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Comment Re: The joys of youth (Score 1) 140 140

that was part of vista, and server 2008 when they declared automated testing was bettet. So no we suffer, because apparently all the hard work that went into 2003 wasnt worth it.

2012 is a joke of a server.

Funny. On server 2012 R2 I can reverse AD schema deletions, go powershell only and or turn GUI on or off, use desired state configuration powershell templates, use DCs as VMs, and many many almost countless things I can't do on server 2k3.

Is it really true you need a 1990s modem plugged into a 2k3 server just to turn VPN on and then unplug the modem before it is ready??

Comment Re:The joys of youth (Score 1) 140 140

If you're a dev, you shouldn't be chasing versions. Find a stable version, stick with it through your project. SE already has enough of that "stuff changing out from under me" feel without adding to the issue.

This mindset is why I still have to support companies that refuse to migrate from IE8. Thanks.

There are currently 2 common mindsets.

1) find a stable version and prevent yourself from ever getting anything better and any upgrade is sure to break tons of stuff


2) upgrade versions every time a new one comes out so you get the benefits of incremental improvements, sure stuff breaks, but the next patch will fix it in a matter of days/weeks

On April 8th 2014 the joyful day of XP/IE6 death, which should be considered an international holiday, I think a lot of companies realized that the days of use a "Stable version" for decades is over/no longer realistic.

Now I am not saying "just start upgrading everything always" because the worst thing you can do is try to step out in front of the subway car of continuous integration/continuous improvement after letting a project mature on "stick with the stable version" mentality; but I am saying... the half-assed "stable version" meets patch tuesday bullshit that microsoft is doing will continue to bite you and everybody else in the ass until that entire tech stack stops doing that crap and starts doing the continuous integration thing for real. Chrome does it, every app on your phone tries to do it, "cloud" products do it (that is one of the reasons execs love "cloud").

Microsoft might as well be mailing floppies for how broken and relevant their process is.

Speak for yourself! I can't consider learning HTML 5 until 2020 when 7 goes EOL as too many of the users have standardized on IE 8 HTML throughout the whole decade. I have 2 apps we support which are IE 6 only and can't be upgraded and not our call to upgrade it( client owned)

Comment Re: NVidea's problem, not Microsoft's (Score 1) 316 316

For those in the IT field we are used to leaving our systemd vulnerable due to a patch breaking production many many times as sad as that sentence is.

My coworker refuses to run update at all saying HP knows their shit more than MS so do not trust them etc. He had a virus of course and I laughed. But it makes us resistant to change.

Comment Re:NVidea's problem, not Microsoft's (Score 1) 316 316

Why should someone pay uo to $160 to make their computer run as advertised? A system today is only worth $450 new and $160 premium for a non AD joined computer is STUPID.

We use phones and they do not have these problems. No wonder people are switching to tablets. They just work. Sorry MS needs to rehire their QA they laid off (that is right no QA team just usage scenarios from the agile developers with stories)and need to make their product work as advertised. I thought a WHQL certified driver needed testing?

THe drivers need more testing before being put out on the open.

Comment Re:That didn't take long (Score 1) 316 316

Not having updates is suicide if you check your bank account or pay bills online! Damned if you do damned if you don't. I only had one problem luckily since Vista with an update.

MS needs to rehire their QA team they fired back before they certify a WHQL for update.

Comment Both nvida and ATI suck (Score 1, Informative) 316 316

And FYI they install automatically too on 7 and 8.1.

I only use the drivers from Windows update as the ones from ATI or NVidia are always buggy. Sounds like a bad time to fire the QA team and only focus on usage scenarios and feedback.

I personally will avoid 10 until redstone or the update after comes out ..,. and will use the professional edition.

Comment Re:How about this... (Score 1) 184 184

Until your client is furious and wants to fire you because his grandma using IE 8 on XP can't view your videos on her internets.

Or the marketing department sends you the video file made in Adobe products which are h.265 for the website whose tools can't export to vp9.

Comment Re:How about this... (Score 1) 184 184

But it is a standard now. If you do not use it what do you propose? Flash?

VP9? Ok now your IE users will claim it doesn't work. What kind of video editing tools out there support ogg vorbis or vp9? Any adobe products that your coworkers and rest of the industry use do?

Comment So glad its a HTML 5 standard (Score 2, Interesting) 184 184

For those who bashed Firefox and those who supported Ogg Vorbis and vp9 or whatever the hell that other codec was called ... all I can say is TOLD YA SO!

Notice how they waited until Flash was dying before this announcement?

Pretty soon they will go after Mozilla for royalities fees and if you do not want to spied upon by Google or use IE you will need to install flash back. Flash is the only recourse as horrible as this sounds agaisn't this as it is a defacto standard now to use this patented technology which will require DRM I am sure too and perhaps an anti open source license agreement too forcing developers like those who make Konqueror to either violate the GPL or not work on many websites.

So part of an open standard is owned by a monopoly and the great internet which was owned by the people is now licensed under Hollywood. Incredible!

Comment Re:Thank the gods (Score 2) 151 151

Try adding flashblocker.

In 2015 we still need flash like we needed IE 6 in 2005 for some websites. Flashblocker is click to play so you can watch all your HTML 5 videos and still use flash for CBT Nuggets or music from youtube.

It is a big boost for security and it is how I have Chrome setup.

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