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Comment: Re:The answer's simple... (Score 2) 136 136

I interpret this differently.

AMD cpu division has been losing money hands over fists since the first i series for quite some time. It doesn't matter if it fits your needs. It only matters if they can compete with Intel. They can't.

ATI however brings in some money I guess. So this is a test to see if the intel version sells 4x more. If it does perhaps it is time for AMD to leave Intel to the x86 to remain solvent? It pains me to type this as I went AMD since the athlonXP days to the phenom II I just retired last summer.

Sorry Hairy but in Star Wars the OLD republic where I got 20 FPS I now get 40 fps iwth the same video card since I went from a 2.6 ghz 6 core phenom II to a 3.5 ghz i7 which is only 4 core. If I wasn't so cheap ... or I should say ex would allow me to spend $150 for a 2010 i5 when I bought my phenom I would not have had this problem.

Also AMD really does suck with power management. You won't see my MS Surface carrying an AMD anytime soon. My coworker like you is an AMD fanboy but he admits for a notebook he won't touch AMD.

As tablets take over as the Surface and WIndows 10 with universal metro apps and 2 SDK's to port IOS and Android apps with 85% of the original code to IWndows Phone/Windows 10 take off in the coming years this will be ever so important. True WIndows 8.1 was frustrating and both of us hated it with a passion, but I concede it rocks on a surface and Windows 10 is what 8 should have been.

So I could be wrong but a test to dip the waters is my 1st guess. Second AMD could be preparing to leave the cpu market entirely since Intel is about to embark .14 nm skylake. What is AMD .28??? Slower performance, more heat, and more power sadly since they sold of global foundaries. Global foundaries are reserving .14 nm chips for phones. AMD is too small of a market to give a crap about. Ouch ...

Comment: Re:Nope (Score -1, Troll) 512 512

That is a poor way to do this.

No apps SHOULD NOT write to the registry ever with the exception of an installation. Yes ask a DBA about forks or run Firefox for extended periods of time whose profile on SQLite will slow its startup over time :-)

Also what about security? Do you really want any app writting to it? If your browser writes to it and have a crafty Russian Flash app then through a bypass a website can do whatever it wants via your registry. This is a no no from that perspective as well.

Infact Windows 7 has virtualized registry changes to not corrupt the real copy. When an app you install fails it will ask you if it installed properly? This is to undo the changes.

The proper way is to have a service that runs as admin but even that should not write to the registry all the time and UAC prevents this which is what pissed people off about Vista. Microsoft's plan was to get the users mad at the vendors for writting shitty annoying apps. Not MS for it's OS. But Vista forced poorly written apps to be rewritten for Windows7 which will not impact the system.

Comment: Re:Yes. (Score 4, Interesting) 512 512

I disagree.

Windows 7 is still very snappy on my AMD phenom II. XP had WIndows ROT problems with poorly written apps and even updates which forked the registry many times which impaled the startup process. I have not seen a slowdown at all. I do admit I upgraded to an i7 and now have 8.1 on it but I occasionally use the other system.

I think he has .net framework recompiles going which happen after these updates are one of those defective evo 840 drives which will halt after a few months without a patch to fix the charge leakage bug.

Comment: Nope (Score 3, Informative) 512 512

1. Your operating system is very old at nearly 7 years. Time flies bye and I laugh at the companies who are angry at the prospect of starting a WIndows 10 migration acting somehow that 7 just came out last year and is all so new etc. The point is you will have 200 updates and the .net framework will need to re-compile to your cpu dependent architecture each time an update hits for better performance. Have fun with that one.

Windows ROT is soo last decade with WindowsXP.

It is caused by poorly written programs that run as admin and write to the registry each time they run. So you run the app 200 days a year and it creates 200 forks of the registry that need to launch in parallel at startup :-)

With UAC WIndows 7 doesn't have this problem.

3. Do you own an Samsung EVO SSD?

If so they will slow to a crawl very rapidly without a patch. They will hang after a few months of heavy use for several seconds before a file even transfers. I only buy the pro drives. Go google this up as their is an engineering flaw which impacts the read due to the way the cells are manufactured.?

Comment: Re:WindowsME 2.0 (Score 1, Troll) 277 277

Go do a sfc /scannow and a dism /online /clean-image /checkhealth? I bet you money every 8.1 box that is more than a few months old will report problems? Funny as 7 doesn't have this problem?

It happens regardless of hardware and explains why 8.0 users can't upgrade to 8.1 as their update is too broken to be moved over.

