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Comment Re:Remembering what Microsoft did (Score 1) 126

Except it doesn't work well on Windows either

Written by someone about ot re-image his surface pro 3 to 8.1 and office 2013 because OneNote and Excel just worked before the downgrade to 2016. Really MS does make much better software than 15 years ago Linux users reading this. Windows 7/0ffice 2010 were it's height.

I guess it comes to show what happens when you have no QA team left and rely on agile software development and user feed back for bugs. Until a user submits a story via a frown no one knows about the bug

Well back to the old WindowsME days of skipping a release and waiting until service pack 1 before updating. Windows 10 too in my opinion just entered beta last August. I will switch to Office 2016 and WIndows 10 next year when update 1 of both come out.

It is incompetence and not malicious if their freaking own OS and products like the surface can't run VBA macros and onenote properly

Comment Re:Low rates (Score 3, Interesting) 100

You know out of curiosity I clicked on one of these sites a half decade ago expecting to laugh at H1B1 company applicants with 5 years experience in Rust and Node.js etc.

Instead found a white guy in Mexico. In Mexico?? Turns out he lives on a tropical beach and living the life :-)

No boss, sucky city, corporate stuff. Just living and soing what he wants.

My exwife got a job in Alaska during this time. OMG LOOVED it!! Ok maybe not by March after 7 months of winter :_)

But money is not everything. If I could be whatever I wanted I would happily live in Alaska for the summer and be in hiking, fishing, boating heaven and Hawaii for 45 Euro and do my own thing with less pressure then sign me up. Everyone I know who chases money becomes misserable after 3 months

Comment Re:good and bad... (Score 1) 55

Good to see they are getting into the game....too bad the 'edge' browser is a piece of crap that I never use...part of the fairly lame windows 10 which I have only upgraded to on one of my 9 computers...and am now waiting for windows 11 before anything more happens.

Edge is is not a piece of crap. It also is getting more HTML 5 support in Threshhold 2 aka update 1 coming out around Halloween for WIndows 10 and will have a Chrome API for extensions including adblock.

Comment Re:What is Edge, some new phone? or Win11? (Score 1) 55

Edge is a very good browser and I give MS kudos since IE 6 was left to rot.

Remember Firefox was once Netscape which was worse than IE 6 back in 2001!

Edge removed lots of crud which prevented IE from being agile to catch up to Chrome and Firefox. IE 11 FYI was ok. Not great but meh it worked with minimal work arounds if at all compared to the absolute nightmare of its early cousins.

Edge does lack plugins which in Threshold 2 will have a Chrome API to use adblockers and other plugings to be ported over. Give it a try on WIndows 10 and benchmark it. You maybe surprised.

Comment Re:Steve (Score 1) 440

Mmmmm ...

Jobs was the product perfectionist and marketing genius. He had insights into what the use rwanted (ease of use, attractive, integrated functionality etc etc) at a time when the geeks amongst us couldn't see any reason to go past the command prompt.

Woz was the hardware maven. The uber-Geek. He literally made the Apple 1 and the early Apple II's, the first viable floppy disc drive for consumers, and contributed to a host of other interfaces and connections which made attaching Apple's to little numbers like printers, modems and the like viable. When Apple went down the road of integrated chips, Woz was no longer the standaalone expert ... but he was still technically brilliant enough to contribute to designs like the IIe and IIc, as well as the Apple3.

For mine, the crash was a bit of a tragedy - as he was never the same after that. But nobody should deny his brilliance in what he did do. A large parr of the reason that personal computers and IT became so ubiquitous rests with Woz.

What are you talking about? He designed part of the original imacs and lead with the early powerMacs of the 2000's as a consultant. True Jobs hired an art company to make the outside look pretty he did have a role on the insides

Comment Re:Steve (Score 4, Interesting) 440

Devils advocate.

How was the Apple II better or superior to the Commodore, TRS 80, Sinclaire Pet, or whatever the hell was out during the 1980's? Jobs provided much success so people could use the Apple II and bring in the revenue.

I am a fan of Steve Jobs for marketing and his CEO abilities. If it were not for Steve Jobs the Mac would not still be here. Actually Apple finally killed the floppy drive and gave us USB. The original iMacs were so popular it finally got the peripheral makers on board which benefited the PC.

Steve also saved us somewhat from a more evil MS. When the iPhone came out WindowsCE finally died! Remember you could only buy something from the carrier store like $4 for a crappy .mid syntthasized ringtone etc? Windows improved and pricing became better for those stuck on the PC side. Google helped too with making Windows 10 and VS community edition free.

Yeah I would probably admit I would not want to work directly for him. I am a PC user in the camp of not hating Apple but acknowledge his move to perfection did help move the PC and mobile industry over and people love his products whether you do or not.

Long term it was healthy for computing ecosystem. Even Intel today is making each new i5/i7 use less and less power which really started from Jobs perfection in the days of the Ipad which Intel wants in. How is this a bad thing?

Comment Re:Back to Firefox (Score 0) 296

I can't use Firefox anymore.

It is a shitty browser and worse on the market. Even IE is better today and safer. Firefox lacks 2008 technology like sandboxing, threads, and low-rights mode in Windows which IE 8+ and Chrome which make them better browsers. It also explains why one bad thread can take out the whole browser.

Firefox is like a timewarp from 2005. Sure it beat IE 6 YES!!! But come on times have changed and I care about security. Per process tabs make it scale on multicore systems and provide security.

Yes even modern IE 11 does not require hacks and runs on less memory and is more secure. I never ever thought I would type this as a professional IE hater last decade who during a fresh install removes IE from the taskbar and uses ftp in cmd.exe to put on Firefox as to not contaminate my cpu :-)

I suppose there is Opera which is based off blink and Chromium without the spyware next?? With Windows 10 update 1 coming out next month Edge will have a Chrome API for add-ons and if Ublock is supported I may switch to that browser.

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