changed this.

Now you are correct it is time for another correction but for some dumb reason people think the hills and the dirt are somehow magical and that some SV's demand relocation which is odd.

Detroit is a hot spot too. Cheap and a government who are desperate to give you tax breaks too and very affordable office and living space for yourself and employees.

Comment: Why would anyone start there? (Score 3, Insightful) 95

Ultra expensive, employees can leave for another startup, employees demand 2x their national average wage, employees demand partial ownership, highest taxes in nation, lawsuit friendly, non compete clauses not enforceable.

I can do a startup in Texas without these problems for half the cost and low taxes. I can find qualified workers too and not just self-righteous college graduates with no experience demanding 100k a year too! Before I am labeled anti employee assholes I would like to say a 70k job in Austin gets you a nice home. I pay less in taxes on you too and we both win. Try that with 120k in San Francisco?

What made silicon valley was what Texas or North Dakota is today. Cheap land, cheap employees, friendly government, no one leaving for another startup.

In the 1960s Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey was where it was out. Now the reverse is true.

Economics should be encouraging companies to leave. This whole synergy argument is bullshit

Comment: Re: Serves them right! (Score 1) 45


You don't actually think they read the resumes do you? That is waaay too much to ask HR. According to that slick salesman from Taleo HR is liberated and can focus on more important things like uh firing people and getting coffee.

You see you need the file in an ancient .doc format which will use an algorithm to check employment dates and delete. After that it looks for grammatical errors which is flawed and will delete perfectly good candidates due to Taleos own bugs! Last use a score like excite and Google uses.

The top 4 scores get interviews.

If the software doesn't work then cry about raising H1Be crises!!

  It must be that as Taleo is perfect I tell you?!

Oh it won't with a txt file. The software without formatting will parse wrong section.

I rallied around many unemployed and refused to apply with anyone who uses Taleo. It is insulting to spend hours applying just so the software can reject me. A 15 minute process always gets stretched to over an hour. However, everyone uses it now so my resume is SEO to get the highest score so I can get the job over more qualified applicants

Comment: Re: Maybe they will move to court instead? (Score 1) 136

There is. It is called Windows 7 and by the way even that is over half a decade old!

Why is it Microsofts fault that they bought software with IE 6 specific rendering probably purchased 6 or 7 years after IE 6 came out! Poor us we are the victims yada yada.

No sympathy and someone or somebodies need to be fired. Talk about bad management.

Comment: Re:This move is rational for a public company (Score 3, Insightful) 624

by Billly Gates (#49582701) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

Posting AC because, you know... This is going to be unpopular, but It's the trajectory that I see in Tech management in large enterprises.

This isn't shocking. I built my career during the IT and dot-com boom, moved into management, and then into executive positions. I fear this path is no longer available.

Why? Young companies need competent tech workers who can perform, and they need them fast. Once the company scales and competition eats into margins and profitability, they cut cost, that means firing expensive domestic workers and using overseas/contract headcount. Disney is doing the mechanically rational thing for a mature public company.

"Fucking evil management", you say? Well, grow up kiddies. This is what the board, shareholders, and investors demand - increased YoY profitability, which can be achieved, partly, by cutting costs.

This will continue. It will get worse. It's a race to the bottom, so get used to it. The barriers to becoming an IT worker have vanished, and people can work globally. You don't like it? Unionize or advocate trade barriers (which IT will not do), but business will seek the lowest cost option to achieve their business objectives.

Oh, and just wait until AI/automation scales up... My prediction: IT as a profession won't be around in 5 years.

Load of gabage,

A decade ago I believe the scary posts like yours and wife demanded I quit programming as Indians would have these jobs by now. Worse mistake EVER! I would have been rich if I did not major in business. Going back into IT now but man 10 years of experience gone and starting over the past few years sucked.

It is 2015 and we were told by 2010 no IT would exist. Well much of it is coming back as demand is rising due to failed outsourcing attemps and management realizing with IE 6 and XP last year they fucked up by being shoe strung budgets that hampered their basic infrastructures for too long. Programmers today are pulling in $65,000 a year WITH 0 EXPERIENCE!

Comment: Re:How can this be leagle? (Score 1) 624

by Billly Gates (#49582675) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

Perhaps if you could spell dying correctly your skills would be more valued to your employer over an Indian?

Who do you think you are to tell someone else how to run their company?

Let me ask you this? Did you drink Coffee today? Who mows your lawn? Do you eat out at expensive restaurants every lunch? No? Then how are you any different?

You paid someone little wages picking your coffee beans. A Mexican probably mows your lawn. You go to fast food for lunch to save money and pay an immigrant a could portion of the time to spend $7 and not $19 at Chillis etc. Why is this any different? It is tyranny for the government to get involved and if these workers can not compete with a college kid who barely speaks English with no plumbing after years of experience it sounds to me they were overpaid anyway.

Comment: Re:We need UNIONS in IT (Score 1) 624

by Billly Gates (#49582631) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

With out them we can be replaced by contractors and it's the contract firm that is the one useing the H1B's

Problem with that is you that you would create the Walmart effect. Go Google Walmart closes dozens of stores? Why? Local unions won in 4 states. All of the sudden they mysteriously had to close due to plumbing issues for 4 months at a time in the same areas. Uh how did that happen?

There are so many IT positions available and not enough jobs that unions are not needed. Ask any recruiter and he or she will tell you how hard it is to find someone that can even hold onto a job for more than1 year as everyone is employed. I found the argument BS.

Let's say theoretically you are right? There are not enough jobs. Wages pay about $10 - $15 an hour (since they do not we know IT still has jobs lefts unfilled because of high wages) and we unionize. All of the sudden no IT jobs at all would be here. With telecommunications equipment we would become 100% Indian and would just suffer the productivity losses and business process changes to not pay.

At the end of the day the customer always decides the demand. Not the other way around. In this case the customer is the employer and if he can find a way to find someone just as qualified for cheaper he should be rewarded for this. Are you really saying you do not have the skillsets as someone with no plumbing and language barrier issues who is fresh out of school?? If so the problem is you.

Companies hire Americans because we know more and are right there with better business processes and the employer is willing to pay extra for this. It is capitalism.

Comment: Re:Internet Explorer not cool enough (Score 1) 151

Actually I was thinking Edge will still decline due to the icon.

Yes Mom and Grandma will still click on it out of habit, but the millenial generation won't even give it a chance. They will see the E and think of IE 7 at work and go eww and click on Chrome instead etc.

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