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Comment Try NextStep (Score 4, Informative) 192

That was a sexy geek OS on top of Unix back in the day before it morphed into present day MacOSX when Steve Jobs brought it along to Apple.

It had right mouse button clicking and the menus and dockable icons and launchers (though were not on the buttom) but the concept was part of Windows 95 to its core with the start menu emulating much of it.

AfterStep which was Robs founder of slashdot favorite back in the day as well as WindowMaker were WM's which tried to clone part of the functionality into Linux at the turn of the century. WindowMaker was the most popular before Kde and then Gnome started to mature to what we have today.

Comment Re:Windows 10, it's free (Score 1) 318

Really? You are comparing Gnome 3/kde 4.x to a modern working start menu?

I'm not comparing Gnome3 to anything; Gnome3 sucks. KDE has a proper "modern" start menu, it's the way the Windows start menu should have been all along. The "menu" (which isn't a menu at all) in Metro is bullshit.

Is it crap because it is inferior?

Yes. It's absolute garbage. It's ugly, it's confusing, it even has two separate control panels for some stupid reason (there's a metro control panel, but it doesn't have much stuff in it, so you have to go find the hidden Win7-style control panel to actually change things). There is nothing good about it. It's obviously designed for tablets, but I'm not using a tablet. And if I were, it'd still be ugly as hell. WTF is with the ugly graphics and colors? It's like the Pontiac Aztek of UIs.

These applets you hate you do not have to use.

You still have to use the Metro interface any time you click on "start", unless you install some 3rd-party workaround software.

Actually that is not metro. The old control panel is scheduled to go away but the marketing department just couldn't wait back to school sadly so it is was only half done.

The hamburger menus of the new is what kids and millennial prefer to use as it is what their phones and websites have been using since they were born. What we think is natural an old mac style menu's seem ugly and counter intuitive to them as a result. It is a win32 app.

Yes colors for title bars they are reading back as it was rushed ala Vista style in October with update 1. Just drag off the tiles you want and the menu is back.

What 8 sucked at was closed door syndrome. Things fly out at you. One app comes and everything is invisible. Stuff randomly opens and closes when you use a touchpad is another. All of them fixed.

I am waiting and you may not like but it surely is not unusable nor designed for tablets. It functions just like 7. You hit the WIndows key and type what you want. Or use a mouse if you like the old XP way of all programs which many have not learned a way. Anyway each to their own. I could use 10 if someone put a gun to my head. On 8 I needed several paid programs to undo the damage in comparison.

Comment Re:Robots create jobs (Score 1) 319

I could say the same with factories 100 years ago and had statistics prove it! But a middle class formed in the US and Europe in the 19th century at the same time.

I could go back 30 years ago and say the same with computers and humans won't know math anymore. True computers short term eliminated some book keepers. Long time we had silicon valley and a whole new profession or professions invented.

Competition will lower prices and yes it will be awhile before India, China, Africa, and perhaps some day Russia after Putin is gone. Yes more companies from these countries will come in. But we have a century or two of more growth as many wasted human potential doing little or no value work right now will be working which will spread the wealth etc.

Comment Re:People being people (Score 1) 154

What people who are not in IT realize is that we also answer to finance, HR, and legal.

Just the other day HR gave us written warnings and started documenting what I said. WTF. Why? The client came in and demanded all applicants applying MUST HAVE ACCESS TO PERSONAL EMAIL on our network from anyone off the street?!

For the background we are a call center company who has HIPAA and PCI compliance that we use the same switches, routers, and servers. Oh yeah, gee no risk at all of a virus or keylogger coming on spreading and violating the contracts of all the other clients.

HR and management snuck in some Samsung tablets and put in our secret wifi password to get around corporate IT and then were infuriated when we threatened to report them. After all we were so lazy and power hungry and do nothing all day but are an expense etc.

It got bad and I tried to get my boss to have the client communicate with the CIO and executive VP's. If they raise a fit they will do so with other VP's who will turn them are you out of mind?! No.

IT may look out of place but our function is to answer to legal and enforce our contracts with our other customers. Sorry HR who went around and promised without consulting we can just lift all security and have anyone do what they please. It is a crappy job sometimes but it is not that we hate change. If I disabled this my boss and myself would have been fired and the company fined.