Comment: WindowsME 2.0 (Score 3, Interesting) 277 277

About 1 billion users will start to cry for 7 and even 8.1 back!

I am letting everyone know that I have been tested this on a Pc at work and on a VM in my virtual lab. Avoid this release like the plague! No RSAT tools, a VLAN change can crash it, install will corrupt itself, Windows updates break to the point a DISM image fix is required, and the list goes on and on.

The odd thing is we are just a few weeks before release and there is no change freeze yet??! MS laid off their QA team so they only add features and fix them after enough people complain on the internet with their discussion app.

I am sticking with Windows 8.1 for at least a year. Bloodstone which is the first bug fix update will come out next fall if rumors at are correct. Another update will hit next summer. Maybe just maybe it will be stable enough??

For me even Windows 8.1 is not stable. I do a dism and a WindowsUPDATE FIXIT every freaking month! Literally after 2 years 8.1 still corrupts itself with updates.

Windows 7 the best most stable MS OS ever. If I were not an IT professional in charge of being up to date for myself and my employers systems I would still be on it. If you are not an IT admin or help desk jockey reading this stay on 7 for a few more years and let myself and the countless 1 billion fix the OS for you before it is time.

Comment: Re:the battle of the selfless (Score 2, Insightful) 305 305

Or the selfish Aynn Rand style would be to give out condoms in the 3rd world.

If the population is in half we could all buy our gas guzzling SUV's, use water and electricity, and still have a cleaner earth and cheaper gas prices and rents/mortgages.

People are inheriently selfish and evil in the Christian sense and will always pick their self interest as sad as it is true. How many who whine about global warming and oil companies are willing to take a bus to work or ride a bike 4 hours each way? No hands I see ...

Comment: Re:Why do people want to run Windows? (Score 1) 280 280

I'd had Linux on it. I put the disc in, loaded it up. Everything worked, and worked well.

Then I loaded Vista on it. It took me a few hours to find the network drivers (because the model wasn't listed on the manufacturer's website (Lenovo)), and then a few days to find the SM Bus drivers. I still haven't found the audio drivers for it. I did install the nVidia drivers on it, that took three reboots to get them going. The updates took me 9 hours to download (for some reason, under Vista, the download speed is almost a quarter of what it is under Linux) and install.

This is what you'd have me leave Linux for? I thought Windows "just worked," and ran everything!

Which version of Linux (release date / year)? If it is a more recent build than from 2007, comparing it to Windows Vista (which was released in January 2007) is hardly fair... I'm not surprised 8.5 YEARS of updates took a while to download.

I am not a WIndows fanboy but 8.1 install will find hardware automatically. Windows 7 can for most too including 3rd party bluetooth. I didn't even have to do an update. It just started installing itself within minutes of a fresh setup.

Funny how the parent thinks I am trying to enforce my opinion on others when the grandparent talked about how to trick users into thinking xorg is Win7 or how to evangalize Windows users.

Comment: Re:not interested...unless. (Score 1) 280 280

According to the above link the development team does both so no qa team. The real question is how they are evaluated? Right now there is no incentive and it shows. No,code freeze and ship first and ask questions later is how it appears

Comment: Re:yes ... (Score 1) 280 280

If your PC runs Windows 7 it'll run Windows 10. There have been no increase in performance requirements in the past 3 versions of windows. In fact Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 are working on ever increasing memory and CPU efficiency.

Not true. It requires UEFI 2.3.1 with CSM bios turned off.

Unless I misread something. If you have a 2011 era computer with a bios with no EFI your options are 8.1 or 7 until they go EOL. Any new pc from 2013 or later should have them but I have not seen much at all in 2012 or earlier besides some botique boards and imacs that had UEFI 2.3.1.

Comment: Re:Why do people want to run Windows? (Score 1) 280 280

Because it works!

It comes with their computer. It was they use at work. Their documents do not look funny on other computers. It is stable (yes slashdotters it is not 1998 anymore as WIndows uses an NT kernel now), and most important RUNS ALL THEIR SOFTWARE. No WINE. No hacks, No clones of what they used on their work pcs.

Why would someone want to change? Why put up with xorg.conf files, drivers breaking after a release update, finding drivers, etc. I left linux a few years ago as my main OS and unless things have radically changed the lack of an ABI meant after a release update or 2 the distro would BREAK. ATI drivers would stop working etc.

So the answer is unless you run a server, do crazy development work in computer science or strange mathematical apis, then there is no reason to change. In 1998 Unix had the best development tools. In 2015 Vistual Studio 2015 has clang, java support, android SDK, typescript, and the same libraries.

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