Comment Re:Windows 10, it's free (Score 1) 318

Really? You are comparing Gnome 3/kde 4.x to a modern working start menu?

Is it crap because it is inferior? Or are you just not used to it due to muscle memory? I do not see Metro. I just see icons which dynamically change with info. Infact it is not metro enough on my surface tablet and too optimized for the desktop in my opinion if you ever owned one. But that is why 10 now has tablet mode.

But really the tile is just an icon with updated info. Outlook and use this too. These applets you hate you do not have to use.

Actually by next summer thanks to VS 2015 you will see ported IOS and Android apps as they can use up to 80% of the same code to be compatible with the universal API doing the other 20%. You can Dalvek and objective-C and clang to write apps.

But I am not a fanboy as I have an earlier version of Windows right now due to needing the same version of Hyper-V as 2012 R2 which is 8.1 for the time being. It works just fine.

Comment Re:Robots create jobs (Score 1) 319

Last I looked plumbers still make more than doctors.

I keep hearing this, but all the data I can find does plumbers making on average ~$60k and general practitioners ~$140k.

I needed some work done for a kitchen. They standard rate was between $100hr - $150 an hour.

Yes plumbers make 6 figures. Seeing a doctor costs about the same too and they have a full staff to pay like a receptionist, nurse, transcribers, liability insurance, etc. In the end the doctor who charges $150,000 is also a top income earning and pays %50 tax. He or she probably takes home around $65,000 a year after all the costs are incurred. True some plumbers get paid $60,000 too! There boss gets the other $60,000 for their work. Costs are much lower.

If you are an indepent plumber you can keep most of that money are skim off the top %50 of the junior ones working for you!

The reason their salary is high is kept up with inflation and automation. Everyone else but the CEO has went down.

Comment Re:If your job can be described by an algorithm... (Score 2) 319

Unionize and you can say India real fast! Most companies that are not union will simply close shop. It is not only Walmart who eliminates the deli position at all stores because of 1 unionized location.

With a global marketshare we need to compete. Putting up more barriers will just have them ignore the US entirely. Infact Coke mentioned they hardly make any money in America anymore. If they left the US they will only be down 12% profits or something silly.

If they had to unionize Coke will simply survive just fine being based in India or China and selling everywhere outside the US etc.

Where westerners can compete is value for dollar, speciality, and being onsite and local for meetings and to ensure something is done right. Yes you can find experienced Chinese manufacturers and Indians but you lose in the supply chain as Just In Time inventory actually increases costs which the accountants do not see. Apple is the only company even having an ok JIT inventory system. Everyone else will happily lose more on unsold inventory to save a few pennies in labor costs and lawsuits from greedy employees.

Anyway it is what it is.

Comment Re:If your job can be described by an algorithm... (Score 3, Insightful) 319


Tell that to my fellow grads who got degrees in accounting. No one could find a job :-(

Excel and VBA took over book keeper jobs. You can't get a CPA without experience and a masters degree and you can't get experience without being a book keeper. A catch 22.

Really most large companies use Quicken and Excel to do their jobs and people in India to do a double check with the numbers. Those with experience and 22 credits in finance can take the CPA ... oh and to get anyway with real experience to pass HR you need to do 2 year internships at the top 3 accounting firms for 70 hours a week to prove yourself.

It seems more jobs pay less, work more, and have steeper requirements as time goes on. Automation is putting the squeeze in this area for everyone and yes even IT. Object oriented programming and better tools cost programmers more jobs too. IT jobs typically have more hours today than 10 years ago because so many have been replaced and are higher to work 14 hours if you include a pizza.

The incentive is made by the CEO and CIO of the company to cut costs. Not you. Similar analogy? I downgraded to a crappy DSl connection :-( Why? Comcast wanted $100 a month with no TV just for internet??! Fuck that. I went to DSL to save money. I know it is not as good but my priorities is I will tolerate it as I have bills to pay.

A CIO knows they get inferior work by outsourcing and using programs to replace people. However, the savings make the pain worth it. Same principle.

Comment Re: Robots create jobs (Score 1) 319

Plumbers have to buy truck and expensive tools, and they don't get paid for driving to your house so that's built into their hourly rate. Doctors only need to buy stethoscope (and those will soon cost $0.30 to 3d print) which lasts his whole career, plus he gets kickbacks from Big Pharma for pushing their drugs. So in the end plumber is worse off than doctor.

Doctors have to buy some very expensive database HIPPA compliant software, transcribers, nurses, receptionists, and ultra expensive medical equipment if they have a speciality. The plumber wins as IT people need expensive certs, and also vans/trucks too. IT has it the best as the cost of getting a MCSE or Cisco is just several thousand dollars and maybe up to $10k if you want some instructor led courses at the most.

Comment Robots create jobs (Score 1) 319

It has been said before.

As the cost of production decreases so will the prices. When that happens more money is left to buy other products hence the job growth. However, short term yes it will sting.

Cars created jobs long term. Many buggy repair places and horse growers were very upset and predicted gloom too! But can we exist today without cars and trucks? No.

If you are non skilled then yes it sucks and you should have listened to your teachers and got an education in something. Last I looked plumbers still make more than doctors. $120/hr is what a doctor charges and he has a $300,000 student loan to pay off too!

Eventually all of us will have more free time as we can create businesses with a fraction of the capital and sell them to other people in poorer countries who will ahve an expanding middle class like China and soon Africa hopefully

Comment Re:Windows 10, it's free (Score 2, Informative) 318

Actually Windows 10 is a lot more modern than 7.

Power wise there is a HUGE difference between 8.1/10 vs 7 on a laptop. Like double the battery life as MS has tweaked the kernel and services to be more mobile friendly.

Windows 7 was awesome and finally good similar to Windows 2000 in my opinion. However, it is dated now after 6 years. It's EFI mode is terrible and you need to go into the bios and disable it or put on CSM (compability support module) and emulate 1981 technology via the bios to get it to work?!

You can't have more than 4 primary partitions without a hack and more than 2 TB due to 1981 bios technology required. Some new pcs will let you use UEFI partitions via emulated drivers.

It boots slow due to bios limitations and CSM options. With it off on 8 and later your pc will boot in freaking seconds!

Security is much improved. Windows 7 scrambles ram so no injections without guessing where the other .dll files are running as administrator ... however you can still guess with a workaround :-( Windows 10 uses a better algorithm. Windows 10 has secure boot to prevent rootkits. Windows 10 has a better kernel level sandbox for IE, Chrome, and other apps to use and more separation of privileges.

With Onedrive and cloud all my settings are synced with my surface and desktop and Office defaults to save it on Onedrive which means I get all my copies on my Android phone, surface tablet, and pc.

Only problem with 8/10 I see is I find it ugly :-) I am typing this on 8.1 as I needed Hyper-V so 7 had to go. I got used to the lack of aero. Being flat is the new thing regardless of OS as every OS on the planet is following this new thing of turning it into a cell phone. Windows 10 update 1 redstone will have the option to change colors again for the title bar thankfully which I find ridiculous.

Other than that yes it is an upgrade and 7 feels and looks pretty dated now with its skuemorphic UI and slow speeds and bios dependencies.

No I am not a fanboy as I do not have 10 yet due to hyper-V being too different for my exams I am studying for (server 2012) so I am waiting until the holidays to upgrade. I am just saying if you need office work done and a few win32 apps Windows 10 is certainly an upgrade over 7 even if I like the look and simplicity of its UI. I could go on too from a technical viewpoint on using dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth instead of doing a re-image but that is another topic

Comment Re:Windows 10, it's free (Score 1) 318


It creates a new unique key by fingerprinting your hardware if you do an upgrade. MS wants they key to go away to prevent piracy and have you either buy a new pc with it or use it at work via autoKMS from a licensing server.

The work around is to use a program to extract the new key or unplug the pc during a Windows 10 start where safe mode tools will pop up. Select reset my pc and then reset all data. This will install a fresh copy from a hidden UEFI partition created during the upgrade for a fresh copy if you are so inclined. MS really did improve the upgrade process. Since 10 is so much more closer to 7/8.1 it won't recreate the same nightmare it did for XP to Vista/7 upgrades. In essences the Vista kernel and services are almost as different as Windows 9x to NT!

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